Kawaii Arcade Masters!
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Hey everybody! We are going to show you some tips on how to win these tricky arcade games.

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Thank you for coming with us on our many adventures throughout Japan. We love to share what we see and do everyday. If you have a suggestion please leave a comment down below.


  1. I Love claw machines and arcade games. And I am in America. And we don't have anything like this here hahaha My husband doesn't let me go to do them as often as you do! And So I get to enjoy them through you! I Love it! Thanks ! <3

  2. Just wanted to say thank you for the shout out

  3. I wish I could play the games in Japan, because they have anime prizes. Hoping to see some Naruto, Gintama, Bleach, Fairy Tail, Inuyasha, etc. merchandise up for grabs.

  4. Those small boxes – you can get it by keeping it in the same position and pulling it forward so the back drops in, you don't need to turn it all the way horizontal if it has a long way to go! The trick once you have the first corner off is to get the claw that you're not using to pull under it as well so it lifts and pulls the prize around rather than spinning it onto the side (which is then too wide to fit between the bars), or using the claw hooked around the corner that sticks out to sweep it round – but back to straight instead of further.

  5. Those games were playing very hard to get 😅

  6. Figures are so difficult 😬 I wish the arcades around me were more like this

  7. Nancy my heart goes out to you. All of my kids are still home for now as they build their careers. But I know it will be very soon when they're ready to get out on their own. And I am not ready for that day. Well in some ways I am because I know they will do very well. I can't say I'm not excited to have some alone time with just me and my hubby But still I will miss them dearly.

  8. Mikayla has a ring on her left hand ring finger ?? What have I missed ?? x

  9. Thank you so much for saying hi to my grandsons Connor and Brayden. They were so excited. We all watch you a lot. You've got great kids.

  10. Yay! I am here to see! Thank you for this Taco Tuesday night wonder!! Love y’all!!!

  11. Yep she's be a Californian again. At least you can deal with better weather. Don't cry Nancy she be okay and if anything I'll take care of little sister I'm sure she won't be to far from where I am and I won't even hesitate to drop everything to be there for her.

  12. Sometimes it's best to go by feel. When I try to think of about the music etc. I mess up. Everyone has their own method. Shouldn't laugh when your daughter makes a mistake.

  13. I missed your live. Darn. Both of you just make my day. You and Michaela just makes the world a better place even though it's bad out there. I love seeing all of you on new adventures and seeing the love you have with your beautiful family Nancy. You are awesome!!! Much love and god bless… ❤🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🖤🤍🤗👋🙏

  14. “I should have shown her what to do”, “let me show you how it’s done “ and still doesn’t win.. Delusions of grandeur at its best

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