The Simpsons - Arcade Game - Playthrough - Bart Simpson -

The Simpsons – Arcade Game – Playthrough – Bart Simpson

90’s Arcade Games
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This is a playthrough of the 1991 Konami game “The Simpsons”, complete with cutscenes and everything, played with the character Bart Simpson. Created using MAME 0.149.


  1. Wait, seriously? The final boss wasn’t Sideshow Bob?

  2. I consider this along with street fighter 2, tmnt the arcade game, paperboy and qubert as the best arcades of all time!

  3. Remember playing this at the front entrance of Walmart. Way back before they were supercenters

  4. I used to love hearing this and TMNT as I walked in to any arcade back in the 90s. I didn't play it much but I was just so fascinated by hearing the speech and music. Compared to what we could get on home consoles at the time this was something entirely new and amazing!

  5. I legitimately believe they're releasing an Arcade1Up cabinet of this game

  6. I played this on Xbox 360 like 6 years ago. God I loved this game

  7. Epic Game
    Já gastei muitas fichas de Fliperama pra pôde zerar esse jogo The Simpsons Arcade Game

  8. I played this game since I was with Jesse and Chuck from Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Mueseum

  9. I had this arcade game as a kid came here for the memories

  10. Simpsons Arcade Game 30th Birthday! 1991-2021!

  11. A secret to this game if you are using MAME: You can play with 2-4 chars at once WITH ONLY ONE PLAYER. All you have to do is–give your chars different coin/start buttons, Then, give them the same action buttons…This works incredibly well and for any similar game(like TMNT arcade).

  12. The best character to play with is Marge. That vacuum cleaner packed a wallop.

  13. teenage mutant ninja turtles fan 1997 says:

    Mr burns and smithers are the villians

  14. Bart Simpson sí usa Camiseta Azul cómo en los Simpsons Cómics

    Bart Simpson: 8:148:17

  15. Back when Konami actually cared. Now if only this was on Switch and PS4 arcade archives.

  16. I don't know why Smithers looks so evil

  17. The gamer is done! You found a work!

  18. 0:10 bubble wrap and a big deal on a new car 🚘 go with a red flag 🚩 it’s the blue one ☝️ and the blue one ☝️ is the only!

  19. Who else spent hundreds of not thousands of quarters/tokens on this game?

  20. I really liked this game even though for me it's no strategy just a hell of a lot of button mashing

  21. Back before the Simpsons had characters and they had to really reach or create new ones for Boss fights.

  22. One of the last great arcade games I remember playing before they died out. Man that shit was fun, I remember my best friend and I were the first to beat Double Dragon 2 at the arcade by our house, it was nuts people surrounding us screaming and cheering. What an awesome atmosphere arcades created

  23. Springfield Family's Arcade Hit From Konami!

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