The Lost World: Jurassic Park arcade 2 player 60fps -

The Lost World: Jurassic Park arcade 2 player 60fps

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Best viewed in 60 fps. I’m player 1 and Mark is player 2.


  1. A bit late but a a long time ago there was supposed to be a game console version that the creators of this game made. It was supposed to include a Different ending instead with the Bull being defeated in the worker village you would go to San Diego to battle it like the Arcade version.

  2. Wow ! i Love how This Legendary Nostalgic Game Looks Amazing Running on 60Fps !
    Loved This Game Back when Me and My Dad Used to Play This Game Many Times at
    “Dave and Busters” before 2017 Appeared and sadly later got replaced by the
    Raw-Thrils jurassic Park Arcade !
    Miss Those Times…

  3. Basically house of the dead with dinosaurs which is far from a bad thing

  4. Wait I think I hear something
    What sound did you hear

  5. I think those chameleon carnataurs were based on the novel.

  6. I call that game called “Dumbo the Dinosaur”

  7. Ya'll remember the giant bug version and the underwater shark arcade version of these games? Never remembered the name of either of those..

  8. i know its been a while but is there anyway you could let me know what platform you are using and how you set this up?

  9. Anyone remembered the Special version? I remembered playing that a bunch of time at the arcades back in 1998. The experience was amazing! House of The Dead 4 Special was great but nothing compares to JP: The Lost World’s Special.

  10. Baby T. rex as Dumbo
    Female T. rex as Mrs Jumbo
    Male T. rex as Matriarch Elephant

  11. The Lost World: Jurassic Park arcade 2 player 60fps

  12. When 1 play cost a quarter. Now its like $1.50 or $1.75 a play.

  13. me and my brother always played this in the arcade when I was little brings so much nostalgia to me

  14. Doe is like Ayy whats up we're doin T-rex things

  15. Awsome Game ! There is A Rom or Emulator for this Game ! Or Just in Arcade Only ???

  16. “I don’t think I’ll be able to look at a croc skin bag the same way again.”

  17. I always loved how with the deinosucuhus fight you can see it under the water but you can't shoot it.

  18. The T-Rex: Nature's coolest creation.

  19. The graphics of this game look like Nintendo 64 graphics, but always being able to run in a smooth 60fps.

  20. Bro the shooting sounds like from the house of the dead 2

  21. The only thing more terrifying about this game than the dinos was the human characters' voice acting. 🤣

  22. Lol you shoot the sauropod in the asshole while it's taking a shit? Very classy, Sega lol

  23. Wish they would shot on the dinos in the movies like this. Just shoot them dinos down, grill them and have a nice barbecue instead of runnibg and dying. What times to be alive in.

  24. 1:45 I like how that "Help" sounds more like he's annoyed rather than in sheer terror as his face gets ripped off

  25. The voice acting in this game is as bad as in the house of the dead 2.

  26. It’s kinda scary how Strong buck is Represented in this game

  27. I’m surprised you don’t have the Jurassic Park III arcade game.

  28. These arcade games were the best JP1-3, house of the dead, time crisis, area 51, i can’t remember the other first person shooting game but man so much memories 😭

  29. Has anyone completed the arcade game Jurassic Park 2 The Lost World with no damage and a perfect score? If so please show me the video. If not then that’s bad luck.


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