These Custom LEGO Arcade Games are AWESOME! -

These Custom LEGO Arcade Games are AWESOME!

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Check out all of these custom LEGO arcade games! They are AMAZING and include Skee ball Cops and Robers, Saloon Shooter, Basketball, Air Hockey, and much more. All of these are custom designs from Build Better Bricks and come with instruction manuals and stickers!

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  1. Brickise my favorite is basketball game but other games are AWESOME

  2. I like the airhockey table and the vending machines best.

  3. I LOVE that DDR machine. I didn’t know about Build Better Brickes until now, but I might just go and sell them out!

  4. hmm might be my next moc idea! 1and a half baseplate idea come to my mind! also my favouite arcade game is time crisis!

  5. Awesome little sets. You got a prize stand for your arcade?
    I miss the 90s arcades, especially the game where ride on a race bike.
    You got to add a minifig that looks to be cheating, almost everytime I visited one, there was that one kid who just wanted the prize tickets easy by cheating lol.

  6. My favorites are the basketball game and the racing game. No pinball though…

  7. That’s EPIC! I love the vending machine!

  8. These look great, designs are fantastic. Can’t wait to see them “in place”. Looks like genuine Lego pieces too which is nice from a third party. I brought a Gondola set in Venice which was third party, but with genuine Lego pieces – always nice!

  9. those soda machines were making me thirsty

  10. Do you have to buy the instructions to build these? Great vid!

  11. Know what would be a good idea for an arcade game? A game were you spin the wheel, and Donkey Kong.

  12. Hey bricksie…you going to add a super market in your city?

  13. do they use all official lego pieces? (except the stickers)

  14. The arcades look awesome! The design of them look cool and fun to build

  15. At the end I heard peace out but since this is a LEGO video I heard piece out! lol

  16. They all look so cutely creative
    Favorite ones are the skeeball and basket

  17. They are awesome. They have amazing detail. It would look great in the LEGO arcade.

  18. When you build the arcades interior add a minifig running to the mega punch as if they are about to do a running punch

  19. Thay look great .I'm shaw its Lego..brand yoused to make them moc. .or is it non Lego brand ??? I have the gamer bell one from city carnivle set an target stud shoting game an ring thro onto duck heads floting in a pond plus .. I made a drink despencer machine like one from ninjago doc set cool I. ..just got text my gift.s Have arived in canada to you. Harray.

  20. Bring back piny parllors I hung at one for 5 years plus every day in town. Street fighter NBA jam.daytonar Car racing for day s .all we had in 89 91 92 93 was stuff all to do back then unless had a job..

  21. That's pretty cool. Can't say I'm a fan of stickers going over multiple pieces though. Great designs, either way. Skee ball looks awesome. I wonder if you could add like a claw game or something. An arcade definitely needs that machine where you put your money in and it doesn't give you tokens. And that one Star Wars game every arcade has.

  22. these are great! good for building a big arcade!

  23. The are awesome . They will go great in the arcade . Can't wait to see it

  24. If possible would love to see a how to build these

  25. Awesome games for your arcade! I really like the racing game, air hockey, and the foosball table. I wonder if you can find some pinball games to add to the collection.

  26. I love these! I like the use of the backwards 2×4 on the skeeball machine!

  27. They are amazing but are a bit pricey for how small they are.

  28. I want to build your pop machine and put in it candy shaped as pop bottles from nerds candy

  29. I absolutely love the pieces (pepsi) machine. I’m definitely buying one

  30. This is such an amazing video, filled with amazing ideas Bricksie!!!!!!

  31. I remember seeing the pictures for these a couple years back. It was fun trying to figure out the instructions by looking at the pics.

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