Top 10 Arcades Games Every Year From 1980-1989 (100 Games) -

Top 10 Arcades Games Every Year From 1980-1989 (100 Games)

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We have combined all our lists to bring you the Top 10 Arcade games every year of the 80s decade. We hope you enjoy the 100 great games contained within. Thank you for watching and if you like what we do…

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  1. Bad Dudes vs. Dragoninja. Was one of those bad dudes named Corn Pop?

  2. You have to give Defender big credit for being that first massive side scroller game. Centipede and Missile Command, I can't remember which was out first, were the first appearance of the Track Ball.

  3. For some reason in my area a lot of the games down the bottom of the 1981 list I never saw. Burger Time, though a big game, was rare to find in my area.

  4. So many great memories as a kid in the 80s playing so many of these games. Star Castle, Pac Man, Robotron, Zaxxon, Defender / Stargate, Millipede, Xevious, Dragon Spirit etc. So lucky and blessed to grow up then. Video games, bike shops, and sports. Simply the Best!!

  5. Defender in 1980 was the coolest game ever. All the older kids were always playing it. Still looks good today. For two weeks on holiday in weymouth uk it was all about defender. Magic times. The local arcade had a three screen version. Too cool for words

  6. I miss putting a quarter on the window screen waiting for next game….I remember when mk 4 came out at putt putt, I saw a row of quarters and everyone around were huddled around the players

  7. Green berry was called rush’n attack when I was a kid

  8. 720* absolutely should be #1 of 86.. might be best game of all of these, but glad to see it on the list

  9. Did I miss Super Mario Brothers? Joust? I thought E.T. sold well even though it bombed as a game. Super Mario 3?

  10. I’m sure some of you know the asteroids strategy where you leave one small rock and then fly upward at top speed and pick off the spaceships when they come. Because if your speed it’s hard for them to hit you and you a fan out your shots making it easier to hit them.

  11. You missed 'Hard Drivin'.. what an awesome game! Thanks for the memories!

  12. How you manage to put some obscure game such as Fantasy above Williams Stargate is beyond any of us!!!!

  13. While Sinister & Time Pilot were great games, there’s no way in hell that they beat out Popeye, Zaxxon & Millipede on the list.😂😂😂😂

  14. Ahh Moon Cresta… use to play that in the lobby of a local Kmart until they replaced it with Lunar Lander, then we played that… quarter were just burnin' a hole in our pockets

  15. As a teen in the 1970's, just playing moon lander and asteroids was like entering the twilight zone for 25 cents.

  16. Pretty sure they had an arcanoid in every Pizza Hut lol

  17. I was in the 1980-83 range And I can’t believe how many times I saw a game I remember and saying ‘oh yeah’! in amazement, thinking of the memories 🥲 Asteroids, Centipede, Missile Command, PAC Man, Galaga, Frogger, Donkey Kong, Pole Position, Qbert, Burger Time, Moon Patrol, Dig Dug, Track & Field, Mario Bros, Crystal Castles, Punch Out, Paperboy and especially Dragon’s Lair were all games I owned or loved playing at the arcade 😁

  18. arcades were so noisy but those Defender sounds cut through everything. They are with me for life!

  19. Rally X, forgot about that game!! Loved it!!!

  20. If I could have the quarters back I spent in arcades in the 80s I could've retired 10 years ago.

  21. Damn that Punch Out game. I can still hear it haunting my memories "BODY BLOW! BODY BLOW! UPPERCUT!!".
    I'd say Altered Beast, 1942, Ghosts n Goblins, Double Dragon and 720 probably took most of my quarters in the 80's. Splatter House gets honorable mention.

  22. Rolling Thunder needs to be higher than #5.

  23. A worthy list. But you forgot Crystal Castles and Pleiades. Oh well, it happens.

  24. Phoenix is a great yet under rated often overlooked game, your 10 best is mostly all my favorites

  25. Wasn’t Green Beret called Russian Attack?

  26. OMG! I've been searching for Gorf (2:20) on and off for a while now. The trouble is that I mis-remembered the name and thought it was Zorf with the Zorfian robots. Many of my online avatars are named Zorfian after this game. Anyway thank you for finally letting me show people where I dreamed up Zorfian, even though my memory wasn't quite good enough to get it right!

  27. I can't tell you how much money and time we spent in arcades like this one in the picture, in high school back in the 80's we would all go there on Friday & Saturday nights because we were too young to go to clubs and bars so we would pack into a place called Games Galaxy. My #1 favorite game was Wizzard of War but we played them all. If you got to grow up in the 50's through the 90's with all the golden classic music, movies and concerts, YOU were blessed!

  28. Absolutely unbelievable that SUPER MARIO BROTHERS did not make the list. That game was a phenomenon. First time I saw people actually line up to play. Crowds would form around good players. I lived in the arcade growing up and that was the most wanted machine on the entire floor back in 1986. How is it possible that you missed it and placed games people never even heard of in front of it?

  29. So many great games and fond, fun memories on this list! Some of my favorites from back in the day that I didn't see on the lists: Lunar Lander, Red baron, Night Driver, Tail Gunner, Battle Zone, Breaakout, Warlords, Star Trek Bridge Simulator, Discs of Tron, Zaxxon and Joust… Good Times from Simpler Days… 😉

  30. Disappointed to not see Xevious and Hogan's Alley not on the list, two of my all-time favorites. 1982 and 1983 had the best line-ups, in my opinion.

  31. Not sure if it's commented (lot of comments), but 4:14 should be Sinistar instead of Sinister. I know it doesn't mean much just something I noticed ☺️

  32. I can tell it was not cool to play video games past the age of 14 or 15, based on the ones I recognize up through that age, and none of the ones I recognize after. It wasn't cool to play video games in high school, or once you had your driver's license at 16. Goes to show how times have changed. So many guys not even going to their prom nowadays because they're not leaving their bedrooms until college. So sad stuff there.

  33. Super Sprint or Micky Thompson's Off Road were a lot of fun.

  34. Well I just relived five years of high school in ten minutes…

    Speaking of which, where's Red Baron? Lethal Enforcer? Arabian? Jack the Giant Killer? Super Freakin' Mario Brothers???!?

  35. Reactor & Zaxxon, oh, the millions I could have today if I had invested those hundreds back then……………….

  36. I sure miss the days of going to the mall and hanging out in the Arcade and spending most of the day with just $5 in quarters. Poor kids nowadays will never know that gloriousness. Putting your quarter/token on the machine for the next game of Street Fighter 2, and then staying there for an hour on 25 cents taking on all challengers? That was the best.

  37. Awesome video. Very illuminating to see 10 per year – I think the only game I was surprised not to see was R-type.

  38. Defender! Man I hated that game. I never did get the hang of it and would die in mere seconds.

  39. So many memories in such a short span of time.

  40. Brings back great memories of hanging out at the local pizza joint. I can still remember the black lights, Tron, and a pocket full of quarters and the smell of freshly cooked pizza in the air.

  41. I want to thank you guys for all your feedback. These videos were made a long time ago before I was an experienced Youtuber. This rankings also reflected my opinions at the time but I have also expanded my knowledge and taste since then. Maybe some 2.0 versions of these are due in the future.

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