The Lost World: Jurassic Park ARCADE (1997) -

The Lost World: Jurassic Park ARCADE (1997)

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This is a subtitled playthrough of The Lost World: Jurassic Park ARCADE. Various facts and trivia about the game will be displayed alongside the gameplay.

*Video Note*
At 39:37, the screen says “Presented by SEGA Enterprise” or something similar, in localized english versions. – Credit to GamingLive HD for this extra information.

—– Things to check out —–

Lost World: Special Edition cabinet –

Lost World: Standing cabinet –

Arcade Flyer –

GameWorks Flyer
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– Back:

4 page interview with the game’s Director

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7 page Game Guide

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  1. Are you sure that was a second deinosuchus? It could’ve been the same one trying to retaliate because it died way too quickly when it appeared on the dock.

  2. It’s a crime that this game never got a home release. There’s going to be generations that grow up without the chance to play as a result

  3. When you fail to stop the raptor call
    But she has "called her mate" – player 1
    and you proceed to get jumped by her harem😂

  4. This sure was an amazing game for it's time! Bummer that it never got a console release at all. I know a Dreamcast port was planned, but sadly ended up being cancelled, probably at least mostly due to the system's short (but also sweet) lifespan. Good thing I can now play it at home on my Arcade One system, even if I unfortunately can't play it with two players, due to both of them sharing the same fire button. That of which makes it virtually unplayable with two people that way unfortunately.

  5. This takes me back. This game was insanely popular at the arcade. I never saw it unmanned at the arcades.

  6. 7:17 In the 1st book John Hammond dies from a pack of Compsognathus! One of the many changes that was done probably because they wanted to do it with Lost World instead. 😮 Then again, the river boat scene in Lost World was moved to Jurassic Park 3.

  7. 8:33 That was explained in the book as well; since they used bullfrog DNA 🧬 to complete the sequence for T-Rex, it's vision too became based on movement. 🙂

  8. I had the greatest times with my dad and this game

  9. How good is the voice acting though haha

  10. Why in hell did this game never get ported to like the dreamcsast or another home console.

  11. It looks like I see a bunch of glitches in the game but pretty much his game is like a year old right

  12. 31:30 that factoid scares me dude…aside from the big brain they may have resorted to cannibalism…..i never thought it would be possible for them to do that. but i can see it. god i still love this arcade game as much as i did the house of the dead 2

  13. If they could rework this somehow to be a Quest 2 game that could actually be cool. I was 4 years old when this game came out, but started with a N64, so these graphics as pretty great for the time!

  14. Played the hell out of this game single player .. (there is reason why.. will say later..)… in an arcade in Singapore (back in 1995+).. a couple of points to note..
    1) You get high scores, don't waste ammo on normal 'hit" .. go for snipe shots.. quick shots.. etc… once u get to 50 + shots in a row.. your score will really jump.. (imagine 1 shot 5k or higher).
    2) The combo shots can cross stages… the best one was during the chameleon dino to the next stage.. where u try to save the guy … I let them jump to me.. then i hit them.. easier that way (don't want to hit the guy by accident)
    3) The raptor that jumps on the chandelier… there are actually 3 actions that can happen…
    a) You miss 1 or more of the glass pieces.. (fail)
    b) You hit all the glass pieces… (success)
    c ) This one was a total fluke by another kid i witness.. he was just spray hitting left & right.. and by sheer chance, he hit the raptor BEFORE the raptor landed on the chandelier (he got 10000 points for that lucky shot) … So no glass pieces fell. (I was like.. for real?!?!?!.. i played that game for like 5 years in the arcade.. never thought of that… but didn't want to ruin my combo streak.. so rather go for the 4 pieces of glass that fall)

  15. In Co-Op Mode, does the "x9" thing (on both P1 and P2) mean lives (like you get "9 TOTAL LIVES")? (NOTE: I mean "The 'x9' near the white rectangle with the red cross in the middle of it.) Plus, how many lives can you hold at a time? I think it is ten.

  16. ARWEI0? You left out a fact about the Velociraptor, you know. Velociraptor means "Swift Plunderer".

  17. I remember when I played through the whole game with my Dad at an arcade, once. I don’t remember where or when it happened, but I remember wanting the game at home, not realizing arcade games can’t really be brought home. I also must thank the game for being my introduction to Jurassic Park, as a whole.

  18. Bro, we need this game to come to home consoles! House of the Dead and Ghost Squad have them. We need this one and Savage Quest for sure

  19. this game is alot better than the current jp arcade that you found in Dave and busters.

  20. Hello ! a Man Speaking From Texas.
    Thank You So Much "ARWEI0" for Uploading This…
    i Remember When i was a Child Me and my Dad Used To Play This Game So Much At a "Dave and Busters" – Location Long Time Ago. and beaten The Game So Many Times ! but Now the Game is Sadly Gone and was Replaced by the Now Famous
    "Jurassic Park Arcade 2015" that Arcade was Really Decent, Fun, and intense ! but Honenstly Will at Times never Hold a Candle to This Classic Nostalgic MasterPiece ! 😍
    However After it was Gone We Did Find Another Copy Of the Game and Played and Beaten it again at a
    "Main Event Arcade" in 2017
    if im Positive. but Unfortunately Sadly it later broke with our Guns not Working and The People working there had to take the Arcade out… 😢

    i will Always Love And Remember This Arcade Gem From my Childhood ! 🙂

  21. This video is educational and entertaining! I'll have to go back to some parts of the video and read more of the information about these animals. Dilophosaurus, in real life, did not have retractable frills or blinding venom. They had sharp claws for tearing prey apart. Since one of the tyrannosaurus was a female, it was a tyrannosaurus regina, which means "tyrant lizard queen". I didn't know the sauropods in the game were mamenchisaurus and I've never heard of Geosternbergia. I didn't encounter them in the game. By the way, I played this game by myself and with a friend! We failed at cracking the code and I failed at rescuing the triceratops. That game was awesome! I liked the music in it. Also, I shared this video with someone. Thank you for the video!

  22. めちゃくちゃ懐かしい

  23. It’s weird how the boss in this game is basically what they came up with for Jurassic World.

  24. Mister Plinkett uses the scream sound effect from this game! Unexpected Easter egg!

  25. Neither jwe2 will have a chance against this impressive classic game that drives away fanaticism and brings back great memories.

  26. I really hope that one day we could get this game on consoles that would be sweet!

  27. Let me tell you how I really enjoyed how you played it. Not only about data from dinos and in-game details, but also the way you show what happen if… I played this so many times with my mom in the Arcade when i was a child and this bring me a lot of memories from those days. I will check your other videos!

  28. Man! This and The house of the dead 2 were the kings of light gun arcades.

  29. How do you get a Crosshair and 9health and the survivors giving you power up or weapons or whatever they were giving you? I’ve been to an arcade and played this and you only got 3Health no crosshair and the survivors you helped only gave me extra health

  30. John Wick would be proud of your aiming skills

  31. How did I know that shooting the poop would be the most replayed part? XD

  32. Pacys were mi favourite starting dino in the Operation Genesis game

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