Top 15 Apple Arcade Games [2021 Update] -

Top 15 Apple Arcade Games [2021 Update]

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Apple Arcade offers more than a hundred games, free of in-app purchases, for a monthly subscription. In this video, we rank the highest-rated mobile games on Apple’s video game subscription service; all playable on the iPhone, iPad, and the latest M1 macs.

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  1. This video was the breaking point for me to pay the subscription

  2. i like the last campfire. love puzzle games

  3. make Top 15 Android Arcade Games [2021 Update]

  4. What about Parhless? It's a 40€ game on Apple Arcade

  5. Is Ocean Horn 2 on this list?

    Edit: darn. It's not listed here.

  6. Recently released the game Astro Drift from AcromanGames. Check it out, cool time killer)

  7. Dang I know they just go by review scores…but Cardpocolypse should DEF been on this list!

  8. Got an iPhone with 3 months of this service, doesn’t seem to be worth the money

  9. Great video, thanks!! I loved Sayonara Wild Hearts, one of my favorites on Apple Arcade at the moment.

  10. Nice video u didn’t spend to much time on explaining a game and told what I wanted to hear

  11. Why is BALLISTIC BASEBALL not on the list. Even that’s a fun game to play on Apple Arcade

  12. I would add Sping to this list! Very zen game. And the recently released World of Demons is pretty fun so far!

  13. Only 12k views? Well it's apple so can't help it

  14. I have assemble with care and buildings

  15. Your channel deserves more success, this was a really great review video.

  16. The best game for me is song pop party lol

  17. First Apple Arcade game I played on this list was number one and now I’m sad 😔

  18. Honestly i like this format of compiling ratings and critic's opinion on the games

  19. Fantasian is still the best Apple Arcade game for me😅

  20. I just got Apple Arcade coz it never intrigued me. But then I found out cozy grove, the last campfire, tangle tower and so many more were on there so I had to get it. 1 month free trail and than £5 a month not bad considering everything you get

  21. I’m upset that tony hawk pro skater is your reference for a good skating game while Skate 3 exists…

  22. Pls Pls Pls, mention the name of the game at the end of every Part. Fine Video!

  23. I just got Apple Arcade. So far all games are boring and it’s definitely not worth the extra money. I thought I’d enjoy it because the games don’t have micro transactions. That’s the only reason I got Apple Arcade. But it has all the Boring games that don’t need micro transactions.

  24. Who’s just here to get the most of there free trail

  25. Jenny LeClue was great but really upset me. It’s not finished so just cuts off right when it’s getting good. It’s been TWO YEARS since there’s been any update. I’d love to know if it’s ever going to be finished.

  26. Cozy Grove should be added to this! Such a great game! Very relaxing but with sustenance.

  27. If you want to see some walkthroughs and let’s play check me out 🙂 ikik no one likes self promotion but how else will I grow lmk

  28. the Oregon Trail is definitely one of my favourites!

  29. Crashlands should def be added to Apple arcade

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