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Top 25 1980s Arcade Games

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The 1980s was the height of the arcade gaming industry and featured some amazing games including Outrun, Bubble Bobble, Rampage any many more. Why not tell me your favourite arcade games in the comments section below and please like and subscribe as there will be plenty more gaming countdowns on the way.


  1. Great recommendations thanks! But… Ms. PacMan was a massive improvement on PacMan and a far superior game.

  2. Thumbs up and appreciation for actually showing good gameplay of these games. Well done

  3. Shadow dance e anos 90 N 16 e tartaruga tbm anos 90

  4. I missed Afterburner 😭
    That was my favorite game

  5. Lots of late-80s fighting crap and made-for-direct-to-NES-console-ports, with some unforgivable omissions. No Missile Command, Asteroids, Centipede, Tempest, Joust, Q*bert, Frogger? Dig Dug and Gauntlet are relegated to Honorable Mentions? Ms. Pac Man was more popular than 20 of the games on this list. And while I agree that Galaga is the superior iteration of the "Space Invaders" theme, but to omit so much as an honorable mention for the OG "hit video game" makes me wonder what arcades this kid was going to.

    Battlezone, TRON, Roadblasters, Xenophobe, Xevious, Gyruss, Gorf, Robotron 2084, Berzerk, Golden Tee, Star Wars, Mr. Do … so much missed here. Thumbs down.

  6. Okul hayatımdan daha çok atari solanlarında zaman geçirdim

  7. Brings back good memories of skipping school on a Friday to hang at the mall for 6-8 hours. Only needed a few bucks to have fun. Arcade, movie theatre, Spencer Gifts, Mc Donalds, Radio Shack, the high end stereo stores, the music stores, and eating soft pretzels and candy in front of the relaxing splash of the water fountain.

  8. Seriously. Wtf. No marble madness, spy hunter or super punch out? Mostly a bunch of side scrolling fighting games, nearly all the same.

  9. Defender, Joust & Millipede for me. Great video!

  10. Change Pacman to Ms. Pacman the around is most beauty!! And scenes too..

  11. Wow. Like wow.

    I watched all .. of them. As we got closer to #1 I thought, “what is number #1, I played all the cool non role playing. Games 25-12 or so (a few that I didn’t) and a few in the top 10, and as we winded down. .. I wondered.

    What could be #1.

    Of course. PAC man. Which you can still find in that in that niche circle somewhere on your route to whatever the destination.


    Still just .25 cents

  12. No Street Fighter 2?Power Drift is one of the best racing arcade ever!

  13. DGonzalez Tutoriales Unity en Español says:

    Wow, my brain just had a party watching this. I wonder sometimes, in 40 years from now, everything looking so realistic, what will trigger the nostalgia of today's kids?

  14. My favorite 80's Arcade title? Ivan Stewart's Super Off-Road. Endless hours were spent racing those little trucks to see animated bikini babes handing out trophies. good times.

  15. Gorf was the best. 5 games in 1, you got 3 lives and that was it. Never makes any lists. Cyberball. Where is it?

  16. Space Harrier, Paperboy, Golden Axe, Double Dragon, Strider, Rastan, Dig Dug, Gauntlet… many good memories of a darkened room, a blaring cacophony of video game sound effects, and a pocket full of quarters. I can still remember the flight stick controller for Space Harrier (if you were lucky, you got the sit-down cabinet version) and the handlebars controller for Paperboy.

    My buddy and I probably sunk $8 bucks in quarters into Golden Axe in one session.

    What I missed in this list were Narc (hilariously violent side scrolling shooter levels interspersed with messages from the FBI to not do drugs), Marble Madness (track ball fun), Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom ("Innndy!!"), Ninja Gaiden (most heart-wrenching Continue screen imaginable), and X-men (play with three of your friends!).

    PS – The first level of Rastan had the coolest music ever.

  17. Awesome and I have all of the games featured plus 1000s more on my AtGames Legends Ultimate! Even the laser disk based games.

  18. A great selection! I remember playing Space Harrier many a time in Mablethorpe in the moving hydraulic version. I also liked 720°, A.P.B, Commando, Track & Field, Gorf, Tempest, Mappy, Burger Time, Star Wars, Space Ace, Ghosts 'N' Goblins, Pac-Land, Ankanoid, Berzerk…the list goes on! 👍

  19. Oh the memories! I spent so much money in those arcades of old, but the memories are priceless. It blows my mind how those games to me were so amazing as far as graphics were concerned. I look at what we have today and just marvel at the genius and creativity of mankind. I wonder to myself sometimes if this new generation would enjoy the old games as much as we did? Part of me is convinced they would.

  20. 3 games that should be in the top 25 are centipede, joust and punch out.

  21. I forgot Zaxon…love it… paper boy!!!

  22. When yer mom and I laid down for sexy times…lol

  23. I loved out run so much! Music was awesome and the cabinet where you could sit in the car with pedals and gearstick was just amazing at the time. Pumped so many coins into that!

  24. It'd be interesting to see where Street Fighter 2 would rank if it was released 2 years earlier. SF 2 was a game changer.

  25. What the hell are most of these titles?? Where is Spy Hunter, Asteroids, Centipede, Tron etc???

  26. A friend of mine, his family owned our local very popular arcade back in the 80's and 90's. He told me about a guy who could play hang-on in it's entirety with one hand while talking to you.

  27. Interesting list. It’s always subjective and it was fun to watch.

    I’m not really in alignment with these though. Too heavy on the fighting games and racing. There are some absolutely glaring omissions – and Donkey Kong, the game that gave us Mario is definitely not #17 on my list. No Tempest, Qix, Ms.Pac-Man, Stargate, and several others really meant that I just can’t agree with most of this list 😀. Fun to watch though.

  28. I just bought ATARI sock .. woohoo

  29. Operation Wolf, Final Fight & Outrun FTW baby!!!

  30. No JOUST?! Also would've included Eswat Cyber Police. Double Dragon should've been higher imo.

  31. Omg best feeling was putting a 5 dollar bill into the change machine and jingling through the arcade to find that favorite….yep, Gauntlet, Golden Axe, Operation Wolf, Double Dragon…all greats! I would add Punch Out and Rolling Thunder!

  32. Just got my super arcade with 3000+ games. Almost all of these are on it!

  33. I remember the old Galaga 'no fire' trick, must have clocked that game several times and then it just decided it had enough and reset itself LOL

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