Top 20 Apple Arcade Games - iPadOS -

Top 20 Apple Arcade Games – iPadOS

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Apple Arcade is here for iPadOS! Let’s have a look at 20 best Apple Arcade for iPadOS.
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Oceanhorn 2:


Hot Lava:

Sayonara Wild Hearts:

Exit the Gungeon:


Punch Planet:

Cricket Through the Ages:

Stranded Sails:

Where Cards Fall:

Agent Intercept:

Shinsekai: Into the Depths:

Super Impossible Road:

Skate City:


LEGO Brawls:


HyperBrawl Tournament:

Assemble with Care:

Sonic Racing:



  1. Next video will be for Apple Arcade on tvOS 13 (Sept 30). After this I plan to upload more Mac gaming videos 👍🏻

  2. So excited for this video! I hope we get some new releases with Apple Arcade today!

  3. What is Apple Arcade?
    is it a separate store for games?

  4. Because of how powerful ipad is i thought we will see some more hardcore games.

  5. All these games will run smooth on 2gb ram ipad 2018 ?

  6. What happen to the game if i stop subscribe to the apple arcade? It is still playable or not?

  7. If sonic racing is on Apple Arcade, then why is the steam version not compatible with Mac ?

  8. So far I’m living for “Oceanhorn 2” I finished it quite fast. I’m kinda confused with the end, they introduced this time travel mechanic and I’m not sure if I can change the narrative or if time travel was introduced just to be able to go back and complete achievements.

  9. I have iPad Air 2. When I go to update my software it says I’m up to date, but I only have 12.4. How do I update and get Apple Arcade on this device?

  10. Great video. Keep the controller support coming, devs!

  11. If the game supports controller, does it show in the App Store that the game is controller supported?

  12. Sonic racing Could be Play without arcade suscription

  13. Patterned and assemble with care are the only two that look interesting.
    All these games should run ok on every iPad since 2016. Even ocean horn.

  14. This is actually the best thing Apple has created in a while. I’m really enjoying the variety of games, and also the nice Bluetooth feature with the PS4 and Xbox one controllers are just the icing right on top.

  15. Hey I’m the guy who comment on your reddit post. Also why you didn’t make the same name of you YT
    Edit: lol I forgot that you told me don’t ask this question

  16. Cardpocalypse is one of the best card game on apple arcade, you should try it

  17. I think ea will have a football game that doesn’t have micro transactions obviously

  18. The best in-depth video out there right now. Great job. I was able to try some games last night with Apple TV 4K. Really impressed, easy to setup PS4 controller and feels like a game console. Glad the are still supporting achievement too with Game Center.

    Frogger in toy land. Not expecting much but really good. Takes the frogger gameplay to next level. It vertical now and has you climbing as well as hopping. Has power ups and good physics too. The levels are fairly bite sized but har to master. Getting all 3 stars gives it great replay ability. It has you going through each room in a house. Each room brings very different challenges. Lol moments too. Has me deleting the painfully shallow crossy road

  19. Great video! I've been a long time fan of Punch Planet since it released in early access on Steam in 2017. I'm looking forward to playing this game on Apple Arcade and bringing it to tournaments

  20. How is Cat Quest 2 not on that list? Easily top 5.

  21. I have a iPad Air 2018 and for some reason sonic racing is crashing

  22. Mini motorways is such an addictive game! Excited to try out more of these games, I’m loving Apple Arcade so far

  23. What the golf is a cool game and Mini Motorways and Kings League 2, I got really hooked to Apple Arcade xD

  24. I’m just excited to play frogger in toy town (:

  25. why am i watching this i don't even own an iphone

  26. I play a lot 2 you don't have in the list: Grindstone and Mini Motorways and I enjoyed them a lot.

  27. Can anyone share his account with me ☹️?
    Swear I won’t do anything

  28. Will you make a video of all the best games that can be played with a controller Apple Arcade and App Store

  29. Sorry but these games are very ugly,i don’t like any of them ,is there something nice like call of duty or tekken 7

  30. It would be really good if Apple arcade would support the Icade controller for some old school action

  31. Who else was like at the start of the video was oceanhorn 2 going to be 1

  32. Oceanhorn 2 is an absolute gem with console level quality. I've had people walk by me playing it and ask if it's Breath of the wild. I specifically bought a PS4 controller for it and it just gives the game a really polished feel.

  33. Your voice is so disgusting… sorry but its the truth

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