They Sent An Arcade Machine -

They Sent An Arcade Machine

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  1. I used to play that Superman game at the sports page in Florida

  2. I found that smart phone with the built in shaver only instead of shaver heads on the top it has led spot lights it's a military style phone from India same case and shape anyway thanks for your vids and funny stuff happy holidays to you and all your staff ✌️

  3. There mini aracde machines at walmart now for like 2 to 3 hundred

  4. My Pandora's Box 5S has 1200 games and cost about 1/5th of what that thing did.

  5. Hellfire has great music. I played it on my Mega Drive. Check it out.

  6. What a waste! Such an incomplete review

  7. They're asking $2,500 for it I'm going to have to pass

  8. If you're in Los Angeles, check out Arcade 86 (facebook) they make custom arcade cabinets.

  9. I'm jealous can we be friends, great review.

  10. IT is just a PANDORRA BOX,.,. illigal software !

  11. These are proper STG version games? That’s freaking awesome!

  12. "how you like me now"??? this blinded, uneducated, soft ass black generation today.. smh (I miss when white people were white and said white things)

  13. Man Can I buy or bless mw with that arcade machine. Im such a fan of classic arcade gaming!!! please!!!

  14. It's a pandoras box in an expensive cabinet

  15. One of these with a CRT instead of new screen i would buy a few of these

  16. Hey buddy like that arcade machine is in India also similar but not the same it was in my city
    But now it not there anymore because this machine was having problem every week like this and they off the game parlour but it was amazing to play I miss that parlour the machine was like you put some coins inside and you can play until you don't lose.

  17. Are you waiting for the one plus 7 series???

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