The History of Spy Hunter - Arcade documentary -

The History of Spy Hunter – Arcade documentary

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The history of the classic driving/shooting game
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  1. I used to play spy hunter on Commodore 64with a Sega genesis controller the earlier modules worked on it kind of want to play times of lore as well again an hour and a half for fast load of that game on the c64 give open world game without much there on the first 3 4 maps

  2. I was 11 years old when I first played this game in 1984. The place was called the green carpet. It was in Westmoreland Street in Dublin City centre. It was the only arcade that had it. The place is actually still there, but it's full of poker machines and slot machines. No arcade games. Consoles ruined the arcades.

  3. Walmart had the stand up one when I was a kid, I was pretty bad at it but I had fun playing it.

  4. I honestly think its super cool to get video game history from fans who actually lived it! I'm too young to remember the early 80s, so I look up to fans like you❤

  5. My friend growing up had a stand up cabinet in his home.

  6. I remember playing this game at pizza parlors or laundry mats when I was a kid in the early 80s. And of coarse Chucky Cheeses Pizza Time Theater. I never was able to advance very far into the game. Drats!!!

  7. I'd always get a bit cheesed off when operators would set the high shift to super fast, two of my local theatres were notorious for setting all their game dips and bios on the hardest difficulty be it SH to Gauntlet or a pinball machine. Majority of places I encountered SH they had the shift to a pretty decent level. It was just insane attempting to drive at full speed on some cabs, it was suicide.

  8. They had the stand up arcade version at my theater when I was younger. Kids would be lined up to play before, intermission and end of the movies.

  9. Thanks to this game, I remember the Peter Gunn theme more than I do the show it came from. (Finally saw it… seems so-so compared to later detective TV shows.) It blew my mind when I learned the song was written by Henry "Pink Panther" Mancini!

  10. Good to see the ZX Spectrum got a decent port. You forgot to mention there was a sequel to the 3D update featuring The Rock. That was sequel was supposed to be the basis for a live action movie that never happened.

  11. I had the 2001 version as a kid @ time but my slim PS2 died not too long after I have another 01 Spyhunter game now

  12. I saw this while shopping with my dad (RIP) at a Shop Rite! The hi-rez graphics really made it a new experience over other arcade racers. Spy Hunter is the earliest hi-rez arcade game of which I know.

  13. My absolute favorite arcade game as a teenager, with Rampage a very close 2nd.

  14. The first place I ever heard the Peter Gunn theme!

  15. I am surprised that this game series came on the Nintendo Game Boy and Nintendo Game Boy Advance series. Thank you for this amazing video look back.

  16. Did you know there is a spy hunter pinball

  17. Yeah I play that game a lot when I was a kid in the arcade. Man I miss the arcade. And I miss the '80s. Oh and thank you for making me feel old.

  18. One of the coolest console games. The special upgrades and turning into a boat. Game play was not great. It was just a cool challenge that you wanted to experience and use the weapons.

  19. I highly recommend watching Teen Titans Go. Cyborg turns himself into the Spy Hunter game.

  20. "No music, but there is rudimentary machine gun sounds.".

    Haha, that's rich. Made my day with that one.

    Your a trip. Keep it up man!!

  21. I was never very good at this game ad never made it to the boat, although I may have gone the other way on the bridge. Thanks for sharing.

  22. I enjoyed the option to go off road and change into a boat and fight on a river. Very cool. Fun game.

  23. The best version is Super Spy Hunter (1991) on the NES. Given it’s not technically Spy Hunter more so the Mario Bros 2 of the franchise but the rights was purchased by Sunsoft and they turned it into Super Spy Hunter. The game is AMAZING!

  24. I used to play this at a bowling alley in the 1980s and man, the manager must have loved that music because he would crank up the volume. Deep in the game, when you're playing well, the organ would start to rock out with kick ass riffs! Good times!!

  25. You forgot about Super Spyhunter on the NES. The car had a myriad of upgrades and transformations for different terrains. It even turned into a plane.


  27. Great documentary! Very informative, entertaining, and engaging!

  28. 8:52 Actually, no. I played the Apple II version when I was a kid, and the boat portions of the game were, indeed, included.

  29. God, I remember being so excited to get a bootleg copy on the Commodore 64

  30. I love Spy Hunter! Thanks for this fun video.

  31. This game was sooooo hard! Love the episode!

  32. I just remembered the oil slick out the back 🙂

  33. Here in 2023 WE NEED A NEW SPYHUNTER!!!!!

  34. Yeah to Dolph L never did a spy hunter flic. Strike while the oven is hot. Well, do your job, then strike. Is it pan, or oven? Or do I strike a frying pan, and risk serious breaded chicken buuuuurn!!!🎉

  35. I wish someone would make a fan fiction video to inform us where they were going and what happened at the end of the trip. Where was the car going and what was the resolution?

  36. You didn't mention super spy hunter from nes

  37. I think in the nes version the interceptor is supposed to be the bb cw 311 or it’s production version the Inders Imperator and the light blue civilian car looks like an alpine a110 to me tell me if you think otherwise

  38. Take a shot of vodka every time he says Peter Gun theme, lol

  39. I used to play this for hours. Last phase was going into a arena to free hostages guarded by a huge robot. Never made it. Got me everytime.

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