Top 10 Notorious Quarter Devouring Arcade Games -

Top 10 Notorious Quarter Devouring Arcade Games
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Before Smartphone games tried to max out your credit card, there were some arcade games that tried to empty you wallet. Join as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 Notorious Quarter Devouring Arcade Games. Subscribe►► Facebook►►. Twitter►► Suggestion Tool►► Channel Page►►

We’ll be looking at the lengthy history of arcade games, in search of those games specifically designed to get as many of a player’s quarters as possible. We’re not focusing on the quality of these games as a whole, as several are otherwise good games. Rather, we’re focusing on cheap difficulty, ease of messing up, the possibility of needing multiple playthroughs, and other money-motivated design choices.

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  1. The WWF arcade game got alot of my allowance. That nfl football game wasn't kind either

  2. My top 10 list, going back almost 40 years,thru experience.

    #10…Spy Hunter
    #9….. Q*Bert
    #8…..Moon Patrol
    #7…..Wizard of Wor
    #6…..Donkey Kong
    #5…..Mario Bros.
    #2….Ms. Pac-Man

  3. Time Crisis omg
    Houseof the Dead from the shhitty light gun.
    And of course


  4. FOH metamorphic force, I’d take X-men over that shit any day.

  5. No terminator, no cruisin USA, no street fighter2. What mojo never does proper research for any if their lists.

  6. You guys did it right with this one. Double dragon 3 will drain your cash if you aren't the experience dd player. I still never beat double dragon 3 to this day.

  7. Space Ace the follow up to Dragons Lair
    Another great quarter chomper

  8. That old X-Men game definitely got a lot of quarters out of me.

  9. Thank goodness for the Home computer Arcade Games.. You can play forever and not spend a dime : )

  10. Final Fight anybody? Afterburner was also a quarter destroyer.

  11. #4 I played a lot. #3 not so much, too costly. saved money not spent on #3 by playing #2…..

  12. Do not know how Xenophobe and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles didn't make this list.

  13. Defender was really hard too. It took a TON of my quarters

  14. Zaxxon(2 lives), Tempest, Gorf(2 lives), Total Carnage, Robotron, Battlezone, Tailgunner, Red Baron, Stargate It seems you really concentrated on one on one fight games.

  15. Heavy Barrel, 1942, Defender, and Arch Rivals.

  16. Gate of Doom is probably the worst at this tbh

    But it’s really fun in the switch lol

  17. Missile Command
    The list goes on, I love all those arcade games from 80s

  18. Damn, that first one was ahead of its time, micro-transactions before micro -transactions, it’s ok, it’s just a “surprise mechanic” in the game.

  19. Barely ever got past first level of ghost and goblins, lol.

  20. Ghost and Goblins, and Dragons Lair. Damm straight they were money hungry.

  21. Carnevil. lol, the final boss's name was Tokentaker, or something like that.

  22. Thanks mojo. You made feel .I had play all of them… Ohh the good times

  23. If I could get all those quarters back I could retire lol

  24. Joust and defender took my allowance every week

  25. Ironically we were better at them and memorized every level

  26. dungeons and dragons. one weapon requires you to die multiple times to get. another is to get all your spells back. some enemies hit boxes are wonky. Great game though 🙂

  27. Heavy Barrel. I adored that game so much. When the second level boss, the one with the mechanical arms on a rail one, gave me so much grief, I must have spent a small fortune on it. Of course since you can die in one hit anyways, it was already a black hole for quarters.

  28. Ich Furz wie eine große Trompete. Vollen Klang, wie ein Kaiser Furz.

  29. you showed T2 Judgement day in the intro but it didn't make the list?, that game was crazy hard and the stupid helicopter swat van chase ate SO much money it was crazy

  30. While not technically a game, how about those shitty grab prize machines. They put something like a gameboy or cd player in the box and you end up spending a ton of quarters for nothing

  31. The first TMNT for me Krang took lots of quarters So glad three kids joined in and finally beat it!

  32. Ah yes. I clearly recall when Gauntlet came out and the quarter munching began on an epic scale. That was a bit of a turning point for the way arcade games consumed quarters and handled multiple players.

  33. Got Dragon's Lair for p.c. & thought Victory without the 200 lbs of quarters then the CD disintegrated in the drive 🙁

  34. I remember when Dragon's Lair came out. I never even tried it. I watched everyone else (most of whom were far better gamers than I was) get destroyed in short order. It was the first 50 cent machine.
    I beat one Sinistar ONCE. Then I quit. That one victory probably cost me $50 in quarters! Great memories.

  35. There is a switch in the compartment that can make the game easy, medium or hard. If I had to put more quarters in, it’s not playable.

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