This Mini Dragon's Lair Arcade Machine+LaserDisc Player -

This Mini Dragon’s Lair Arcade Machine+LaserDisc Player

LGR Blerbs
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Setting up and enjoying the 1/6 scale Dragon’s Lair Replicade cabinet from New Wave Toys. Which has a TINY LASERDISC PLAYER INSIDE IT, AHHH

Here’s the site for it:


  1. Amazing but old and normal version it's Immortal

  2. Best looking games ever
    Hardest ever games to play
    Every single one 🤣

  3. Think I played this for the first time on SEGA CD. I was used of a few of the scenes, but not enough to make it through the game obviously haha.

  4. This is the first of these that I've really desperately wanted to get my hands on.

  5. Got my order in today before they sold out again! I used to ride my bike to the mall arcade with a buck in my pocket so I could play this. I lasted about 30 seconds before I lost my dollar playing this money sink. Now I can sit the damn thing on my desk as a grownup. Who knew?

  6. very nice. But cut your dragon's claws of your hands jaajajaja

  7. Take my money!
    I want one!. Why? I dont know, I just wanna one! period!.

  8. Oh the sweet memories of dumping all my quarters in this game!!

  9. I'll never understand people that receive a new package and can put it aside for even a day let alone weeks or months. When that Amazon truck shows up at my house it's time to drop everything and open a package. Doesn't matter if it is something expensive and fancy, if I know or don't know what it is or even if i know it is just a new phone charger cable. It's getting opened immediately.

  10. Oh that's cool.
    I managed to get this on DVD years ago.

  11. Jejejeje woooww!!! Ok and another arcade videogame for example shadow dancer or shinobi or street fighter or mortal kombat? I need one this!!!!

  12. This game seems to be missing the first scene at the bridge entering the castle.

  13. It's very spancher, but the vanzionetion it' better than kiusiunos. Thank you..

  14. I think I would glue one or two of those quarters in the next to play spot on the board lol.

  15. Are you a Lego Fan too? You said you were into minatures.

  16. the most useless unusable retro-something until now

  17. I remember going to Showbiz as a kid and getting my tokens from them and straight wasting them all on Dragons Lair and than regretteing my decision the rest of the the time we were there as I just got to sit and watch everybody else have fun.

  18. Who is good at this game? The people who put many quarters into it and memorized the moves for each room. That's who.

  19. This game was nice to look at but control's were poorly executed. Was designed to be a quarter muncher.

  20. I'm the former dragon lair champion by that being a mini that I've never play before I've think you gotta be a little delicate with the gameplay its gonna take some practice

  21. To cool I’m impressed and this got a couple of sequels Dragons Lair 2 ,Space ACE and BrainDead 13 or something along those lines. I can’t remember if it was on Sega CD or Sega Saturn? But there’s a Dragon’s Lair Trilogy remastered game out on PS4 and Nintendo switch!! But that’s really neat!!

  22. Nice little unit. But that game was only ever frustration and anger for me. Looks like they've kept that insane difficulty.

  23. It lacks a small detail: when the action changed to one of the deaths there was about a half of a second the screen went completely black before showing how Dirk died. In those days search time for laser discs was not very impressive. Since the video is stored in a ROM memory (probably Flash-ROM) search time is virtually zero (no real disc thus no moving parts) and the deaths appear instantaneously. That's actually the way the game designers would've liked it to be, but it wasn't posible back in the day.

  24. Game was a jaw dropper when it first hit the arcade. Would have been nice if the game gave you twice as many lives per quarter.

  25. The first time I hear about this game and the first time I see it 🤷🏻‍♂️

  26. Watching him play with those tiny controls is turning my hands into arthritic claws

  27. I remember this being the first arcade being 50 cents to play, 25 cent to continue and additional 50 cents once the player reached the halfway mark.

  28. That is amazing! I never heard of the game but it looks great.

  29. I played this game back in the day I was so good after a while I could beat it with .25 cents

  30. Can the sega genesis mini controllers work with the dragon's lair arcade you have?

  31. Amazing to see they have the technology now down to such a small, portable size from what it originally was in the arcades 30+ years ago when I was a teenager!

  32. This is an actual working mini laser disk or just a prop?

  33. I need this in my life. I must have spent a thousand dollars in quarters playing this game.

  34. As of Jan 31 2021, everything is sold out so don't bother going to the website.

  35. that game is easier than you think… PS4 has it and it didnt take me long to beat it in one day…

  36. So sick. Loved Dragons Lair arcade even though I only played it a couple times.

  37. That's a beautiful little cabinet and the laser disc is exquisite 🙂

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