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The Nintendo Wii – Game Sack

Game Sack
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Episode 338 – It’s time for me to take my first dedicated look at Nintendo’s Wii, a console which sold over a million units! Wow!

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0:00 – Sol Cresta
0:55 – Game Sack – The Nintendo Wi

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  1. i waited in line at best buy with my brother on black friday when wii was released…i was on 3x 110ug LSD

  2. I fucking love this. You are increasing becoming my favorite channel. So hard to get quality coverage for vintage stuff like this and you’re still nailing the stop motion intros. Very few people will appreciate how much effort it takes to put into a video like this. I run a very, very small Youtube channel and I know how many hours it takes to film, edit, script and voice this stuff. Keep it up man.

  3. Some Wii games no one ever talks about but are worth checking out are Deadly Creatures, Tatsunoko vs Capcom, and Wario Land Shake It!. But overall, I preferred both the Gamecube and WiiU libraries over the Wii.

  4. Great video! I soft modded my Wii. Doing that adds another level of uniqueness to the console.

  5. Nice. Wii was not so bad, not all waggle gaming .
    NeoGeo, Arcades and PCEngine were Virtual Console highlights for me too ✌️ 🤠

  6. I work at a retirement home and in the leisure room there's a Wii which the residents play Wii bowling on nearly every day. one resident Michelle will come down to the kitchen and tell me how many games he wins. sometimes 50% rarely 100% but he nearly always wins 3 out of 4 games.
    My wife and I bought a Wii ONE MONTH before the Wii's online abilities were discontinued, that was a bit of a disappointment. we also enjoy Wii golf but enjoy bowling much more. i did go out of my way and bought Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess, I usually only play if i can't sleep and though I've slept great in recent months i have only unlocked half the map, still lots to go. I was planning to mod it for emulation play but i do this with to many devices as it is.

  7. I was skeptical about the motion controls at first but quickly adapted to them with most of the games that took advantage of them. The Wii sports pack in helped with that and the two Mario Galaxy games utilized the motion controls so well it felt fluid & natural. Wii was my secondary console to my 360. Funny thing is the Wii is still hooked up and played to this day while the 360 relinquished it’s use to the Xbox SX.

  8. The dark filter in virtual console games was due by paranoid fears in nintendo about epilepsy. Nowdays

  9. 🤣 @ the skit at the end. Pretty much how I took the whole gimmick at the time

  10. I hated playing Resident Evil 4 on other systems. The Wii’s version made it fun and easier.

  11. Give me your sack… of games that is.. sweetie pie


  13. I have a Nintendo Wii since 2006.
    I Won this console in a contest for the XV Anniversary of Club Nintendo Magazine!
    The console still works in 2022!!

  14. For Wii sports boxing, very short, jerky motions are best. Just flick the remote and bring it back to neutral real fast.

  15. My unpopular opinion is that yes while "waggle" certainly was annoying, I wish Nintendo would have kept pushing motion and other interactive controls. I think 15 years on they could have really had something in terms of interactivity other than joycons with worse motion and "HD" rumble.

  16. Mario Kart Wii has very weird physics, wich makes it like the Melee and Super Mario World of the Mario Kart franchise, the community for that game is great! People could argue that Mario Kart 64 is the one, it also has a great community, but the game its TOO BROKEN.

    Donkey Kong Country Returns its pretty great, i was shocked to hear that the graphics aren't very important, or that blowing doesn't unlock secrets, whatever. Its a good game but i understand, hard to go back after Tropical Freeze.

    I also suffer with first person games and apart from that, i'm also very bad at shooters, just with Splatoon is when i got into it.

    Cruis'n is a game i know, i almost bought it and somehow you made me want to buy it less.

    Lastly, i think that you made a mistake but i forgot, it shouldn't matter, but it almost detracted me from watching the rest of the video, but i kept on and just forgot.

  17. Castlevania rebirth is so good, wish they crank out more like that and dump them on digital store fronts

  18. Hey, Game Sack! You should definitely do a part 2 of the Wii. I have my own suggestions of Wii games you should mention in part 2.

    Suggested Wii Games:
    Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (2007)
    Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games
    Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games
    Super Smash Bros. Brawl
    Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars
    Mario Party 8
    Mario Party 9
    Wario Ware: Smooth Moves
    Rhythm Heaven
    Metroid: Other M
    One Piece: Unlimited Adventure
    Dragon Ball: Revenge of King Piccolo
    Sonic and the Secret Rings
    Sonic and the Black Knight
    Sonic Unleashed (Dimps)
    Sonic Colors

  19. "Nintendo could package feces in a box and you'd buy it"

    How can you say something so controversial yet so brave (and true)

  20. the switch ha already passed the wii in sales 😀

  21. ⚫️ WAIT

    ⚫️ Was that a legitimate sponsored ad In the beginning?!?!?

    ⚫️ WTF MAN … That was LITERALLY AMAZING !!

    ⚫️ Unless I am missing something, that is the best sponsored ad I have ever seen in my life !!!

  22. fucking wii mote pos. It did make some new lightgun games like Links Crossbow training so I am grateful for that.

  23. Glad I'm not the only one who had a hard time with that boss in Monkey Ball HD.

  24. Love this channel. Always highlighting, not unusual games, but not the same regurgitated lists of games from systems. Less than 10 minutes in and I’m now thinking…wait Sin and Punishment has a Wii sequel! (In my defence, I have only ever played the original Sin & Punishment on my Wii U on the virtual console). I am now frantically looking for a copy of S&D.

  25. "I really can't recommend this one enough" is Joe's catchphrase.

  26. The motion controls would have been fine if only they did Wii motion plus first. It’s a big difference and part of the reason the Wii U failed because everyone assumed the original motion controls were carried over,

  27. The console that introduced how amazing gaming was to me.. Soon after i got my wii, i got a ds, gameboy and mega drive!

  28. Wii was cool, but most games should of been designed for both motion control and controller if it made sense

  29. I hate motion controls … Good ole Nintendo hasn't gotten a controller right since SNES lol

  30. Can you even get the Castlevania games still?

  31. Great video! It brought me back to those Wii days when I loved that console, especially first few years.

  32. Now is a great time to buy Wii software? Because it is not sold in stores anymore and therefore became rare and riducously expensive?

  33. I hated the Wii. It killed my love for Nintendo until I got a 3DS in 2015

  34. I love my Wii just for it's quirky weirdness!
    I like weird games, that is why I still stick to Amiga and ZX Spectrum. Wii is just as insane, but more polished.

  35. My man really said that Mario kart wii music doesn't stand out

  36. Nintendo = zelda. After playing through twilight princess I sold my wii for an Xbox 360.
    Mario galaxy was a terrible game. My 0.02$
    I do own both the wii and wii u today, but they sit on the shelf collecting dust.

  37. The Wii will always have a place in my gamer heart. I've mainly stuck towards FPS games through my life, and some of my favorite memories are playing Conduit 2 for countless hours with my friends online. Everyone I know thinks I'm crazy, but I still vastly prefer Wii motion aiming over twin sticks.

    Not only that, but the small communites from Wii FPS games were very tight knit and awesome. We almost all knew each other, some still keep in touch with each other even today in discords. It actually felt like a welcoming community, it was something special. Thank you Wii, you may have been the joke of many school playgrounds, but you were different and unique.

  38. Yay let's make games go up in price for a YouTube video. 😀

  39. You should mention Castlevania Judgment, Kirby’s Dream Collection, Manhunt 2, Endless Ocean 1 & 2.

  40. Wtf menudo???? Is amazing that Joe khows this group because Is spanish group for the 80's, i kinda curios how Joe khows this group
    Btw great video Joe greetings from Mexico

  41. Which games should I cover when I get around to doing Wii part 2?

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