This Walmart Arcade was Abandoned... -

This Walmart Arcade was Abandoned…

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I found an arcade in Walmart that seemed abandoned. I show you some great prizes and wins with tips and tricks to win more from these machines.
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  1. You actually have to pay someone to get rid of it now

  2. "Abandoned" with qll lights on, marquees flashing, no ropes over entrance…. click bait scam af

  3. So very sad what's happened to kids now raised on and addicted to iPads and phones they are missing sooo much..

  4. Wow….what an unbelievably waste of time and money in that machine! I love how the claws on machines like this one does not close until it is on its way back up ⬆️

  5. gee, that looks like so much fun, and so beneficial. NOT

  6. I do not like games that are set up to never be able to win anything. They make the claws to loose. Like the person above. Call the State regulation Department.

  7. My walmart arcade was four claw machines, two at each entrance

  8. Lmao the Box Costs more than the Prize 😵‍💫🤯😂😂😂

  9. It's an R ring for Retard, like the people who play that machine

  10. Awwhhh soooo sad u can’t put that in your own machine waaaaaaaah lmao ur a con

  11. At least the prize wasn't perishable.
    Imagine getting a moldy Hershey Kiss.

  12. The stain on the ball looks like glue 😂😂

  13. Bruh, the Walmart arcade is a scam lol. I would win prizes for kids out of claw machines and I beat everyone of the machines at least once, and I went to get this raccoon toy for my last prize, and I lined it up, the claw was snug around the price, all the way around. There was no way the prize was going to fall, and on its way to the drop zone, the claw FLUNG the prize in the opposite direction. Like, it didn't sway and the toy happened to fall out due to momentum. The claw flinged itself to the right, and flung the toy against the glass with enough force to bounce back into the middle of the claw machine game

  14. People need to smash these, they should not be a thing. If you see one throw a nice rock at it.

  15. The Walmart arcade in my area (before it was closed), literally had a game with old Webkinz figures and Pixar Cars stuff in it that could be won. Or rather, that couldn't be won, considering they were all faded AF.

  16. From being in the vending biz I can tell you that model claw machine does have a feature. Notice how the claw will not actually try to grip the item it lands upon? That's programmable. It can be set to fully grip once out of every x times, where x is an integer from 1 to 20.

  17. Different type of balls now that’s kind of sus my guy

  18. So those ones r the one we have in Ireland!! Not surprised i couldn't win anything.

  19. A Walmart near me had a stacker machine with some pretty good prizes. I ended up winning one of the major prizes, a 2ds, and a week later, the machine was gone.

  20. That prize explains why the place is empty 😂

  21. Look at the dust on top of the change machine in the end 😂 I think the pyramids of Egypt have less dust lol

  22. The owner of another claw machine can adjust the strength of the claw itself. After enough profit has been made they simply adjust the claw to make it a bit more powerful to give players a better chance of winning

  23. Their claw machines are a joke! they make the claw so loose its made to lightly slide along the toys. I know the real game is about profit, but Walmart has managed to unfairly gain millions off of kids pouring their $$ into these machines they have next to no chance of winning. Thats sad even for Walmart standards. They no longer stand for anything other than Made in China & profit.

  24. Anyone willing to enter a Wal-Mart, deserves whatever mystery that befalls them. Think about the level of satisfaction seen here. That cost him a sawbuck for sure!

  25. I love those machines they need to put new hot items in them and bring them back I'm style.

  26. Rigged claw machine to cheat people out of thier money

  27. Where is this Walmart please tell meeeee

  28. calling that a real arcade is like calling Dairy Queen a real restaurant.

  29. They're called "games of chance" for a reason.

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