The Lost World: Jurassic Park arcade - All Bosses -

The Lost World: Jurassic Park arcade – All Bosses

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All bosses from The Lost World: Jurassic Park arcade. Enjoy!

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0:00 – T.Rex Female
1:31 – Deinosuchus
3:55 – Carnotaurus
6:53 – T.Rex Female
8:56 – T.Rex Male


  1. The way the Carnotaurus just stands there with it's mouth open makes it look like it has a toothache and is expecting you to shoot out it's bad tooth like a gun toting dentist.

  2. Why was the deinosuchus making Mosasaurus and T. rex sounds

  3. Man i love how they added the chameleon carnor loved that part in the book

  4. I remember this game on times when i have been child and this game have been presented like Jurassic park Coin Machine Jeep you just sit on seat and enjoy Playing game 😀

  5. Even tho deinosuchus just look like a overgrown nile crocodile i still wish it was in the film since the deinosuchus was my fav reptile

  6. The deinosuchus sounds like a trex

  7. Man deinosuchus took the roar of trex😂

  8. Deinoshouchus's voice is just Given me Creeps

  9. Boss 1 doe boss 2 deinosuchus boss 3 carnotaurus griin boss 4 segund doe encuent boss final buck

  10. The female t-rex name is duo and the male t-rex name was buck

  11. I love how genuinely creative the boss fights were. Typically you would save the T-Rex for last, but it's actually the 1st boss you face. Then you fight Deinosuchus which, while unexpected, fits right into the universe and is absolutely terrifying. Then you get to the Carnotaurus and it's… weird. The first time you see it charging towards you, your brain has merely seconds to process that it can *turn invisible*. Not only that, but it looks and sounds unlike any other dinosaur you've ever seen. It's such a surprising example of artistic risk in a video game adaptation that the Carnotaurus encounter has stuck with me for years as one of my favorite video game moments. I was even more delighted to find out that it was paying homage to the novel. It always made me wonder if there was an early version of the film with the Carnotaurus scenes intact…

  12. このカルノタウルス色々可笑しい。これカメレオンの遺伝子組み込んだハイブリッド恐竜だろう😓

  13. Somehow the carnotaurus boss music got me jammin'

  14. There's always something I felt was off about the deinosuchus. It sounds like a human saying nooooooo.

  15. The T-Rexs are the thoughtest ones to take down because they are the kings and queens.

  16. そんな前からジュラシックシリーズにカルノタウルスおったんや

  17. It's strange how a Carnotaurus Can camouflage, but his eyes are chameleon like.

  18. Hemlo me is carnotaurus feed me boolets plis

  19. I love how the dienosuches gets a comeback as a boss while the camo carnotaures comes back as his counter part on the book

  20. I see carnotrus in Jurassic world fallen kingdom and now it not lost world!?😮

  21. This game deserves to come to PC and console. Start a petition.

  22. Forgot about this gem from my childhood. Loved this and the JP3 arcade shooter too.

  23. I wish the Deinosuchus scene was in a movie

  24. I think what I loved most about this game was the sound design and the surround sound of the booths. It made the bosses SO much more intimidating when you could hear them all around you.

  25. The trex realizing im on pc and thus have infinite credits 👁️👄👁️

  26. I love Jurassic Park the arcade 2015 but this arcade was the goat why cuz other Jurassic World games never introduced the Deinosuchus and the camouflaging Carnotaurus 10/10

  27. И чего тут смотреть?

  28. Why does the carnotaurus have eyes of a chameleon

  29. Fun fact the carnotarus in the arcade is based on the book that’s meant for 15+😮

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