They Sent An Arcade Machine -

They Sent An Arcade Machine

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  1. So which version is this. Didn’t give details

  2. that ist so cooooooooooooooooollll

  3. Looks great, though the controls look tailored more to the fighting games than some of the ones I'd be interested in. (Those multi-emulator cocktail cabinets they sell everywhere these days include a trackball, which is vital for games like Centipede and even works OK as a substitute for the paddle knob in games like Arkanoid. What I'd really like is a genuine Tempest controller, though…)

  4. That's what we called a "Bartop Game". They started out as just card games, but in the mid 80's through the 90's became multi-game bartop games. Back when people actually went out and had a few drinks at "happy hour" after work. Today bars are mostly creepy sports bars and dives.

  5. These are hella easy to retrofit with a programable PCB Jamma Board. Or just build a box that will plug into your HDMI port on the 50".

  6. Stop doing over acting you fucking asshole!!

  7. It's just retropie on a raspberry pi with some cool shit

  8. thanks for the explanation on whaat it is but im not dumb even though my speelling may say

  9. Александр Яковлев РемонтКофемашинТомск says:


  10. I remember Kung-fu Master drawing big crowds when it first hit the arcades. And every arcade you went to you'd be guaranteed to see a Kung-fu Master machine there.

  11. It's Pandora box dude I know that machine
    Because I'm playing that so you have a coin and throw that coin in machine to go play

  12. You don’t know how much I want to pop all those wraps like bruh just give it to me I’ll pop them because it’s satisfying (I’m weird I know)

  13. Him: they have Kung fu master
    Me: everybody wants Kong Fu Master haya

  14. I have tiny arcade my room in it is amazing I play it when I’m bored

  15. Dude kung foo master! Played forever at Big Splash when I was a kid about 35 years ago, spent a ton on it & never got close to the end just like Dragons Lair! Most of the time I would spend my food money on it & be sad & hungry after swimming… hahaaa

  16. Robocop, rampage, spyhunter, any of the pack men?

  17. Pandora box so bad … hyperspin man ils the best !!!!

  18. No CRT-Sim or monitor = NO classic arcade!

  19. Him: Impressed by the machine

    Me: Impressed by the bubble wrap.

  20. Any see this vedio 2020
    Love from india

  21. I can go on wish and buy this arcade board for 64 dollar and than the newer version

  22. If you are interested, you can also take a look at my automatic screen arcade,Automatic switching between horizontal and vertical screens is also very cool

  23. What's the name of this machine,it seems very worthy for Chirismas

  24. Aren't running these emulators illegal? How are they able to sell this? Did they buy the right to these games?

  25. They couldn't have picked a worse person to showcase their arcade. You are sitting on the side ffs 🙄

  26. Looks cool but that game library and front end sucks ass.

  27. I have a Pandoras box arcade machine similar to this except my version is just the control overlay with the joysticks and two sets of buttons. When I saw this video, I was surprised. I am happy that you got this. Continue to impress me with your videos because I love your videos

  28. what is that opening track from its killing me!

  29. Not knocking this channel in any way at all I just want to send out a warning on “Gabriel” the dude who makes these cabinets. This guy just stole £140 from my returns money. I payed £1,299 for a cabinet that didn’t work as he wired the whole thing wrong whilst the main emulators had errors throughout.. the day I opened it up and saw the cabinet I thought “wow, this looks so good”, then I turned it on and the first hyperspin option “jukebox” came up with error when clicked. I thought “hey I didn’t buy this for the music” so I went straight to the sega and Nintendo emulators, they all loaded up but all the wiring was incorrect as none of the buttons worked in certain situations and player one wasn’t recognised making two people playing an impossibility… I contacted Gabriel and we decided to go through some checks. I had to screw open the back and then do a whole load of things with wires, nothing worked and then I asked him “didn’t you do any checks before sending because this cost me a lot to buy” his reply was (his English was slightly broken as it’s not his first language) “don’t remind me  how much you pay as I can refund you anytime if you are not happy. so , do you want us to try to fix the problems and to work with me on this  or you want to return the machine for full refund”… I should of asked for a refund there and then but I enthusiastically replied “let’s work it out, I don’t want to send back as it is a gift”…. we tried a few more things out but nothing worked. I asked if I could send it back and he fix the problems he replied that it would be a waste of time and money sending it back and forth so I immediately asked for a refund, this was on a Monday, he told me “I’m at hospital and I can’t give you the returns address until Monday, by have a good day”…. he went silent for the weekend until Monday and he finally sent me the address. I packed it up instantly and sent it off…. this whole process started in may, it’s now July. He received the package last Friday and told me “I can’t give you money until Monday”.. I asked why and he raged “I almost died last Monday from vaccine, you will have to wait weekend till I speak to my accountant to find the best way to return money without occurring taxes”… I didn’t have any choice but wait till Monday, it’s now Monday, this creep just took £140 off the top of my payment… it’s not in full. This guy robbed me , I’m sick to my stomach on how this shit treated me and I warn all who wants to do business with him to steer well clear.. his is mentally unstable and a continuous liar… there is so much more I could say but it would fill pages. If anyone wants to talk, reply to me here and I will pass on an email. I have pics and I have saved all my emails from this creep. I’m going to warn as many people as I can about “Gabriel”…

  30. Have a look at my wall mounted cabinets at Umbrella Arcades 🙂

  31. I wish retro arcades would make a comeback with all the old games and Pinball machines

  32. I'm from that era where I went to the arcade center and spent a couple of hours there. I would love to have one of these.

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