This Is the Mind Controlling Arcade Game... -

This Is the Mind Controlling Arcade Game…

This Is
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In 1981, a mysterious arcade cabinet named Polybius, began wreaking havoc in the arcades of Portland, Oregon…

Fan made version of Polybius:
Original post:

Huge shoutout to our friends at Lost Levels for letting us record our first episode in their arcade.



  1. for a more in depth look, check out Ahoy's video on this

  2. I believe that scary things like this exist, but is the game mind control a myth or is it actually true? I refuse to find out myself

  3. Good job at making compact and easy to understand video on Polybius! If any of you want a more in depth video on it, Ahoy's hour long video on it is a great watch.

  4. Wow a phone omg once you said that everyone in the comments have just turned into “gimme fone” I wonder who won? Lol I would love to see the comment

  5. Hey guys this is Austi…
    wait wrong channel sorry

  6. If you're interested in the topic I'd highly recommend watching Ahoy's video about Polybius.

  7. A great YouTuber Ahoy made video about that topic

  8. I have a arcade near me with one (it might be fake) idk?

  9. Xbox Ahoy had an amazing hour long video on this so called "game".

    Hey, remember that channel? Too bad Stu only releases a video once every ~6 months.

  10. If anyone is interested in more information, check out the video by Ahoy. They go much more in depth (it's almost a 2 hour video) tracing the legend all the way from the beginning.

  11. I grew up in Portland in the 80s and 90s. Games people play was a popular arcade then. I don't remember ever seeing a polybius game.

  12. A more detailed video was made by Ahoy, If you are into that short of thing, you have to check it out.

  13. Now that you've covered Polybius, here's another rare arcade cabinet. There's a arcade version of Ridge Racer known as Ridge Racer Full Scale. Basically, the game is just Ridge Racer but you play in the Eunos Roadster (MX-5). The game uses 3 projectors in order to give a full view of the game world. Bad news is, those projectors fail. So far, I can confirm that there is one but two (one in the UK in storage and one reportedly in Spain) have been rumoured. Believe it or not, the one that is confirmed does work. Sure, the radio was removed, but it works.

  14. I live an 1hr away from Portland Oregon. Trust me it’s scary enough without mind control

  15. How do you know the reason we can't find the company is because it was misspelled?

  16. Ahoy did an in depth investigation of this, this IS most likely a myth.

  17. Watch avgns video about polybus and you will be creeper out


  19. I thought this was about a game that you could control with your mind (that would be cool tho my idea everyone)

  20. The background arcade machine is my favorite.


  21. This is the end of phones but this is me wanting one please

  22. I saw footag e of it wand I’m having a head ache

  23. 5:58 "thats not good you should not do that" hahahahha BTW love the story!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. its so funny ppl dont go to oregon portland and ask a guy that played polybius before

  25. I feel sad to the kid who was having an epilepsy and other people thinking that its an Urban legend

  26. What If Austin Evans Is the only one who remembers that game because he was the men in black brought in the world by the arcade game unexpectedly so he is just going to go with his life covering up The fact that he is going to take over the world? ever wondered why he knows so much about, y'know, ANYTHING. But I mean that's just a theory, A GAME THEORY.

  27. something makes me think the arcade games are really just a green screen background

  28. this video scared the s**t out of me!

  29. Just be glad Polybius doesn’t exist anymore, so don’t worry.

  30. We've been secretly working on this channel for months now and I'm SO ready to share it with you guys. It's all about the interesting and weird stories and facts that you've never heard of, everything from the myth of Polybius to the story of a real life solar death ray.

    The big thing we need from you guys is feedback on how to improve for future episodes and what interesting topics you'd like us to cover next time. Welcome to THIS IS!!!

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