This $400 Arcade Machine Can Play THOUSANDS Of Retro Games! AtGames Legends Ultimate Mini Review! -

This $400 Arcade Machine Can Play THOUSANDS Of Retro Games! AtGames Legends Ultimate Mini Review!

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AtGames has been impressing me lately with these devices. Now they release the Legends Ultimate Mini Arcade Machine with rotatable screen for horizontal and vertical games! I hope to give you enough information to decide if this is a must buy or pass in this video. Let me know anything else you want me to do follow videos on! ***ALU Mini was provided to me for purpose of review.

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  1. I don't have space for this, it's neat though.

  2. yes show adding games without coinopsX,,,just the roms in the standard menu…thx in advanche

  3. Thats something I need. Vs a single game arcade cabinet for the same amount (or close to it)

  4. I would love to see your favorite included games / mini-reviews / rankings of the games. Great looking little cabinet. Thanks for showing it off!

  5. This looks really nice. Especially with that artwork. Nice to see those licensed games too. The rotatable screen seems like it'd be great for classic arcade games and schmups. Too bad it doesn't have a trackball like on the full size version.
    I'd love to see how you set up one of these for custom content.
    It'd be cool to see you set up a light gun with this. Now that's a arcade experience that'd be great to recreate at home.

  6. It's cool that ATGames is finally carving a quality niche for itself but these can't be nearly as profitable as the Flashback consoles.
    Hope they don't go out of business just as they're finally making good products.

  7. No offense, but I hate mini or half sized arcade cabinets. I would rather have a full sized gutted arcade mame machine. The arcade 1ups and similar competition micro quarter sized arcades have never appealed to me.

  8. Lol loved the AHHH Real Monsters plushie

  9. What's this? MadLittlePixel, Mr. "I'm done with AtGames" actually LIKES a product that they made?

    Is this real life? Is this just fantasy?

  10. Ahhhhh ridiculousness love that show lol

  11. Good video mad pix miss the arcades that's what got me into gaming before the consoles then I moved onto the consoles I do mostly emulation on my PC yeah your arcade cab looks great love to have one but that depends on the money situation.great vid m8t.

  12. No clicker, no trackball, and no 2 player…such sadness!

  13. in future videos can you show us how good or bad it works as controller + screen for HDMI systems? I would love to play Mega Drive games on that thing, and I happen to have the mega drive mini.

  14. looks legit, I'm looking for an arcade type machine but I don't have room for a candy cab this little machine looks fine and have multiple purpose. I think you even mention that we can plug a raspberry, maybe even a Mister. So for me that's the kind of machine I will be looking for. Thanks for the video

  15. Am I the only one who keeps mishearing "Coinops(X)" in this video?

  16. Is this the only machine from AtGames that you can manually flip the screen? Any other companies doing the flip screen option?
    Currently have a MAME cabinet I built back in early 2000 which still retains the JAMMA connectors if I decide to use a real board.
    Been wanting to build another one but in portrait screen mode to play all my favourite shoot em ups

  17. If I would ever buy an arcade machine then I would go for one of these. Like having tons of games in one system. I simply don’t have a huge room to put alot of arcade machines in.

  18. Are there options for spinner or trackball controls on this machine? Well, other than aftermarket stuff and having to do a bunch of mod work?

  19. I love that you can flip the screen it's a nice touch 😎 great video mate 😊

  20. I am planning on buying an ultimate legends but live in Canada. Does anyone know where they sell the light guns up here?

  21. Was torn between the larger legends ultimate and the iircade dragons lair. Went with the Dragons Lair bc it looks so good and I like the games on their store.

  22. Not for me… I just don't care for playing retro games on a 16×9 display. Makes a lot more sense to mod an A1Up.

  23. Hi, which consoles can you connect to this Arcade and do they run well? Thanks!

  24. Great review. What is the game that comes on after zombies ate my neighbors? It looks fun!

  25. Really would like to see AtGames extend these to Australia for import. I have no way of buying their products at this time.

  26. That's a good size for people that don't have much room like myself.

  27. Can you show us if it's possible to play home console games too? Also, would love to see a. Lightgun setup too

  28. I wish Sega and Taito etc could see the potential and demand of people wanting arcades in their home. They could build replicas of their old cabinets like Astro City and Egret and so forth, with some modern adjustments, there is certainly a market out there. Instead we got all of those mini cabinets with terrible build quality, they don't even come close to the real thing!

  29. ICKIS!! man, brings back some memories, dude…

  30. AT Games? This thing will be dead and out at the curb for the garbage man within 4-5 months.

  31. The biggest flaw with this is only 1 player. Fighting games are not the same. Beat em Up games are not the same. Bubble Bobble is crap without 2 players.

  32. Same complaint I have with the Ultimate – not nearly enough tier one games to make it worth messing with, IMHO. When you have a list of 150 or 300 hundred games, you ought to be able to find more than a half dozen you would play regularly. I wish someone would come out with a Williams cab. Defender and Robotron in the same cab? I wouldn't leave home for days.

  33. I'd be happy with this one for sure. I don't need to mod it, I just need it to have old arcade games like 1942 and such. I don't need it to have thousands of games. I just need it to tickle my nostalgic nerve from time to time.

  34. This will be mine once it's released in Canada. I've been waiting for a vertical setup for years now and this is finally it. The shmups crazy in me will be delighted (since while their ultimate pinball machine is available here, the arcade control stick isn't)

  35. My, after watching Arcade 1up driving up there price, this sounds a lot better.

  36. I keep wanting one but I keep thinking about how great my couch feels while stretching out with my feet up. Arcades good for company just needs smokes and an ash tray feels like the 90s

  37. Would be cool if someone came out with a USB adapter that allowed you to use the evercade vs on the legends machines.

    Video would be no problem but the arcade controls don’t use usb right? So there would have to be some sort of usb to whatever adapters to make that happen.

    Could be a fun way to play all the new evercade arcade titles that are coming soon.

  38. I don’t know much about tech, but does anyone know if it’s easy to get one of those usb plugs that contain the multitude of games? I want to have other arcade classics like Stargate, galaga, donkey kong, etc. Is it hard to get? Can you just flat out buy something like that or do you need a pc?

  39. can i hook a computer up to it to play ghosts and goblins

  40. 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

  41. Can you add your own custom games? Like for instance I’d want to add Street Fighter 2 Turbo and Jojo Herotage for the future,is adding custom games possible? Does this run on MAME?

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