The Ultimate Mame Arcade! Over 50,000 Games on One Machine! | Mame Arcade Review -

The Ultimate Mame Arcade! Over 50,000 Games on One Machine! | Mame Arcade Review

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Today, I review my Mame Arcade with over 50,000 games. I love this sucker!

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Episode 25 – The Ultimate Mame Arcade! Over 50,000 Games on One Machine | Mame Arcade Review

Hey guys, welcome back! Glad to see ya again! Today we’ll be reviewing one of my newest and most favorite Gadgets….The Gerlitz Mame Arcade.

Owning and playing every game out there imaginable when I was kid was just not possible. However, with the rise in technology over the years, certain things have become available. One of which is computers with their large hard drives.

MAME stands for multi arcade machine emulator and pretty much re creates or “emulates” the old console and arcade games. Each of these recreations are considered “Roms” which are the games. This allows you to have an enormous amount of games to play on one machine.

I purchased this arcade from a company called “” from the east coast. They make these beautiful machines that ship with over 50,000 games ready to play. Each games is alphabetically sorted out in the original console or arcade that it was designed for.

This mame arcade cost me around $8,500 shipped with the options I wanted for it. Metal bat joysticks, four plays, RGB LED buttons, 55″ screen, custom artwork etc. You can get these machines for less if you choose different options.

Having the ability to play practically every game out there is a fun thing to be able to do. Having friends and family over is a blast on this machine. Getting four people on the arcade reliving their childhood games is a lot of fun.

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  1. The like to the sit should be in description I had to keep rewinding to find out the site lol

  2. Don't listen to the criticizers, I appreciate the video. They're just sensitive.

  3. Just noticed his "joysticks" sitting on the shelf with VR goggles and controller.
    Cool Nerf gun though.

  4. you can set it up for 16:9, so it would fit the screen. Just sayin'.

  5. Where'd you get the artwork for the control panel? Those naked girls are freakin' hot!

  6. Don't listen to these guys. They're not criticising you! That would at least have a benevolent tone and some tips to help you improve. No, they're only trying to make you feel miserable. These comments have nothing to do with you, my friend. It's about their crappy private life and blowing off some steam. Thank you for showing me that great piece of tech, and also for trying to entertain me.

  7. I need help, this thing comes with games on it right? And u can get light guns? Can u add games to it? Can u play music?

  8. Hi Jeff

    How much does one of these cabinets cost

  9. Does it have original Xbox and Xbox 360 emulators built-in?

  10. I don't like the position and the structure of those joysticks. Great for a solo player, but it's kinda messy if you have company. Side-stations don't even have the same quantity of buttons and there's one set of joysticks on top of the other?! wut? Nah

  11. I bet that Gerlitz is the "amercanized" version of a German town called "Görlitz". When you say Görlitz in German in sounds exactly like Gerlitz in English.

    You are welcome.

  12. There are so many beta males hating on this dude. yea he wasn't that funny but the video was still enjoyable. He's a total chad and these haters are angry he prob gets more pussy than they've had hot meals. You do your thing, chad and don't worry about soy boys hating on you. Just be careful you don't get canceled by the angry soy boy hate mob fascists. <3

  13. People in the comments section talkin about how he deserves a dislike.

    I’m over here trying to wonder how to get one of these mane arcade systems and think how cool it is.

  14. Commodore 64 was the bomb back in the day! Don’t diss lol. It was awesome to play in early/mid 80s! I put some miles on “The Oregon Trail!”
    I’ll tell you what I don’t know if other gamers my age feel the same, but seeing the evolution of games from Atari to Sega to Nintendo to PS4; it’s amazing to see the graphics and how far we have come.
    However, I find myself going back to my old consoles and systems more so than my Xbox One S. I think it’s nostalgia and the fact we had to use are imagination to pretend that we were the characters that we played back then. It happens to all us gamers I think as we age, I’m just still glad I like to game now, lots of people I know don’t even play anymore due to I guess sadly just growing up over the years.

    Nice video man, enjoy your machine and always remember your games you loved growing up and share them with others. You will remember those most of all.

  15. If I had one of those arcade cabinets:

    I want all games on it except the bad ones, I saw some bad ones on there. It’s all about the best ones!

  16. Hey Jeff….wow that sure is a sweet piece of gadget you got there.
    Can you please do me a huge favour. I would truly appreciate it.
    Can you please please please make a video of you playing the original Street Fighter (1987). Better still, if you can actually finish the game!!! 🙂
    This game will always have a special place in my heart. Unfortunately it got completely forgotten over time.
    Cheers buddy!

  17. Hi i just put a down payment on my 50 inch machine form arcade r fun last month how long it be before i receive my arcade machine

  18. A quick search for MAME32 at archive dot org will reward you a-plenty. The Progetto collection, in particular.

  19. yes 3DO was overpriced shit and stil shit

  20. Order me one I need one to make a video I wish there’s ps2 and ps3 to play ratchet and clank and guitar hero and rock band I need the cabinet from March 24 it’s my birthday

  21. Better than a ps4 or ps5 or any game console ever made

  22. The Commodore 64 rom set is like 17,000 games so you most likely really only have about 33,000 games. Honestly I can’t believe they bothered putting Commodore 64 games onto an arcade machine. Pretty sure they did that just to pump up the numbers.

  23. if anyone wonders the program used for the roms itself its called hyperspin

  24. This was four years ago…want to sell it now?

  25. I will take that arcade if you need it gone

  26. Damn that cabinet looks neat, shame id have to listen to this dumbass to learn more about it.

  27. Wow. Womanizer. Lust certainly has this person. Hope you find freedom and not see women as objects.

  28. I been following another group of arcade cabinets for awhile now. They say there is a learning curve to that group machine it's not just plug n play. I wanted to know how is yours from arcade r fun. Have you had any problem with games or settings.

  29. Nice setup, to save space I run off my pc but using Mameui ,with 13,000 available and playable arcade games like gorf only ,no consoles systems

  30. AWFUL and tasteless cabinet art. Fuckin hell…and there aren't even 50k games worth playing. Maybe 500 at the most. Just a stupid clickbait title. Fucking abomination.

  31. Dang, you tell the arcade maker you were 4 ft tall? That control panel is about 10 inches too low for your height.

  32. You're so anoying and you talk to your audience like children, gave up at 3 mins!

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