Top 10 Notorious Quarter Devouring Arcade Games -

Top 10 Notorious Quarter Devouring Arcade Games
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Before Smartphone games tried to max out your credit card, there were some arcade games that tried to empty you wallet. Join as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 Notorious Quarter Devouring Arcade Games. Subscribe►► Facebook►►. Twitter►► Suggestion Tool►► Channel Page►►

We’ll be looking at the lengthy history of arcade games, in search of those games specifically designed to get as many of a player’s quarters as possible. We’re not focusing on the quality of these games as a whole, as several are otherwise good games. Rather, we’re focusing on cheap difficulty, ease of messing up, the possibility of needing multiple playthroughs, and other money-motivated design choices.

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  1. i think after burner or skate or die should be in place of MK

  2. Golden Axe
    Golden Axe
    Golden Axe
    Golden axe
    Golden axe

  3. And gamer's now days bitch and complain about microtransactions like the gaming industry used to be so great lmao, they have always been about money and nothing else.

  4. Oh my gosh. I pumped so many quarters into Sinistar.
    Do arcades still exist?

  5. I'm amazed that Waterworld was not on the list at all. 40 quarters was a lot for a game.

  6. Quartet, D&D, Toki were mine. I was a Space Ace guy, Dragon's Liar was my brother's game.

  7. TMNT was a great one that devoured your quarters and Tron was another as well as Punch Out . . . loved all those games. – great vid.

  8. Years ago a friend of mine and me were playing Double dragon. I don't know if anyone else knows, this but there's a part where you go into a cave, and just before you go into the cave you fight a couple bad guys or big bad guy I'm not sure. Anyway if you fight each other or get thrown by the monster past the cave entrance to the right you'll basically be locked out of the cave and you can play for infinity. You have to pass the cave entrance so it's no longer fully on the screen for this to work. Even getting thrown off the cliff you will not die. I know this because we played this until the arcade owner actually unplugged the machine out of anger of us playing for so long on one quarter! Lol
    Great time!

  9. Nba jam. 1 dollar per game. Not mentioning ot

  10. Ghosts n Goblins timer.. lol…. i never died to that timer…. the game itself has plenty to kill ya.

  11. I must've wasted well over $5,000 in quarters lifetime on playing at the arcades and it was so much fun,too bad kids nowadays won't know what it was like lol

  12. HOW TF WASN'T STREET FIGHTER 2 TMNT SIMPSONS ARCADE AND SUPER SPRINT NOT ON THIS LIST?, that's trash,I spent way more money on those games than nearly every game on this this not including Gauntlet MK and Ghouls n' Ghosts,smfh

  13. The Japanese version of Double Dragon 3 removes a lot of the negative aspects of the game.

  14. Ye Ar Kung Fu, Gun.Smoke And both Ninja Turtles Games took too many of my Quarters to count! 💰😂!

  15. Dragon’s Lair isn’t really a game, just an interactive cartoon

  16. I myself would've included either Dungeons & Dragons Tower of Doom/Shadows of Mystara or that Aliens Vs. Predator beat 'em up. I loved those way back when, and they certainly got my quarters.

  17. Gauntlet was the biggest coin guzzler out of all the games by far. As far as the hardest game, that honor goes to Donkey Kong. How many people can actually say they finished it? The game has been around over 40 years and maybe less than 100 people were able to finish it. There were so many random things in that game that it was extremely difficult to finish. Even the best players in the world are only able to finish it maybe once a month out of countless tries. A person trying to finish this game relies heavily on their skill and ALSO, the game cooperating. ‘Cause if the game chooses to throw everything at you, you’re done!!

  18. The house of the dead 1234 and scarlet dawn

  19. Dude, soooooooo many ads. I can't even skip ahead without watching 3 or 4 of them.

  20. Classics. If you guys want to check out some cool really old school arcade retro games then come over and check them out.

  21. Loved Ghosts and Goblins, Rampage was Awesome too, Mortal kombat changed the game basically, Dragons Lair I remember that but you can't really consider it a game you get to pick left right up or down and u have split second too decide give me More quarters Bitch!!!!! Lol. Great video thank you for the Memories.

  22. This list is so insulting to any one that grew up in the era. It's just wrong on every level of thinking.

  23. Golden Axe
    Forgotten Worlds
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

  24. Double Dragon 3 arcade game just happens to be the worst in the franchise.
    Other than being a quarter munching game and it happens to be the early attempts at micro transactions by adding quarters for in-game upgrades not only that the game and the gameplay was just piss poor quality with very bad hit detection and cheap enemy A.I in which they'll zero in on you before you even get a fighting chance resulting in cheap deaths which prompted gamers to pop in more quarters.

  25. I spent a fortune on Dragon's Lair but i pent a lot more on Space Ace. And I didn't even get past the Cadet level I saw a guy play the Space ace level and I thought "this guy has no life"

  26. 5:13 “This story is Happy End, and also, all your base are belong to us.”

  27. Out of this list : Rampage , Dragonslair are my fav.

  28. You missed some games that were much more difficult. Defender. Tempest. Robotron.

  29. Time Traveler arcade was definitely one of those as well. Having to spend more money on time cubes so you can learn the patterns of the game was an obvious money grab.

  30. Mortal Kombat from an arcade game really brings back memories^^

  31. LOL 4:13 I used to play this game 45 minutes in average with just 1 quarter by using the freeze time trick. I would upload in life and then move away

  32. Dragons Lair stole ALL my allowance and mowing money!

  33. So many games that I have loved and yet at some point uttered out loud "F*&F* that game!"

  34. Dragon's Lair – What if the entire game was a quicktime event?

  35. I’m shocked there was no mention of splatter house. That is a tough one!

  36. You seriously thought the time limit was the most excessive part of ghosts ‘n goblins? Most platformers have a timer to get through the stage, it’s a pretty standard feature in the genre, and of all the times I died in ghosts’ n goblins, only one of those times was because I took too long.

  37. Worst devourers of time are YouTube adverts

  38. I remember when me and my brother and some other kids were "fishing" in arcades. I made a little hole in the coin, tied the coin with a thread and kept pulling it, each pull was a credit. Of course, with the gang around the machine to hide the cheat from the coin seller. Good times that never come back, the 80s.

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