TOP 20 Arcade Games of 1992 -

TOP 20 Arcade Games of 1992

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En los 90′ los salones arcade estaban a rebosar, sin duda 1992 fue un excelente año, en este vídeo hago homenaje a los 90′ con una lista TOP 20, para ver cuales fueron los mejores juegos arcade en 1992.
El propósito de los vídeos TOP, es que los jugadores de vieja escuela miren hacia atrás y aprecien la influencia de los videojuegos en sus vidas, con una finalidad de alto valor educativo y también como preservación del videojuego.


  1. 1992 that’s the year I was born!! 😁

  2. Galloping Ghost in Brookfield, Illinois has almost all of these machines in great working order…best arcade in America…

  3. I remember walking into the arcade one Saturday morning at the mall and seeing X-Men for the first time. The big ass one with 6 screens and joyticks. My young mind was fucking BLOWN. Some of my friends from school were there before me and there was space for one more. I had to play as goddamn Dazzler. Feltbadman, but the amount of fun we had beating the game made it worth it.

    I miss the golden era of arcades, man. You had to be there to know what it was like.

  4. Man a lot of these games still haven't been released for consoles. Which is a huge shame. Especially for the X-Men game.

  5. Gi Joe is damn fun! Still loving it! Great years, When Konami was at its best

  6. I ve played some of them then, great memories!

  7. As a kid in the 90's who basically lived at my local arcade, I don't recall 90% of these games….
    Were most of these even released in America?

  8. Great video! G.I. Joe was one of my favorites!!

  9. Retro games are awesome, they are a lot more fun to play. I still love current games as well. I remember my brother and I used to play they hell out of the X-men Arcade back in the day.

  10. Undercover cops looks just like streets of rage

  11. didn't hear of Gi Joe arcade, looks like a Rambo shoot-em-up knockoff. Did play lots of the driving one, Lucky and Wild, plus Lethal Enforcers.

  12. how do all these games look more fun than all my xbox1 games though

  13. how do all these games look more fun than all my xbox1 games though

  14. what emulator they using to play the game?

  15. Quality video 👏 I’ve seen lots of game compilations.. and the way u set yours up is impressive ! Keep it up

  16. Terrible how things change , so many good konami games at that time, and today………well we have the new " amazing " Contra 2019 , wow

  17. I have no memories of the G.I. Joe one

  18. How Dare U Rank X-Men So Low Smh Should've Been In The Top 10

  19. if you do a 1993 top, remember Cadillacs & Dinosaurs

  20. I enjoyed the video…nicely put together. I get the sense that this video is your personal top 20, which I totally respect. From a pure popularity perspective though, top 3 should have been MK1, Street fighter CE, and X-Men though.

    Video brought back great memories for me. Thanks for this!

  21. why DJ Boy never get love or even Michael Jackson Moonwalker

  22. I wonder if there is a good MAME rom for Lucky and Wild

  23. There really should have been a console version of that X-Men game, I remember playing the 4 player version at the mall in 1992. Then again not everyone knows it and makes it more special. Lack of narration kills this.

  24. I've been looking for boogie wings for years. Didnt known what it was called 👍👍👍

  25. You forgot "Cadillacs and dinosaurs" and "Bucky o hare"

  26. Yo poneria lucky and wild en una posiciona mas elevada. És 1 juego bueno (sobretudo con 2 jugadores) con mecânicas unicas (light gun e steering well) muy difícil de reproduzir en casa. Un classico

  27. El GI Joe estaba de 4 palancas aquí en Chile y lo jugamos hasta reventar la máquina

  28. X-men should’ve been displayed in its ultimate 6 player version

  29. Golden axe 2 should’ve been displayed in its 4 player version I’m assuming mortal
    Kombat is number 1 but in ur list there was couple games that didn’t belong I’m like where was nba jam in your list are u serious no nba jam I believe that came out in 1992 as well if remember correctly

  30. Do anyone here know the name of old ninja game say hopa when do magic as he can become twice the game look such shinobi plzzz

  31. Around this year is when games got creative in still shot cartoons, the pixels were beginning to smooth out. Graphics were starting to take major shape with dynamic color and detail. From this point on a foward games were never the same. For the better.

  32. Another golden year from the golden age of gaming 👌

  33. ¿de qué juego es la canción de la intro del video?

  34. que shaders usas para los juegos?

  35. Amazing memories my friend !! Sound was so annoying, however we always loved it. Hahaha
    Retro always in our memories, I have opened a session for retro on my channel.
    They must never be forgotten and left behind.
    Keep them alive and thanks for sharing these precious arcade games.
    Eyes peeled for your next post

  36. This must be worldwide sales. Cuz some of these games either weren't even in the US or popular in the US.

  37. I see the European version of Undercover Cops & the Europe-Only Asterix.

  38. SF1 actually wasn't half bad if you played the version of the coin-op that had impact-buttons that did more damage the harder you hit'em, haha. Good for a few coins anyway 😉

  39. Te hubiera votado de no haber sido porque apareció Mortal Kombat

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