The very first Q*Bert arcade game - prototype #1 - and other rare arcade games -

The very first Q*Bert arcade game – prototype #1 – and other rare arcade games

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In this video we are going back to Los Angeles to visit Koolmoecraig’s arcade. In this video we’ll take a tour of Craig’s home arcade and check out his collection of uber rare classics which include:

#1 – Prototype Q*Bert arcade game by Gottlieb – swearing marquee and swearing CPO
#2 – SEGA Razmatazz arcade game – one of maybe six that exist! Sequel to Carnival
#3 – Vectorbeam Speed Freak
#4 – Pacific Novelty Thief
#5 – SEGA HEAD ON 2 stand-up cocktail thingee
#6 – Exidy Pepper II

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  1. Something's wrong with that Q*Bert machine.

    The artwork does suggest that it's a prototype of Q*bert, but the title screen shows that it's actually Q*Bert's unreleased update/sequel ("Faster Harder More Challenging Q*Bert"), meaning this is 100% definitely not the "very first Q*bert that was ever made".

  2. Wow, I love that we see who owns the very first Q-bert! I'm jealous too!

    I can't believe you spent all that money on a flight only to end up at the home of a guy who was never there! How do you earn all this money to fly all over like that?

    Okay, so I know who John Exidy is, but what the heck is an "Exidy game"?

  3. I do strongly believe Craig was on Drunk History recently talking about Pinball's legalization. In it evidently he moved his BreakShot next to the HS II

  4. that's wonderful you made 21 people jealous.

  5. i found a arcade paradise all mostly atari cabinets check out heesil77 .you will appreciate it

  6. You might have to configure the LD-V8000 through its settings menu.

    To access this menu, with the player off, press and hold the DISPLAY button on the front panel of the player and then power the player on.

    You'll probably want to go to page 4 of the menu and turn off LEVEL II operation (LEVEL II AUTO START, of which there are three settings: LOAD FROM DISC, BACK-UP MEMORY, and OFF). The player may be taking one minute to start play of the disc after loading because it might be trying to look for and load a LEVEL II program from it.

  7. You just go into this guys house without him knowing

  8. …He's got a Polybius … let's fire it up… wait…

  9. I never knew about laser disks. A really cool niche. I might have to get into them.

  10. You luckly luckly luckly luckly git having all those games in your basement.Have you got a mr do ! game ?

  11. The "swear" was not the name of the game. The "swear" was the weird sound Q-Bert made when he lost a life (and why it's in a text bubble from him). That's what I'm seeing.

  12. But it says Q*Bert on the gameplay screen. Are you sure the chipset hasn't been changed?

  13. "fuck tha police" coming out of thief, solid gold Craig.

  14. (Craig's hiding behind that Speed Freak…maybe?)

  15. Fly across the US just to break into some guys house and play video games. Nuthin' weird about that!!!

  16. Wow, the screen sure got cut off on the Head On 2 cocktail. Yeah, that's the boot-up screen for Pepper II so you must have reset it, and thus you were able to return to it and play (typical Exidy bootup that requires a bunch of X's to fill up the screen). That Tutankham cabinet appears to have Turtles in it, but it's messed up. I had never seen a THIEF with the voice sample tape. Thanks for the informative video!

  17. Wait, did you really broke into Craig's house, Or was it a joke?

  18. pac & pal in a donkey kong cabinet😂😂

  19. why does he have a different game in the cabinet

  20. He said oh Fuck What’s your mouth John

  21. So funny that they put a "Fuck The Police" cassette tape in a game where cops try to get you.

  22. You didn't play the prototype, did you?

  23. Speed Freak – craziest 'attract mode' ever!

  24. Holy carp, 11:08, never thought I'd hear John say "I don't know if I have a quarter…"

  25. The very first Q-Bert had the Faster Harder More Challenging Q-Bert.

  26. The Tutankham looks to be running Turtles, which is messed up.

  27. Nice laserdisc. I don’t have any laserdisc arcades but watch movies on a DVL 909. Awesome stuff man.

  28. This dude always is touchy feely & beats on shit

  29. They autograph on the Speed Freak looks to be Larry Rosenthal, the original programmer. What I’d like to know is if he actually signed that marquee or if it was printed on. It looks printed on.

  30. I think he made his Speed Freak machine an alarm in case people break into his home, must’ve went off at the wrong time

  31. john are you familiar with akka arrh by atari? its said to be super rare and there's not many cabs of it and only about a dozen if not less prototype pcbs let alone cabinets

  32. It's been 6 years and I still genuinely have no idea if he legit broke into this man's house or if he asked off cam if he could come or not

  33. New Wave Toys just released their preorder for their 1/6 scale Replicade version of this classic arcade game. You can also get the prototype version with the different cabinet artwork!!

  34. I also loved Carnival. The 2600 version is pretty good.

  35. Bro you just flew across America, broke into somebody’s home, and reviewed his games😂

  36. 7:20 stupid. Schade das seine Stimme mir irgendwann so auf den Geist geht. So many memories; 15 years i go every day to the "Spielothek" .

  37. And it’s using the “faster, harder, more challenging QBert” rom that came AFTER version 1.

  38. Amazing to see the prototype Q*Bert game! I've loved that game ever since around 10 years old, and to finally see the prototype is mind blowing! Loving all of the pinball machines too!

  39. I tried liking Qbert but it’s just not fun to play yeah it’s one of the games from the 80’s but as you can see they don’t release Qbert on consoles arcade archives for $7.99 they don’t even make new Qbert games cause people just don’t play it better games has came the only game that will always be loved is Pac-Man but I think it’s time to do a remake on Pac-Man have the score go higher then 99999999 once I score that I just turn off the game don’t feel like watching the score going back to the beginning

  40. He has the later Q*Bert upgrade inside the prototype cabinet.

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