Top 100 Best Fighting Arcade Games of all time! -

Top 100 Best Fighting Arcade Games of all time!

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Fighting games are characterized by close combat between two fighters or groups of fighters of comparable strength, often broken into rounds. If multiple players are involved, players generally fight against each other. #FightingArcadeGames #BestFightingGames #TopFightingGames #CoinOpsNext2


  1. 2D FTGs, brawlers and shmups are my favourite video game genres. Nice list, but boxing and wrestling games aren't real fighting games imo, they are rather sports games. 14:42 BARAKAKA WINS 😅

  2. Can anyone please tell the game name – fighter dialogue "Koongroo" with baseball bat like stick, violet suit pant and violet bandana

  3. hi please help me find this game, it's a 4 player game where you pick characters and they all have skills the view is downwards where you smash boxes and get diamonds and weapons (it's like a powerups) you race up to top to ascend the next level or map. the characters are anime like, it's an arcade game i played when i was younger, i found it before but forgot the name of the game again :(((

  4. HFTF might have one of the most stylish and difficult combos in a retro fighting game.

  5. Fun Fact: in (almost) every Fighting Game, there's a Battle Hud. Starting with the top row: Health gauge, time limit, round count, character name and portrait, etc. And the bottom row: power gauge, etc.

  6. There was a game it's main characters are a pirate with two swords, and a knight with a big sword I remember it's finish that swing his sword and can finish you in one strike, anyone knows it?

  7. Every fighting game besides Mortal Kombat & killer instinct is basically street fighter in a different skin

  8. I came here to find a SNES 2D fighting game I played during the 90s. The only thing I can remember are two characters: a panda and an old man.

  9. I've been looking for Kageki for years! I played it in a small corner shop in Malta in 1989. I had no idea what it was called. Thank you!

  10. Fun Fact: every arcade fighting game has an 8-way joystick and buttons.

  11. Wonderful video.

    How can I get the renders of the arcade machines of each game?

  12. ketemu juga tapi gak bs didownload

  13. There was a 2d fighting game, where you can switch platforms (front and back). I remember one character that has a pink ball that she tosses around the stage as her super. Can't remember the name of the game. -_-

  14. akhirnya judul yang gua cari ada disni world hero jet sumpah nostalgia banget

  15. How can we find the collection you are playing?

  16. i got these on my series s love it with retro arch

  17. Anyone remember a fighting game on the arcade where you can collect Jewels and if you collect enough you power up to a different form

  18. is this video an edit, or is this a menu select screen from an arcade emulator i never heard of?

  19. Fighting Layer one of the most underrated arcade fighting game there is.

  20. You know what I'd like an extended version of this video honestly. You know similar video but fighting game in the a bigger sized screen and then longer clips but I'm a nerd.

  21. there was one when naked picks of the character you won over like hentai everyone with special attacks

  22. VideoGames Replay Nice video man the nostalgia kick!, Would you know if any of these characters have been made for Mugen engine the obscure games

  23. Neo geo double dragon,fighting history,fighting history karnovs revenge,guilty gear,power instinct 1, why did you fail put these in!.

  24. 27:06 anyone could tell me whats name game fighting for character green robe? There is character with spear called Ryiousen or ryiosuke at that game, i forgot

  25. Can you tell me which coinscops2 torrent is your setup?

  26. Very nice video. I appreciate your hard work . Thanks

  27. There was a 2d fighting game from early to mid 90s where you’d hold a button and flames would charge up around your character and allow for special attacks. Anyone remember this one?

  28. Can someone help me i search a game i seen years ago i know there was a playable robo maid with blonde hair

  29. there is a game that i used to play so muvh ive been looking for the name for 10 yeasr even mabye i used to play it all the time it had girl who looked like chunli had dragon on her hand then a huge samurai and a bubbley golem and a dude sith spiky everything and a demon and many charcters the main was a girl who had elecrtic super fast fists idk what its called :/

  30. There was a 2D arcade fighting game, you can pick characters with different styles (karate,Judy so on), and each kind of style have 2 similar characters. Actually the first stage of the game is fight with another guy got same style with you to win some kind of qualification for tournament. I remember there are characters using Russian military fighting style, and 2 terminator robot characters. The title I remember include " '94 " . Any idea which game?

  31. Missing Primal Rage…otherwise great list 🙂

  32. Busque el "kageki" nunca pude encontrarlo o acordarme como se llamabaa👏👏👏💙💙💙💙

  33. Do you know the name of the game that 1 of the characters is baldy monk and use big skull and paper freeze

  34. In Fighting Games there are Offensive Techniques such as:
    Using Special Moves

    And Defensive Techniques such as:
    Guarding (Blocking)
    Dodging (Evading)

  35. I look for old arcade fight game 3D i forget the tittle

  36. Street fighter 2 wow what a nostalgia

  37. nice edit! 👍 so underrated video…

  38. I still can't find my childhood favorite.i forgot the name of that game

  39. There was a 2d arcade fighting game which had a character who had long dirty grey hair, looked like a girl and used a long halberd type murokuma and had ability of crows or ravens and when finished an enemy we get to do fatality like mortal kombat (not particularly but it was gory), would be glad if anyone could tell it's name , played when i was kid ..can't remember!

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