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Top 25 1990s Arcade Games

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The 1990s was the last great decade of the arcade gaming industry and featured some amazing games including House of the Dead 2, Street Fighter 2, Daytona USA and many more. Why not tell me your favourite 90s arcade games in the comments section below and please like and subscribe as there will be plenty more gaming countdowns on the way.


  1. I would have put a few more shoot em ups on the list. Raiden II, for sure. Aero Fighters II also.

  2. Whatever happened to Moonwalker, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, Marvel vs Capcom, Knights Of The Round, etc, etc ???

  3. No Art Of Fighting and its zooms? No Nba Jam?

  4. Sunset Riders, Turtles in time, The Simpsons, Time Crisis, Metal Slug, Tekken etc, etc… los recre por los 90 fueron el no va mas y por suerte seguimos pudiendo disfrutar y revivir aquellos maravillosos juegos y tiempos gracias a la magia de emulacion.Grande muy grande.

  5. I'm looking for an arcade game but I don't find it because i don't know the name. It was like R-type or Thunder Force and when we killed a boss (they were often big robots) we could merge with his body and take control of it and use his power, weapons etc.

  6. Maybe its me but is there no Killer Instinct in the list???😮

  7. 9:03 doing this to the player standing next to you in the arcade made you feel unstoppable 😂😂😂😂 this game was so sick!!

  8. No Daytona 2 or Scud Race? For shame, lol.

    Too many great games during the 90's.


  10. Excellent job soul calibur beSt fight game ever

  11. Ciber cycles, sega tourning car, scud race, sega rally 2..???

  12. Manu cold 3d vs fighiting 22:09 here. Missin mark of thé wolves and Capcom beat them alll

  13. I cannot believe that The Simpsons, Alien Storm, Lethal Enforcers, Ridge Racer and Area 51 made the top 25, but Soul Calibur, Virtual On and Ferrari 355 Challenge didn't. I'm trying to view this as a random top 20 of personal arcade favourites, as opposed to an actual ranking.

  14. I'd honestly really struggle to make a top 25, but I'd likely have Sega Rally number one, followed by Street Fighter 2 Turbo. I wouldn't include games inside a top 25 like Blades of Fury, Lethal Enforcers, Area 51, Alien Storm, The Simpsons, Turtles in Time, or Streets of Rage 2 (although it's an amazing game, the game wasn't ported from arcade to Megadrive, it's just the MD board inside the coin-op, so shouldn't count), Ridge Racer, Killer Instinct, although most probably in a top 50. There are so many!

    I'd have to include instead the likes of Sega Rally 2, Ferrari 355, Silent Scope, Virtua Fighter 3, Afterburner, Outrun, Ghosts n' Goblins, Galaga, Missile Command, R-Type, Final Fight, Pac Mania, just for starters!

    As a 41 year-old, it's about nostalgic value and personal impact for me, as much as audio-visual quality. I'm glad you've included a good few of my favourites anyway 👍

  15. encyclopedia of arcade games from the '90s 👍

  16. I think the key to an arcade game, is it needs to have an attachment or an experience that you can't get at home. So it basically has to be a racing game enclosed in a hutch with a steering wheel, or it has to be a shooter with a gun and recoil. Some of those were nice games, but you could duplicate the experience at home with a controller. I'll never forget the first time I played Mortal Kombat 1 in the arcade. There was a line to get on, and I accidentally did Johnny Cage's special kick and beat the champ one round, but then he started trying and whooped me =P.

  17. Que jogo de carro e esse que tá na imagem do vídeo?

  18. Man how could you forgot about Raiden? That game was addicting as a kid tbh ❤

  19. Where is Miss World 96 😂😂 in the list it was on of the most played games ever

  20. Anybody know the music at the very start of the video?

  21. Wrestlefest was the game I played most in the arcades back then. Great list you’ve compiled there.

  22. 1. Street fighter 2 2. Mortal kombat3. NBA jam

  23. Can't believe Mortal Kombat 2 is any less than 8th. I remember tons of people hanging around that arcade more than any other. Dan Forden's sound was a big attraction that most other games didn't have. Nice video though

  24. One of the best is missing : Afterburner arcade was the most impressive! You can see John Connor in Terminator 2 playing it!

  25. GTI Club (Konami), NBA Jam TE and Star Wars Trilogy is on top here.

  26. What no San Francisco Rush games where were you in the 90's

  27. Glad they are your list of games, I'd have ranked them differently.

  28. Arcade games in the late 80s and early 90s were freaking magical.

  29. I was gonna ask what ding dong put streets of rage 2 on here? It's sega genesis only, and can't believe they didn't include x-men on here.

  30. I was gonna ask what ding dong put streets of rage 2 on here? It's sega genesis only, and can't believe they didn't include x-men on here.

  31. Never forget the 1st time I came across street fighter 2 rainbow in the local chip shop 1993, 10p a credit my little self could hardly take it all in!!! Screen fulls of haaaaadoken loved it happy days 🥹

  32. I took my young daughter to Dave & Busters, among many other arcades. There was one game with a seat and bicycle pedals. You were in an air balloon and using the pedals could thrust your balloon.

  33. I wish these games would be resurrected:
    1980 Arcade Battlezone
    1981 Arcade Omega Race
    1999 Arcade Hydro Thunder
    Dead or Alive 6
    1991 EA Chuck Yeager's Air Combat
    1989 EA 688 Attack Sub or 1994 EA SSN-21 Seawolf

  34. So which game is the one on the thumbnail?

    I thought it was Ridge Racer, but it isn’t.

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