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#TMNT2 #TurtlesII Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game NES – ULTIMATE GUIDE (Deathless)

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The original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game on the NES was the best selling game on the system that wasn’t published by Nintendo themselves! Despite it being such a huge success, it was never as popular as the incredible arcade game that was released in the same year.

So how did Konami bring the successful arcade game home to the NES? We’ll find out in today’s episode, then we’ll dive deep into the game where we’ll learn:

* The best way to do your devastating SPECIAL ATTACK consistently!

* How to CRUSH all of the game’s basic enemies easily!

* The SECRET to farming enemies for EXTRA LIVES!

* How to avoid the dangerous hazards in the NES EXCLUSIVE levels!

* AMAZING strategies for STUN LOCKING the game’s challenging bosses.

* SECRET CODES for extra lives, a stage select, or BOTH!

* The ULTIMATE strategy for defeating Shredder without taking a single hit… AND MORE!

Thanks for watching!

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  1. Turtles 2 prescribed to Gimli from Lord of the Ring's school of scoring…"It still only counts as 1!" Doesn't matter if it's Shredder or a mouser. I kinda felt like bosses should been worth more to give incentive to defeating them in multiplayer mode , but most of the Konami beat em ups follow this scoring system besides Turtles 3. (Xmen and Turtles in Time.)

  2. There is a hack of this game that puts back in the option mode that was removed for the us version. It also changes the gameplay so you can actually combo attack the foot soldiers among other things.

  3. At the time Putt Putt was packed just because of this game. I damn near couldn't sleep the night before going there.

  4. this is a nightmare, everything around this and the release of thhis in '90 was a nightmare… this is what ended the tutlres popularity actually and the decline happened before tutles 3 could come out.. kids lost interest because of this rip off flashing add that ate money… then the home version was TRASH!!!

  5. The stun lock works only with Raph and you can do it anywhere on the screen. You just have to attack Bebop and Rocksteady's guns

  6. I asked for this 4 Xmas and I got the crappy Tnmts ultra game version….guess I should of said "the arcade" version in retrospect.

  7. I love you videos. This game takes me back to such better days. I LOVED this arcade. My mom used to empty her huge purses out on this one. When i saw it was coming to the nintendo i freaked. They did an awesome job especially adding in the snow level. Many great saturdays alone playing this one.

  8. One of the greatest NES ports from the arcade. I wish they did this with more games.

  9. That man hole cover the foot throws at you can actually be deflected back at him if you time it just right. One of the things I loved about and to do in this game!

  10. If you kick Tora when he's running left, then kick again when he runs right, the kick again when he runs back left, keep doing this and you can play ping pong with him.

  11. I need to see you play nes wolverine…..that game was a nightmare 🤣

  12. I own the teenage mutant ninja turtles arcade machine cause this NES version sucked really bad and cause the teenage mutant ninja turtles was so fun so great I had to buy the arcade machine instead back in 1990 now these days you can just hack your NES classic and add the entire library the NES ruined the arcade games if the NES was still todays console I would be buying arcade machines instead


  14. I appreciate how you go back and show the non-stun lock way of killing these bosses. You go above and beyond in these videos

  15. "If I just wanted to go on top of Krang and start smashing my special attack, I could"
    That sounds so wrong 😀

  16. You make my childhood look trivial. 🤣🤙

  17. 43:25 Hey wait a minute! Why is there a skyline in the background? The turtles are supposed to be underground!

  18. Be a real guy, use the base of your thumb for special.

  19. This is the only nes game I have ever beat legitimately. I can still tear through it without the code

  20. The guy that throws the manhole lid… You can attack and deflect the lid when he throws it

  21. It's crazy Ive beaten all these games you do as a kid but It would have saved so many controllers if we would have had you in the 80s and 90s wow!

  22. Thank god the NES controller was made of steel LMAO

  23. Any of you guys played streets of rage 4? If you loved this game it's fantastic!

  24. Cap I was able to play with all 4 my friends and I rocked this game

  25. WOW I never played that! skateboard got rocket 🚀 😎

  26. Just picture this: I was born in 1982. The original TMNT came out at the pinnacle of my childhood. TMNT is all I thought of day by day back then. I was also a videogame fanatic. So imagine me when I first played this game.

    Easily one, if not the best NES games ever made. Everything about it. Level design, music, gameplay and even balance. Not too difficult that any kid with enough practice could beat it, but not easy or short that it would be boring.

  27. 1000th…. I loved TMNT at the arcade.. tons of money spent

  28. For the special attack I use to "roll my thumb", where I would hit "A" with my thumb finger joint and then "roll" the point of my thumb to quickly hit "B". Hope that made sense.

  29. I probably drop 10,000 quarters on this arcade

  30. For the AB move, I find using my thumb in sweeping motion across the buttons to be quite effective and comfortable.

  31. Hit the manhole back to kill the enemy.
    Hit the sewer missiles for extra points.

  32. This is my childhood right here! It's one of my most favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game. It's not bad for an NES port. Even though the arcade had better graphics, sound and music I think that this game is pretty close! I love the music in this version! Good times. I think I also remember that I always picked Donatello for some reason. It's either him or Leonardo. Maybe it's out of habit from playing the first TMNT NES game even though this game is a Beat Em Up unlike the first game which was a platformer. I also remember playing with my childhood friends with some of those toys shown here. We use to make the Turtles fight against the Transformers toys. lol

  33. Ok so let me tell you I can’t even beat the first dude on this game and when I beat him I instantly lost

  34. "Chill out homeboy." – Donatello SE1 EP1 1987

  35. It's easy and fun to hit the manhole covers back at the foot soldiers throwing them.
    Missiles in the sewer are an easy way to get a lot of points.

  36. I was waiting for the Star Wars reference. I was not disappointed 🤓

  37. Both the arcade and nes versions of TMNT 2 were two of my favorite old games to play too way back!

  38. I remember playing the Ninja Turtles arcade game 🕹 for the first on my 6th birthday 🎂 at Chuck E. Cheese and boy I almost made it to the shredder level just that Krang was the most difficult opponent to beat and of course when I finally beat him my mom called me and said that they were serving the pizza 🍕 in our table and it was time to eat 🍽 , but damm I was so close to victory lol 😂

  39. That coupon meant 3 less books I had to pretend to read for that free pizza.

  40. I love this channel! Just found it and I love that sweet doggo! ❤️

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