This Multiplayer Beat Saber Arcade Machine Let's You Play With Friends -

This Multiplayer Beat Saber Arcade Machine Let’s You Play With Friends

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Check out this multiplayer Beat Saber machine that lets you play the famous rhythm VR game with friends or strangers. I found this at a location based virtual reality arcade called We Are VR where you can play Beat Saber for a few bucks with someone else.

I thought this was worth my time so I decided to cover it and show you what the machine is all about and what it looks like when you play it side by side. Thanks to the owner for letting me try it. Enjoy!

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  1. Stop saying Corona virus this was recorded before the outbreak.

  2. This is an illegal mod of the game and the cabinet. It is not sanctioned by Beat Games.

  3. Always great to see your vid @Nathie just one question, been showing a lot of machines that are clearly not licensed, what are your feelings about promoting these systems, especially as many will not see the light of day outside of China?

  4. Please don't advertise knockoffs, as a VR arcade operator it really hurts our industry when business profitting on illegal attractions get the highlight while us following the laws and agreements get swept under the rug.
    I expect that you don't know about the commercial agreements for VR games so don't take this as a critique, more of a request

  5. Imagine how stupid u look dancing in beatsaber. As if waving ur arms didn’t look restarted enough

  6. Nathie you are like me I had tried what you had just tried there but I did it yesterday and it’s fun and I love it so much but just wondering if is it normal that your arms can get a little bit sore after playing beat saber cuz after I played it yesterday my arms are a touch sore from it

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  9. Hey guys! I sailed away to china and got the corona

  10. Why is jar jar binks face in the middle of the screen in the beginning of the video?

  11. those platforms are WAY to close. Id always hit the other player b/c i swing my hands a lot

  12. Seeing two people play in sync is quite satisfying 🙂

  13. Did anyone else see a jar jar binks in the intro?

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  15. It's just two instances of Beat Saber with the songs synced

  16. Is that rec room music in the background it kind of sounds like it

  17. it is awesome! But I don't want to everyone share and put on my face, I feel gross. lol

  18. and here comes october 13th, multiplayer will no longer be a mod!

  19. Future is here multiplayer beat saber

  20. you might even see some vr arcades in israel ; )

  21. Now i cant say china sucks😭😭 lol just joking i dont hate china

  22. there is a mod for this also the multiplayer update came out recentily

  23. i wonder what happended to that buisness since multiplayer in beat saber is here now

  24. i wish they do that in JBHIFI or ebgames it would be so much fun

  25. Check out this awesome multiplayer Beat Saber machine that lets you play with friends!

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