This Claw Machine Is LOADED with CASH -

This Claw Machine Is LOADED with CASH

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  1. using your own money to win your own money. what a loser

  2. What kinda silly bullshit is this…

  3. You should set your machine up for everyone to enjoy…..

  4. Gee, an arcade with zero backround noise…seems legit.

  5. I feel like this claw machine is in his house. It's so quiet not an arcade!!

  6. I was the king of the claw machine til I figured it out 😏😏😏😏

  7. You are an amateur the guy in Japan that I watched do the same thing you did he got 15 Iphones I'm less than Then 20 bucks and then turn around and sold those 15 iphonesAnd paid rent on his apartment for Almost 2 years in Japan

  8. Well congrats to him for having 2.4 million ppl watch this abortion lol and I'm one of them lol

  9. This is the gayest shit Ive ever seen. Reported.

  10. No sane person would invest like 5k or more in prize you can win for a buck or 2

  11. That's messed up about the hundreds they shouldn't be able to do s*** like that

  12. I wish this was real. But in the real word there are only Chinese stuffed animals packed so tight and the claw is so weak it can barely pick itself up…lmao

  13. congratulations for winning a lot of money and which casino are you going to play

  14. This is how parents teach children how to make good investments ha

  15. Just take the key out of your pocket unlock the door take all the money out , that's how I make my money I cut in the middle man out. Ha ha 🙊🙊🤧🤧🤧🏃🏃🏃🏃

  16. 😭 so you mean to tell me there are money claw machine where they do that at

  17. This is so FAKE! OMG! How can people really believe that this is real? What people would do for views! What a joke!!!!

  18. Dude.. that's BULLSHIT! I'm surprised those $100 Bill's aren't illegal. They look detailed enough to be considered counterfeit. You still made out like a bandit though. 😏👍

  19. This would be a good idea for someone dieting to put all your snacks in. That way you have to win them to indulge.

  20. Fake fake fake look in the mirror as you're sitting at home

  21. The $100 bill is fake. Take a screenshot and blow up the top left corner. It says “This bill is not legal tender “.

  22. Fake fake fake fake fake fake so not real picture of winning in cash and pans are strangers house games

  23. Should do the $5,000,000 buy in and win $100,000,000.

  24. Bro that’s your machine stop lying to people you spend a billion on a real machine just to get the 10$ giftcard

  25. and you just know thats every valuable thing he owns, and probably the majority of his wealth.

  26. That's in you're own House ..
    is this Goof serious

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