The Secret HACK to Winning Jackpots at the Arcade!!! -

The Secret HACK to Winning Jackpots at the Arcade!!!

Arcade Warrior
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Today I’m back at the Niagara Falls Fun Zone in Niagara Falls Canada to play a ton of arcade games! I also show you the secret HACK to winning jackpots at the arcade! Let’s play a ton of arcade ticket games, drink some Mountain Dew, and win big!


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About Arcade Warrior:

Hi my name is Erik Kane and I’m known as the Arcade Warrior on YouTube. I started posting my arcade adventures many years ago and have built a dedicated following and community through my videos. I’m the original arcade YouTuber who started it all. This is my arcade channel where I like to play arcade ticket games, claw machines, coin pushers, carnival games, mini golf, and so much more! NEW videos are posted every Wednesday and Saturday. Subscribe to my channel and become a Warrior Today!

The Secret HACK to Winning Jackpots at the Arcade!!!

Arcade Warrior

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  1. Can't stop laughing on Mountain Dew and the rocket ride

  2. I never get tired of Arcade Warrior!!!

  3. Keep up the amazing work I used to watch you all the time 3 years ago ❤

  4. The fantabulous arcade is the best video at all time, but you're the "Arcade Warrior," Baby! So this place is totally dark in there and it's glows, because that's amazing one, now this jackpot tickets are very hotter! Don't give up this time, just keep pushing it.

  5. Has Mountain Dew ever sponsored you legitimately? It's hilarious how much advertising you've given them by this point.

  6. Your a freak and all of your videos are shit

  7. I gotta tell you Eric, this was one of the COOLEST AW Videos I've ever seen! Gettin drunk on Mountain Dew…LOTS of it! Actually getting locked INTO the back rooms! Winning games on the very first try! Riding the small kiddy rides! LOTS of great entertainment on this one! I am almost 60 years old, and I still love your videos. Hope you never have to stop!!!!! Keep Killin it Eric!!

  8. I am 1000 times better than you are. I am born lucky I hit jackpot every time I play ticket games. I never miss once in the 31 years I have been living.

  9. I like how well you win Jackpots and I do thank you for the Jackpot advice and the Mountain Dew is my favorite part gotta do the dew Lol That is my favorite part and the jackpots too keep it up with the videos You rock at em

  10. 6:08 That's the first time I've seen you eat the tickets since pre-pandemic videos! Great video!

  11. How much does Canadian Mountain Dew differ from Dew in the states? Always love the energy in the videos!

  12. Dude I’m laughing at the Ric Flair woooo!

  13. Hey Arcade Warrior/Erik! Im going to the arcade later at Timezone. Hopefully I can win the jackpot in my fav game: MONSTER DROP

    Note: Good luck on the next jackpot u can get on ur next video

  14. you sounded like drew from the minions when you were on the spaceship


  16. Do you either need a passport to go to the niagara Falls fun zone in Canada?

  17. I’ve won the 200 ticket 🎟️ jackpot on deal or no deal at the arcade.

  18. Wherever you got the woooo from probably got it from Rick flair and 780

  19. Can we see the prizes they have ? We want to know what you are saving the tickets for

  20. I love that monopoly game you played, I’ve played it before, it’s SO awesome.

  21. How are you not sponsored by Mt.Dew yet?

  22. You better stop drinking to dew diabetes, brother

  23. I love how each coupon is worth "2 tickets" and both you and your brothers guesses were "Odd Numbers" lol

  24. This is a ThyssenKrupp Sigma Elevator
    That is a fact

    This is an elevator created in 2000-2005.

  25. If you come to Dave and Busters in Springdale Ohio I can meet up with you and we do a feature video

  26. Speed running tickets to win the entire arcade be like:

  27. 11:07 THEY SET IT TO $134 PER TICKET? Garbage. You would have gotten 122 tickets at my Dave and Buster’s for that score. You were robbed Erik.

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