TOP 20 ARCADE GAMES of 1982 | TROldSchoolGamer Collection -

TOP 20 ARCADE GAMES of 1982 | TROldSchoolGamer Collection

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En este TOP 20 hago una Selección de los Mejores Juegos ARCADE del año 1982.

1982 fue también un excelente año en la Edad de Oro de los videojuegos de arcade.

*En esta lista no he metido los juegos vectoriales: si queréis ver los
juegos vectoriales de aquellos años mirar este vídeo:

*También se han quedado algunos juegos fuera como Super Zaxxon o Buck Rogers, por la mala emulación y también son los que me han dado problemas.


  1. You can tell the creator has no clue and wasn’t playing games in 1982. Can think of a dozen games more popular than some of the ones here.

  2. No TRON?!? This seems like crime against humanity. 🙄

  3. I hope this this wasn't in order.I played these games in 82.Pole position, millipede, bezerk 2084 had a lot of people waiting to play them.

  4. Gracias por el esfuerzo que hace al traerlos de vuelta y poder aprender los nombres , podrías hacer el top de los años 78" , 79" , 80" ,81 " . Desde ya muchas gracias

  5. Wow, the first three are actually at the bottom of the barrel for arcade games of 1982. Not even on the radar (same goes for Wild Western). Some 1982 arcade legends tragically omitted, like: TRON, Bump 'n' Jump, Frenzy, Moon Patrol, Food Fight, Star Trek, Front Line, Subroc 3D, Tutankham , Zaxxon, and Time Pilot.

  6. Mi amigo, como siempre tu contenido es de gran calidad tanto visual como informativa. Algunos de éstos clásicos me eran completamente desconocidos hasta hoy. Que hayas tenido una feliz Navidad.

  7. Dude where is the guy how always post the list i miss him

  8. Qué difícil de configurar es el Pole Position, no sé cómo lo has conseguido. Yo tuve que poner la versión de Namco Museum de PSX para poder jugarlo, una vez que me dio por ahí.

  9. This was a helluva year for arcade gaming! I'm glad that I was fortunate to have experienced it first hand.

  10. you can actually get a lot of these on Xbox live….I highly recommend doing so if you haven't already

  11. 1982 was littered with absolute gems…there were some games that I thought would be on the list and aren't lol…the calibre is so high for sure…it is no wonder retro games like these classics have a had a resurgence and it would be hard to argue that any on this list could have been no 1 on this list …my choice would have been mister do but im just an ole man with tired fingers lol…

  12. La lista esta muy bien, pero tu juegas muy maaal

  13. Entre tanto pixel encontrarte el Popeye realmente era algo que llamaba la atención, tanto como para darle al menos dos vueltas en su época.

  14. as it was all magical at that time because the simplicity of the games is contrasted with the current ones.

  15. It looks like you just randomly assigned numbers to these games. Pole Position at #12 and Robotron at #11 while Popeye at #3?

  16. The games of '82 that got the most quarters from me back in the arcade were: #1 Xevious #2 Tutankham #3 Robotron #4 Jungle Hunt #5 Moon Patrol #6 Zaxxon #7 Tron

  17. This is a great collection of games, but I disagree on the order. At the very least, these should change based on how popular I remember them being in the arcade:
    Should be in top 10: Millipede, Pole Position, Robotron, Xevious

    Should not be in top 10: Pooyan, Black Widow, Mr. Do, Super Pac-Man

  18. Excellent list! I was in 5th and 6th grade. So many quarters, but it was FUN! 🙂

  19. These games are too violent. That’s why this country is the way it is !!!!!

  20. How many people watch this and say "Oh, yeah. I remember that one"?

  21. Jungle Hunt & Zoo Keeper…forgot bout those ones!!! Awesome!!!
    Dont remember Black Widow Radical Radial…

  22. Wow, I didn’t know burger time came out in 1982. I didn’t see it until 1987 I believe!

  23. yo, my man, i m very glad that there are top of games for the year – it is just right what i wanted to compare them with spectrum, but, my man, there are no list at the comments or description – and even video did not separated – it is lazy work

  24. Zookeeper 1of my favorites, 💕 the SFX

  25. Robotron 2064 was released in 1982 and in 2023 we’ll be as close to 2064 as we are to 1982 😳

  26. 1982 was out of this world crazy-good for arcade games. Here's just some of the ones that I recommend:

    Mr. Do!


    Star Trek the strategic operations simulator

    Burger Time


    Donkey Kong Jr.



    Time Pilot


    Robotron 2084

    Pole Position

    Dig Dug

    Moon Patrol



    Super Pac-Man


    Front Line


    Space Duel


    Satan's Hollow

    Mouse Trap






    Missile Command




    Bump 'n' Jump

    Black Widow

  27. pole position tenia unos graficos espectaculares para ser 1982. Lo mismo pasa con Popeye que tenia una resolucion de un juego de PS1

  28. Thanks for making this video. It brings up a lot of memories.

  29. Incredible year to be a kid. Quarters might as well have been made of gold. I would have added Phoenix, Gorf, and Satan's Hollow to the list.

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