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Top 10 Bizarre Arcade Games From Around the World — TopTenzNet

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If you grew up in the 1980s, you probably spent some time in arcades. From Pong to Pac-Man, video arcades had rows upon rows of brightly lit games that captivated the nation. Today we’re used to seeing nearly photorealistic renderings in video games, but in the late 70s and early 80s the idea that you could control something that happened on the screen was still unfathomable.

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10. Boong-Ga Boong-Ga
9. The Tablecloth Hour
8. Ultra Low Dining Table
7. Amusement Washing Machine
6. Turnip Strength Tester
5. Urine-Fueled Arcade Games
4. Chiller
3. The Typing of the Dead
2. This Cow Milking Game
1. Polybius

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  1. This is not a video! This is just a stupid advertisement for trials of heroes!

  2. "Chiller" is the most offensive arcade game on this list"Super Table Flip" is the most stress-relieving arcade game on this list"Boonga Boonga" is the weirdest arcade game on this list

  3. These games are weird.

    P.S. Under 301 club/First (it's a joke (kind of))

  4. Ultra Low dining table looks like it could be a rather easy game.  I wanna try it!

  5. Great picks! Coincidentally, I just posted my Top 20 Strange and Unusual Arcade Games on my channel today.

  6. I am slightly upset that trio the punch never forget me is not on there.

  7. I have played the Typing of the Dead and I got destroyed… can't imagine why. Also no… it didn't take me 5 minutes to finally type this correctly.

  8. The cow milking game in phoenix is near by me at a Gameworks.  I don't think it's a one off videogame though.  It's has a orange light up matrix display like pinball machines have and it's clearly branded by Sega. 

    I'm sure you could look up more info about it since it's probably made by SEGA.  I could get more footage if you need also 🙂

  9. im so sad everyone made the comic week go away 🙁

  10. polybius….. you have an odd way of saying that. I've heard it. "pulley – be – us", not "polly – bias" I guess either one is correct though.

  11. u forgot polybius…

    edit: i posted this b4 i watched the video, lol u actually put polybius im supprised

  12. What's up with those arcade machines behind him? They only seem to display the tiutle screen and not run the "attract mode" that demos the game and lists highscores and the like.

  13. Lol @ urine fueled arcade.What's the bonus round?Write your name in the snow.

  14. There is an arcade on Southwold pier in Suffolk with a lot of weird machines including "Is the lamb pet or meat"

  15. Gorf was a bit weird I remember but these games take the biscuit.

  16. I remember arcades.  I was a game Wizard back then.  Chiller, what a blast.  What is so bizarre about The Cow Milking Game?  I remember hearing about Polybius.  It was removed and locked away.

  17. LOL!! I thought No. 10 should've been No. 1 – that is nuts!! X-D

  18. Urine fuelled game? do they have one for taking a crap? you could call it "DROP THE BIG ONE"

  19. Sticking your finger up someone's butt is a prank in Japan?

  20. says that polybius is real without giving any evidence

  21. #8 is hilarious. I would totally play that just to flip the table.

  22. Polybius used sacred geometry, at least it did if this video is accurate. I'm not suprise it would have a life of its own. 😂

  23. I always liked that arcade game where you hit the alligators with the mallet and they retract back and say ouch. I don't know that anyone would think those are very weird, though. I just think the way they say "ouch" when you hit them is funny. They used to have them at Chucky Cheese type places, don't know if they still do.

  24. original polybius arcade game does not exist, it's just a urban legend.
    the gameplay in this video is the fanmade one.

  25. Another person who own Polybius is Michael Jackson but is dead :p

  26. i live in phoenix. i gotta find that cow game!

  27. omg i love typing of the dead, theres a computer version of it (not the one on steam)

  28. I remember playing Chiller once when I was really young like 10 or something. then I played it again when I was 10 or 11. And even then I thought that game was weird it just blatantly sucked

  29. i played the crap out of typing of dead back in the day.

  30. I played Ploybius once…once. About a week later, my butt-hole inverted and began singing country songs. The pain and terror was unimaginable.

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