The Punisher Arcade Game (co-op) part 1 -

The Punisher Arcade Game (co-op) part 1

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Level 1 and level 2


  1. The guy Punisher and Fury are trying to nail in this video Bruno Costa is the hitman responsible for killing Frank's family.

  2. Man, I'm searching the punisher version with a different BGM. Do you know? I played this version in an arcade in my childhood. This we all know, has not the songs That I played. The songs of all levels are totally different from Those We all know. They Were much better with more suspense. Maybe it's an unofficial version, because the world, Japan and U.S. versions Have The Same music. I really wanted to find this version. Could you help me?

  3. Thank ypu so much for posting this. This really takes me back to the arcade days!

  4. Thank you so much for posting this. This really takes me back to the arcade days!

  5. Why is Nick Fury black in the movies? Makes no sense to me. Oh wait, that's right. J3//ISH directors.

  6. @StrikeEagel007 He is black because in the Ultimate Universe he is black. And he looks like Samuel Jackson.

  7. @StrikeEagel007 There's nothing wrong about being black if he is black in the Ultiverse :S
    I wouldn't like if they made Black Panther white in the movies, but if he was in the Ultiverse, then I could at least understand, because it's still Marvel… but it wouldn't make much sense because he is african 😛

  8. I love how nick fury's lines almost always preempt punisher murdering some punk. He objects to the punishers actions beforehand, but doesn't bat an eye after he kills em

    Also, i'm not a big fan of black nick fury, nothing race related, I just like the white stripe on his hair, but I hope they expand on Samuel L Jackson's fury to make him old as dirt, but still kicking ass, like the non-ultimate version (not a fan of many things in ultimate universe so far…)

  9. I saw in a movie show, that designers wanted Nick Fury to be a cool guy.

    So in the sixties some dude at Marvel thought the coolest guy was Dean Martin, and that's why he had that look.
    But at the time of that alternate Marvel universe in 2000 some dude at Marvel thought the coolest guy of the present was Sam Jackson and that's why he got that look.

    This was their first game commisioned to Capcom.
    Way better than X-Men by Konami and Avengers by Data East, no wonder why Marvel stood with them.

  10. one of those games that doesn't seem quite as cool when you're revisiting it imo XD it's very Streets of Ragey but not quite as good.

  11. You what's funny? You're telling me to not get offended by somebody else's commentary, then you're replying to my comment because of the same reason… You said "who cares if you're offended…" but it looks like you cared enough to reply, right? Where's your logic now…

  12. Nothing strikes fear into the hearts of men than a grown man in tights holding a potted plant over his head.


  13. is there any place where you could still place this game?

  14. You mean "play"? If that's the case, you should try the MAME emulator

  15. Does anyone have the link to download this from Google play

  16. It's badass that Nick Fury is still chomping on a lit cigar the entire fight.

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