This Arcade Has All 5 Cent Games! What Prize Can I Win for $10? #shorts -

This Arcade Has All 5 Cent Games! What Prize Can I Win for $10? #shorts

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  1. Grew up going to this place. My cousin and i would go at night, get a bunch of parachute men and bouncy balls, and then throw them off of parking structures. Hella fun.

  2. In Omaha NE ours was called Nickel A Play and I was crushed when it closed.

  3. The ticket dome at the arcade I go to is insanely broken. hit the bonus with the right timing and get like 15 extra rings get like 400 tickets and also be able to have like 6 chances to get the jackpot again and again so you can just repeat

  4. They used to be called Nickel City, even had a super similar logo.

    Last time I went to one was in San Jose back in roughly 2008

  5. "this one you gotta keep the ball in the green area"
    [Stardew fishermen go absolutely wild]

  6. “I cashed in 950 tickets and got pocket lint.”

  7. Ive never seen that air ball game with redemption prizes before.

  8. Ay yo is this the one in Garden Grove, CA? I know I've been here before, they got a lot of pinball which made me very happy.

  9. I went on a vacation in Anaheim, and I went here lol

  10. There’s been a closed down Nickel Nickel nearby for as long as I’ve lived in the area

  11. We have one here in Colorado called nickel-a-play and it’s so boring. I mean it’s initials are n.a.p.

  12. There's another version of soccer fortune called basketball fortune, which is essentially the same thing but basketball themed

  13. I'm pretty sure the game where you keep the ball in the green zone is just Stardew Valley fishing, haha.

  14. They should actually count them via a reader because weight isn't enough to go by and they probably ripped you off quite a bit

  15. As a stardew player and enjoyer of fishing in that game I bet I could keep that ball in the green

  16. Huh, 200 games for 10 bucks eh. Not a bad way to kill time.

  17. I know where that one Is it is my local nickel nickel

  18. Whatno candy . If you know, you know 😅

  19. There's an original place called Nickel World in Illinois.

  20. We got one here in Oregon called Wunderland it’s rad. Gone down hill since technology has gone up but still nostalgic for some of us.

  21. I was in Victoria BC once and I found this dope Arcade. It used all original machines and it was all token operated. it was probably one of my favorite parts of the trip and I'm kinda bummed I didn't get to spend more time there

  22. I have a token arcade somewhere where I live and it was a blast except every game were kinda broken and the only none broken game was air hockey and a ticket ball claw machine

  23. The games are fun, sure. But the prizes are always ridicilously bad.

  24. This is in Garden Grove california near harbor love going there

  25. I'd be disappointed if I didn't have a ticket muncher at a place where they still give tickets. Weighing them in kinda a lazy quick way but still that " munch munch munch" is why we liked tickets

  26. For 10 dollars that isn’t bad, especially at an arcade

  27. i miss physical ticket arcades!! i used to love walking around them with arms full of tickets😂

  28. I used to be obsessed with Smokin Token as a kid.

  29. Bro said nickel Nickel Bro meant Nickel rama

  30. "6 hours and $4000 dollars lighter, I won a butt plug!" Shabang!

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