Top 10 Apple Arcade Games -

Top 10 Apple Arcade Games

Planet Tex
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  1. Still useful in 2022! Thanks & Subbed.

  2. Bro what the fuck?? Great video great suggestions the only thing missing is your subs lol

  3. Astro path should be on this list it just dropped and no one has beaten it

  4. earner a new sub ❤️ thanks for the games man

  5. Easy sub. You weren’t annoying, video wasn’t annoying. Great game shots. Just good stuff. Thank you.

  6. Mutazione is also really good (but it’s story-heavy so I get why some people wouldn’t be interested

  7. Keep going bro your video is amazing 👑✨

  8. It kinda look like old games compared with PS5 or PC games. I expected something different.

  9. U just got a new subscriber keep going ur really helpful ❤️

  10. Dead cells + is also really good, can’t wait for the castlevania dlc

  11. With the m1 ultra and potentially a stronger a chip. I think we are going to see more devs port their games to apple and potentially develop on apple

  12. Trust me when I say you are gonna blow up! This quality of video is insane for less than 100 subscribers, keep up the work and good luck!!!👍

  13. for a channel thats just starting, ur vid are pretty high quality keep up the good work man:)

  14. You are 100% right about Oceanhorn 2, it plays way better with a controller. Touch screen controls just do not cut it in this game.

  15. Excellent list, not sure if Castlevania was already out by that point, but it's certainly another good addition to the list!

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  17. I just got Apple Arcade today and I’m literally downloading everything I see

  18. I like your channel 😀 you’ll become popular

  19. I like almost any content you create for us

  20. The #1 game is not a #1 🤦🏾‍♂️

  21. bruh i came here to find top #1 in gameplay not which one looks more visually appealing

  22. “Sneaky Sasqautch”. #9 Should be #0. (Better Than #1) The Best Game Of All Apple Arcade, This Crowns Of All Godly Games, My Favorite Games Out Of All ETERNITY 0:57

  23. just got Apple Arcade wasn’t sure what to download now I got a good starting point thanks for the video!

  24. Yes this is genuine hack and works as promised in my case. Thank you very much.

  25. Loved the tutorial man this thing is legit 100% !! althogh i wish if theres a way you can do it on computer

  26. DUDE!! How do you even do this?!?! It´s just incredible!! Your hacks and trick ACTUALLY work!!

  27. Got my sub. I can’t belive you don’t have a bunch of subs as is. I’ve never been this early to someone’s rise. . Neat! 👍 gonna go check the rest of your content

  28. A lot the best Apple Arcade games are also available on Apple TV with a Bluetooth controller paired

  29. This top ten has convinced me to buy Apple Arcade again. Some great titles in there!

  30. i play only Nba2022 SasquatchS asphalt 8+

  31. We need realistic game more than real world 🌎

  32. I just started watching and love you keep going man

  33. I followed the instructions and it easily worked!

  34. Saludos desde República Dominicana 🇩🇴 no sé inglés pero igual mire todo el video te amo

  35. Google play pass doesn't even compare 😞. But at least us Android users have official stadia support I guess 😕

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