TMNT II: The Arcade Game - NES Gameplay -

TMNT II: The Arcade Game – NES Gameplay

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Pure gameplay.


  1. My brother loved all of the TMNT games!

  2. This was one of my favorite games growing up. Thanks for posting this one.

  3. we didnt have enuff money for TMNT,so we got battletoads instead.

  4. It was sad to play the game on arcade..then to this…But oh well I was a kid at the time. It was nice of the NES version to add 2 stages that was not in the arcade..or was it 3..I forget

  5. Kick ass! I remember playing this game when I was like 6. I made it near the end…

  6. I still play the arcade version on Xbox Live.

  7. I had a double cartridge of this and TMNT 3, for my NES as a kid. Brings back some great memories.

  8. Great game and the graphics were awesome for a NES game.

  9. man, i was so excited when i got the for christmas one year, great memories

  10. how is it that almost all the arcade beat-em up games all look like double dragoon?

  11. attacks, movements, and the gameplay looks like tmnt 4 turtles in time for the snes

  12. @Ruloelpira Turtles in Time was the 4th game. This one is the 2nd game. 🙂

    The TMNT games rock.

  13. @abhirao2001 yes, i know that but what i mean is that the gameplay is very similar

  14. @abhirao2001 in sweden turtles in time was the third game. If you dont count the game boy version

  15. i remember if you played two or more players and you died you could come back but you stole a life from another player who's guy was still alive. my friend always got mad at me for that.

  16. I used to have this Cartridge back in the day. Great game

    The jump kick in this game. Is among the cheapest move in gaming history though.

  17. Long hours wasted whit my bro this video almost make me cry for real miss those good days

  18. El primer juego que terminé en mi vida cuando tenia como 5, me sentí realizado.

  19. God I used to LOVE this game! I have a copy of it to play on this special NES/SNES console. Every 4th of July we'd go to my older 2nd cousins' house and we would go in their basement and play it on the NES. Any time I play it or hear the music, I always imagine that we're back in that basement. I miss that house. And I could never get past level 2 though, haha lol

  20. press A+B together instant kill!. the gamer sucks really.

  21. This was and still is the best game of all time. You don't need super graphics for a game to rule!

  22. When my four year niece plays this game, she calls the Mousers robot puppies

  23. This game cheat staf u can insaid fire and the cant attack u bit u can attack them it safed me a lot lifes

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