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Top 10 Modern Arcade Games
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While the 2000s sadly saw the decline of many of our favourite arcades, the decade still produced some memorable games that could stand with the best of them. Join as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 Modern Arcade Games. a.k.a: Top 10 Games of the 2000’s and 2010’s. Subscribe►►
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For this list, we’re looking at the best games from the 2000’s to today in terms of commercial and critical success and their ability to draw crowds to the arcade despite the business’ failing interest. To be clear, we’re not counting Xbox Live Arcade games or any other form of online entertainment. The game needs to actually be played in an arcade to be eligible.

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  1. You forgot the Wangan midnight maximum tune series!!!

  2. Someone can tell witch are hardware boards that run the arcade games from the decades 2000 and 2010?Thanks in advance.

  3. Why are not more modern arcade games in these days?
    it's honestly a wasted oportunity since there is still a demand for games like these (not only old arvade games but also new arcade games wich kid could still play them)

  4. Dark Escape 4D should have replaced the Silent Scope.

  5. Battle pod?
    The controls are so stif and hard to control

  6. Not having a Bemani game on the list is criminal.

  7. How'd you mention Tekken 5 without the card system

  8. Damn i would like to own the star wars pod at home

  9. Is H2Overdrive a 2000’s game or a 2010’s game?

  10. Got to the first entry…Dance Dance Revolution and totally checked out….meh.

  11. The problem was not that arcades are dead but cabinets stopped evolving…🤦‍♂️

  12. DDR rocks. Great music and love how the game makes to get up and move.

  13. Well even though the year of the video is 2015, I can tell why arcade is failing…
    The games looks and plays worse than mobile games.

  14. can you guys tell me how to play these games on ps4 or pc

  15. Star Wars Battle Pod can be purchased for £12,995.00 – maybe PS4 then 😉

  16. Arctic Thunder was one of my favorite arcade games growing up.

  17. Beatmania 3? Seriously? That's better than any of the IIDX entries that were released in the last 2 decades? … Do your research. IIDX IS probably a top modern arcade game, but Beatmania is an outdated version that no one cares to really think about anymore.

  18. With a list like this no wonder the arcades have gone to hell.
    The games that I had in the 80's were a lot better.
    I think I'll see if my Tandy Color computer 3 still works.

  19. Really disappointed hydro thunder wasn’t in any of these just even as a honorable mention

  20. What the fuck is Star Wars Battle Pod doing here. Easy as fuck game where you look at things and they die. But uh oh, if you look at things too slowly, you get hit. Doesn't have the same engagement as a normal rail shooter.

  21. A movie theatre in Kamloops, BC, Canada used to have a DDR game…and, get this, it was the original Japanese version (the text in the demo tutorial was in Japanese) and of course the theatre has standard North American outlets so I have no idea how they managed to install it and get it going

  22. There's now Time Crisis 5 playable on PC, and lots of other arcade games that came out wihin the last few years that can emulated by either Teknoparrot or on their own. There was a new Ninja Turtles arcade that came out in 2018, but it's not playable on PC yet.

  23. If you guys want to check out some cool really old school arcade retro games then come over and check them out.

  24. There was a Mario Kart Arcade game?! I never got to play this! ☹️ also i think need for speed underground shoulda been on this list , it was on console but it did have a arcade version that was soo much better . Street fighters II was on console but still made the list for the 90’s list 😅

  25. I remember playing some of those arcade games b4^^

  26. Arcade games need a comeback. We cannot loose this type of gaming, there is nothing like using buttons and joysticks like they were originally used.

  27. Watch Mojo stresses the fact the games shown here are strictly played at the arcades. Yet! quite a few videos shown here are based of "console ports" of the arcade game.

  28. Jurassic Park the Lost World was and still is my favorite arcade game.

  29. Arcades are just big console games yet they don’t use it’s potential

  30. The dance revolution games never got a single coin from me! I had no interest in them what so ever!

  31. Injustice arcade but it wasn’t released at the time

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