This $400 Arcade Machine Can Play THOUSANDS Of Retro Games! AtGames Legends Ultimate Mini Review! -

This $400 Arcade Machine Can Play THOUSANDS Of Retro Games! AtGames Legends Ultimate Mini Review!

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AtGames has been impressing me lately with these devices. Now they release the Legends Ultimate Mini Arcade Machine with rotatable screen for horizontal and vertical games! I hope to give you enough information to decide if this is a must buy or pass in this video. Let me know anything else you want me to do follow videos on! ***ALU Mini was provided to me for purpose of review.

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  1. I really like this one because of rotating screen, but hate it because of lack of spinner, and track ball controller.

  2. Can it do Pokemon Gba Advance games or Gba color games?

  3. Man at games was a joke. But they seem to have righted the ship when the started doing arcade machines.

  4. I’m hoping you’ll make a video of connecting the Steam Deck to one of the AtGames cabinets. I bought the 1st gen Alu and still haven’t tried connecting a pc to it. Im planning on using the Steam Deck with my Alu.

  5. Pretty cool. Might have been interested but i have a 2 player bartop arcade already. 👍

  6. The size of this arcade machine is more to the size of what im looking for. Thanks for showing it to me

  7. I usually hate these machines but with what at games has done here its pretty cool

  8. Glad we have an official way of playing Fix It Felix Jr. 🙂

  9. Ah yes, Disney's Aladdin and The Lion King the arcade? What? Like I get that it can run pretty much anything just keep the art to arcade stuff. It's an arcade machine. If I had some cash laying around this does look like a decent investment though!

  10. I'd be curious how the screws/holes hold up over the years of frequent flipping. Seems like magnets would've been a good option. I have their pinball machine w/ the arcade control panel and I'm very happy with it. They've really upped their game these past few years.

  11. I have the ALU and ALP and occasionally I'm still stunned its Atgames. Keeping my eye on their multi racing cab coming in the future.

  12. Looks like it blows Arcade 1 Up away for the price.

  13. It's crazy to me that such a much smaller company like At Games could have a better online service than Nintendo.

  14. How does Tron arcade work with no spinner or joystick? Would this be a good alternative to Arcade1up Tron?

  15. I have the legend ultimate, and 8 haven't dug into it yet, as im trying to go through the full mame library, and get the games i actually want ready for the machine, so that I'm not scrolling through 5 revisions of each game or scroll past a bunch of early 80s games I have no past in. This light gun thing, do they have that iron on the Legends ultimate as well? I'm drooling over some area 51 action

  16. Seeing lightgun games running on this would be cool.

  17. But but $750 for Arcade 1up garbage Xmen cab set.

  18. Looks great. Something I might buy. Would killer instinct work on this?

  19. This is a cool all in one system. I don't have much room and the original Legends Arcade was appealing for that reason. However, this version seems even better. I'd be very happy to get this!

  20. I see Ickis from Nickelodeon's AAAHH!!! REAL MONSTERS on your couch back there in the video.

  21. My dude this machine is dope af def much better then the 1 ups I have 4 of them and like u said I’m running out of space this machine have all the games I want in one cabinet gotta have it and if they put the light guns games woooooo that’s a done deal right there

  22. $400 quickly becomes $7-800 in my country. 1up arcades are over $1,000.

  23. I would like a video more on Atgames tutorials on coin ups n all, I recently got that 2 player panel with the puck I would like a how to n how I can maximize the use of it, love ur videos n the content u provide my good sir.

  24. I bought the full size Legends ultimate after watch your review and one other one and it's now my favorite toy in the house. Even more than my ps5 and series x

  25. Ive got the tetris model of this cab locked in at 300 bucks.. but since then ive bought the alu.. Its awesome , But not as much As there Pinball machine then my 13 1ups and 1mvsx… someone stop me…lol

  26. You where critical of Arse Games in the Past, No Way Man LoL
    AtGames Arcade & Pinball Machine's show they have improved their quality

  27. Is the Spec's the Same as its Big Brother, Same Little Round Box (chipset) ?

  28. Very nice. What kinda of add on games can go in this? Regular game system games?

  29. Is a mini a good companion to the ultimate or really one is all you need?

  30. This is super awesome, please continue to do more videos on this subject, x1000 likes!!!

  31. Hope this comes to the UK. Are you able to hook two of these machines together (for 2-player games), and what's the deal with external HDMI sources? Guessing the monitor can display the content but none of the controls would work (if plugging in a Nintendo Switch for example)?

  32. For $400, it’d better be awesome. Jokes aside, it looks pretty cool

  33. You should do a story of your channel how it started till so far! I’m very curious about it

  34. Clumsy way to move the screen. It's a nice option, but I've seen rotatable screens that don't require messing with screws or removing the glass.

  35. My biggest issue with the legends products is the control panel mainboard. The failure rate is extremely high. My legends gamer pro control panel pcb recently died after less than 1yr. Obviously out of warranty now. Many examples of this on Reddit as well. Buyer Beware. The thing that makes me mad is they the product is really fun and I really liked it. But now I need to shell out $200 to buy a new one.

  36. I'm definitely here for the Ahh Real Monsters plushie…. and the thumb-butt

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