This Arcade Machine is hidden in plain sight! And This is how I Built It! -

This Arcade Machine is hidden in plain sight! And This is how I Built It!

Alexandre Chappel
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I’m making a fully functional 2 player arcade machine, discussed as a sleek piece of furniture!

For the build plans and 3d files for this project and many others, check out:

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A couple of videos to help you out:

installing retropie:
running games from usb:
programming a power button:

List of all the things you’ll need for this build:

Raspberry pie:
button and joystick:
clicky buttons:
USB extension:
HDMI cable:
USB stick:
micro sd:
Power supply:
The actual speaker I used:
A similar speaker from amazon that could work:
Crimp terminals:
Crimp tool:
Wire stripping tool:
brass rod:
closest switch I could find:
Momentary switch:

Some of my favorite tools:

favorite 3d printer:
super glue:
Small vacuum forming machine:
Japanese hand saw:
Olfa knife –
machinist square –
combination square –
Pocket hole jig:
Biscuit jointer:
Orbital sander:
Impact driver:
Biscuit jointer:
Mitre saw:

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Thank you for Watching! Tune in next week for more videos 🙂


  1. hola como estas . excelente trabajo .como pudiera tener los planos del mueble soy de colombia te agradeceria mucho

  2. This is really impressive! Nice build!

  3. This is insane man, the fact that you can build so much just in your shop. The force is strong with this one.

  4. Love the build amazing work!!. But do you have to use an expensive monitor or could you go for a cheaper 1080p monitor

  5. the 16:9 screen makes the games stretched and weird, are there plans for fitting a 4:3 monitor?

  6. what gauge wires did you use to extend the volume control?

  7. What a great project. I just got the plans and can’t wait to start mine!!!

  8. am I the only person who skipped to the end to see the final result

  9. Check out my modern wall hanging cabinets at Umbrella Arcades 🙂

  10. With the way I play fighters, that hinge is gonna break xd

  11. nice idea but tbh everyone who wants an arcade machine wants to show it off for everyone

  12. That's amazing! I can imagine myself playing kof 2002 or marvel vs capcom against my boyfriend and friends on it, plus it saves a lot of space in my living room

  13. I see that rema1000 bag! 🇳🇴

    Seriously well done on this project, this is wife friendly ☺

  14. I actually bought his plans and made this. I'm a novice wood worker at best; it was a fairly challenging build for me but I like the way it turned out. I ended up customizing it a bit to fit in some melamine cabinetry, so it looks like part of the built ins. Really slick looking and everyone loves it. Thanks for the video. Also really enjoyed the 3d printing aspect and now I'm starting to customize my own 3d parts. If anyone is interested in seeing my build, give a like here and I'll post it to my channel. Also if anyone has any questions feel free to ask. I made a ton of mistakes and learned a lot.

  15. What a great project, are you sure wooden dowels will hold up to the button mashing?

  16. God praksis når du kobler "DIY" prosjekter til AC-Mains hvor det (selvfølgelig) ikke godkjennes av f.eks NEMKO, er å putte på et "EMI Filter".
    Du får f.eks kjøpt IEC kontakter med innebygd filter for elektromagnetisk interferens, og sikringsholder. Bare søk etter "IEC EMI Fused".

    Selvfølgelig ikke nødvendig så lenge du bruker en hyllevare strømadapter og ferdig byggde høytalere da, men greit å vite om hvis du skulle finne på noe litt mer custom!

    (Hører du støy fra høytalerne hvis du skrur de på sammtidig som et 240v verktøy med spinnende motor?)

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