This Arcade Game Should Be ILLEGAL #shorts -

This Arcade Game Should Be ILLEGAL #shorts

Mystery Matt
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  1. I've seen the piston on one that always bumped upwards when it got to the hole.

  2. It's not illegal, you should read what is written on it:
    Only for stupids and their parents

  3. No on these kinda games what you can do if you own them you can set a certain payout score like I if I had one I could make it so it takes 500 tries to get the prize making it impossible to get win the game unless your the 500th person same with most games but other than the claw machine on it you can tighten or loosen the claw making it harder to win this the method with most arcade games

  4. They’re designed like that

    They’re designed as BLATANT SCAMS

  5. it is federally illegal, it's against gambling laws to do that

  6. If u think thay was illegal imagine a prize saying 1000 and then play 20 bucks to hear that its 10.00 and then i contact the ppl they said its 10.00 dont waist my time. I was going to take them to court but I didnt know how to go through the process so i gave up. It was sad cuz i had plenty of ppl who said that should be 1000 on camera. The card got stuck when i won too. The tech said its 1000 also but when he got it he said it may be 10.00 as he flipped it it stated there 10.00 but the front 1000. I hate these thinhs and will persue opportunities for false marketing and sue going forward.

  7. It is illegal…. Any gambling with no way to win is.

  8. I played one of these yesterday & the key does not fit no matter how many perfect placements you do

  9. Fact: machines like the key machine can CHOOSE how many times you win, so its 100% luck and 0% skill

  10. The reason why some of these game do not pay out is because you can set how many jackpots will win in a given day or set of time. This is one of them. The cut rope, and that spin game is also like that as well.

  11. I actually won a pair of earbuds and a pro razer computer mouse from one of these machines

  12. Fun fact if you read the manuals for games like these you’ll find things that state that the owner can set how many times it needs to be played to win. Games like this and stacker follow that principle

  13. ???? I had to watch this 2 times to understand it

  14. I did one of these and it hit the top and bottom at the same timw

  15. 𝔸𝕞𝕒𝕟𝕚 𝙼𝚎𝚗𝚍𝚘𝚣𝚊 says:


  16. Don’t you have to put the key in little slot above the hole not the big hole That you were putting it through?

  17. Can you go above the plastic key part and have it recognize it as a win so the key spins and pulls the plastic part from the top?

  18. there should be a "test to see if works" button to show it is actually possible cause I swear I should've won these machines at least once

  19. They rent a space so there is no manager or recourse. It is like a third party provider loophole because they are being covert about their deceit.

  20. If you can turn it sideways or even spin it as it's going through, you could probably win but I'm not sure if it allows that mechanism freely

  21. Gambling should be indeed illegal. All these machines all of them + 1 are scams.

  22. 💗princess robot bubblegum💗#5520_alt says:

    it should not be illegal

  23. They are probably just money hungry or it was just an accident and didn’t mean to order the wrong key

  24. Looks like it's just out of calibration.

  25. Well this explains a lot, I played one of these at a camping resort I visited recently, the key fit through perfectly but didn’t go through at all, no fair

  26. There is a way to play this game. The capture method is to move the coordinates.

  27. Unless it was an honest mistake then it is illegal

  28. No you can win but the owner can pick how much try's it takes for the key to fit

  29. You could call the cops and tell them that no matter what anyone will do that game will not be able to be one and it is false advertisement so it is against the law

  30. Yeah I’d break the glass and cut the power cord

    Not even to steal just to stop them from stealing from everyone who thinks they have a fair chance

  31. Never heard of a key that doesn't fit through the hole, and I have more than 20 of these.

  32. Don’t ever play those they are rigged 1/100000 win

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