There's $10,000 inside this arcade game!! -

There’s $10,000 inside this arcade game!!

Arcade Warrior
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Today I play the Key Master arcade game in some mall out in California to try my luck at winning over $10,000 worth of arcade game prizes! This game had iPhone 12’s, Yeezy’s and real cash money.

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  1. Love how your making shorts from your old videos

  2. Yep, malls definitely have the best prizes, but yet nearly impossible to win.

  3. The logic is that if the prizes are extremely valuable and sought-after, then the game is likely much MUCH harder to win than if it had like a pair of headphones inside…just letting you know….Cheers!

  4. Hello arcade warrior thank you for the happy brithday to my mom

  5. I'm not really good at prize redemption games. How do you do it, Erik?

  6. Great video Erik I love maybe your best ever

  7. $10,000 is a lot of money!
    This game sure is tricky. Isn't it?
    Next time, focus!

  8. Arcade Warrior, With That Much Money And Value Of The Prizes At Stake, IT IS Not Going To Be Easy. I Love These Short Clips 😎💰

  9. You are the best person ever on YouTube today have a awesome day and weekend Erik

  10. Nice try. It's probally set to 1 out of …….. to make you loose money and not win until they hit the payout to be able to gain money to keep it for themselves/restock .

  11. I got to tell you, that is the shortest video of yours I have ever seen, but leave it to you to make such an excellent and exciting video in THAT short of time! If anyone can win those big ones….my faith is in YOU Eric! $$$

  12. Arcade Warrior you are the best arcade games and the best YouTuber keep the great work 😎😎😎😁😁😁

  13. zach was kicked out of an arcade once because he kept winning

  14. Awesome video on YouTube today I comment on your other video on YouTube yesterday I support you Erik

  15. I’m starting to like these short videos!

  16. U can clearly tell it’s his claw machine

  17. They don't have cameras inside to show the stuff inside is legit, they have cameras to catch people who find a way to actually win and to say they cheated

  18. "Theres a camera in there so its legit"

  19. The company that made those games were sued for auto percentaging their ganes

  20. I one a ipad mini from a keyhole onetime

  21. What’s better shoes or a masterpiece of a game with endless ways to play that is beyond great in its storytelling with hundreds of hours shit to do

  22. First of all my favourite game was in there (red dead redemption 2)

  23. It actually is rigged. The pizza buffet I used to work at had this exact machine. I don't know the exact mechanics behind it but I do clearly remember there was different difficulty settings you could set the machine to, the top one being literally impossible.

  24. My childhood youtuber, I finally found you after nearly 6 years omfg

  25. Mom can i put a camera In the machine?
    YES son cringe whatever you want

  26. They machine are rigged you can only get a prize once enough money to Mach the price of everything in that machine

  27. Only weirdos that don't get girls spend their money on this crap.

  28. The only time those machines pay out is after it has taken in 100% profit of the item you seek to win. Not sure how or why the government hasn’t stopped these totally rigged machines from being used. It’s based on if you are lucky enough to walk up and be the one who is at the payout time.

  29. I'll never forget when I won a brand new IPhone6 in one of these and had to go get a worker to open it for me. Only for them to come open it, hang it back up and tell me that i had to knock it off (which it did, as he had to pick it up) never went to Pinz again after that. Was so heated!

  30. What stops someone with a crowbar and a bag from smash and grabbing

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