The History of Undercover Cops アンダーカバーコップス Arcade documentary -

The History of Undercover Cops アンダーカバーコップス Arcade documentary

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The history of the fantastic three player brawler from IREM

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  1. This might be a challenge, but please make a video of the Nemo arcade.

  2. Irem was without a doubt, the "hidden gem" of video game developers, as they've had some of gaming's best titles over the years. Sadly, they never became a household name like Capcom, Konami or some of the bigger name developers/publishers of the 16/32 bit eras. But I would argue they had just as many good games as some others did, which is a real shame. But as gaming has become more popular over the years, and more fans have begin to learn more about gaming and its history, as well as channels like PatmanQC they are becoming more well known.

    I was lucky enough to have a Super Famicom/SNES back up unit in the early 90's and a good friend with internet so I was able to play Undercover Cops long before I ever knew it was an arcade game. I thought it was a made for home release for the longest time, but I always thought it was a great beat em up in its own right. Then years later I think I saw in through Mame and was like holy crap, this was an arcade title? Another great video Patman, as per the norm, keep em coming.

  3. I was only able to play that game a few times, which is unfortunate it was awesome😮‍💨

  4. I almost forgot about this gem! Irem was always great for putting out top tier games even though they were not a very prominent dev compared to the likes of Capcom, Konami, Bally/Midway, Namco etc. They usually had 1 or 2 iconic games per arcade generation and you've pointed out the best already. I was addicted to Red Alert as a 10 year old myself, and was terrified of the MIRV, I don't think I ever once saved a city from being nuked once this came down. R-type is still my favourite side-scrolling shooter of all time. Fighting the battleship NEVER gets old.
    UC itself didn't get much love over here in the arcade form, but it's been a MAME standby ever since it's ROMs were dumped. Great choice as usual!

  5. I got to play this game on my emulator and beat the game. It was super fun. I even got to play the SNES port which was a decent conversion of the game

  6. I remember Woodbridge and Willowbrook malls had this. This game is challenging and fun. The multiple endings added to the replay value. When I set up MAME , this was one title a made sure to include.

  7. Yo Patman! What happened to the "my wife…" jokes that once garnished your videos?

  8. "Flame" (who is no relation to Blaze from SOR games) has a jumping cunny/fanny in face attack…

    I would like to see her try it in real life.
    Preferably nude.

  9. This is my favorite beat up aside from Double Dragon and Final Fight. It has such an interesting design to it, I just love the ambiance.

    I remember seeing this title for the first time during a school trip and being amazed. I subsequently couldn't find any mention of it again for almost two decades! Obscurity aside, they had the cabinet title listed as 'Legionnaries', not Undercover Cops for some reason. Maybe they reused the set up from something else, I don't know, but I felt like I had been in a Mandela Effect until YT videos like this one clarified the title for me.

  10. It's like streets of rage and metal slug had a love child

  11. You have to do Violent Storm at some point.

  12. Good point, Patman, that these cops are hardly undercover as they beat everything up onscreen! A fun game with unique visuals and combat. Lifting the pillars and objects is nice. Some similarities with Streets of Rage 2. Great review of this classic Irem game. Irem also made Squoon I think. Thanks Patman!

  13. "Fatso"?! How dare you! I'll let you know that I have a gland problem!

    Oh, you meant the boss character. Never mind..😳😜😂🤪😂

  14. Love it when you show us an arcade game I've never heard of. Reminds me of being in the arcade and seeing a brand new game.

  15. lol That jumping butt attack is straight out of Women's Joshi Wrestling

  16. Yeah, this game is synonymous of "underrated", it deserves much more attention that it initially got. So much respect for Irem!

  17. Great video! You should do a documentary about the Data East hidden gem: Night Slashers! 😄

  18. Irem is what konami is today.
    Pachinko machines.😂

  19. Never played it maybe it's on mame.

  20. Game companies always sexualized
    Their female fighters in beat em ups.
    Look at blaze from streets of rage.

  21. So the heroes were cannibals as well?😂
    Eating live pigs and roosters like WTF?

  22. The butt attack is also in other games
    As well.
    Soul Calibur etc.
    Mostly used by female ninjas.

  23. I never expect a "laugh out loud" moment and yet you deliver one in almost every video. Thank you!😅

  24. Even as a single dad of 4, beat em ups are constantly played in this household.

  25. Another wicked awesome review of an undercover gem of a beat em up!

  26. Undercover Cops looks killer for me to play. 😀👍🎮

  27. The police truck taking Crayborn away at the end. Reminds me of something. 6 wheeled vehicle, can jump, also by Irem…

  28. Patman you are an absolute treasure. Thank you for everything you do for us.

  29. PatmanQC kinda quote

    "The graphics in this game are exceptional and well done by luminaries in the video game industry and by the way my wife is a cum dumpster…."

  30. Love the deep dive into games. This one stood out for me for it's art style and sexiness including the Fatso who lures you in with bawling her eyes out, then attacks. Fun, though a bit clunkier to control compared to more popular beat-em-ups imo.

  31. I definitely played this in MAME format and loved it! I also was a huge fan of Rosa, but that's mainly from being a fan of female characters in games, like Blaze in Streets of Rage.

  32. Never even seen this one. Great video as always.

  33. I love this game, there arent enough videos about it.

  34. Great video on an underrated game!

    12:40 So that's the fate of the protagonist of Kung-Fu Master…

  35. Top game! I wish the Rosa sprite looked more like the artwork. Keep up the great work PatmanQC!

  36. LMAO 18:59 – A real life SJW from the year 2043, and it looks like they'll still be doing the "Trump won" scream on their knees HAHAHA

  37. it's called "The Bump" not "bahn poo" it's a basic disco dance move. Learn to read, please. It's Rosa Fermond and she does The Bump.

  38. 9:50 sounds awfully a lot like Streets
    of rage first stage.

  39. 11:03 like how they made it look
    Like the bad guy's try to graffiti
    Over cops.😂

  40. This was ok but Final Fight was more popular in Australia

  41. For someone who planned to nuke a city, surely the doctor should get more than jail time…

  42. Before Undercover Cops Irem released Blade Master – nice Golden Axe clone. Check it. 😊

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