The History of Sega's Time Traveler - The world's first holographic arcade game arcade documentary -

The History of Sega’s Time Traveler – The world’s first holographic arcade game arcade documentary

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The history of the innovative holographic arcade game
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  1. Thanks for this great in-depth video on a very unique game. It was fun to play. I would have watched it sooner but was traveling back in time from the future

  2. I remember this game in an arcade and I dont think I ever saw a single person ever play it.

  3. Time Traveler – The World’s first 3D holographic Video Game
    30th anniversary celebration on December 10, 2021
    At the Boulder Oaks Golf Club
    10333 Meadow Glen Way E
    Escondido, CA

    celebrate a once-in-a-lifetime event filled with excitement & hear
    stories told by those who created, performed and helped develop the
    world’s first 3D holographic video game.

    7:00 pm – 2:00 a.m.

    Live band performances by: 7 Seconds to Vegas and Jim Gibson
    Time to celebrate!

  4. Thanks for this, man. I dumped tons of quarters into this game and was amazed by it completely.

  5. I still have the special token they gave you to play this on the 1991 Sega World Tour.

  6. Wow, I've never heard of this before! I wonder what they could do these days with that concept?

  7. When I tell people (especially shortly after it came and went) about this existing and playing it, they usually dont believe me or think im exagerating on how sci-fi it was

  8. When I played this at bears arcade in Bellingham Washington I thought it sucks but this is the future I saw amazing potential sad it never happened

  9. Interesting, I never knew there was a fighting game addition. Perhaps if the game were released on the 3DS, the 3D effects could be a bit better.

  10. In 1991 I was working at an arcade in a small college town (College Station, Tx). This game didn't do very well, money-wise. I suppose the $1 per play price tag kept most of our college student clientele away from the game. But as Patman mentioned, Street Fighter 2 came out shortly afterwards and pretty much dominated the scene (and the quarters). So we moved Time Traveler to the back corner to die a slow death.

    Well done, Patman. These video game documentaries are an important part of our history! I'm happy you're doing them so future generations can see what us 'arcade kids' grew up with.

  11. When I first saw this as a kid I also reached in to touch the hologram. I also remember the sound sounded really good.

  12. Digital Leisure was cool. I don't know why more people don't talk about them or their old games anymore today. I'm gonna try to track down Time Traveler for PS2. I remember playing this in the arcade and this would be fun to play at home.

  13. I remember seeing this at the Space Needle in Gatlinburg TN. 8th grade. B.O.S. Crew represented in that town. We were just some skaters trying to find spot. Really though is was an incredible time. I saw the prototype of MK1 being tested and the fatalities were different inputs. And the also trifecta of gaming goodness was Street Fighter 2 on a monitor that made the characters larger than us…
    Went back 2 years later and the place was in shambles. 😥

  14. Played this at a Time Out arcade in Milford Mall in CT 👍👍

  15. I can't believe I never heard of this. Mandela effect?

  16. I have never met another person who remembered this game- my hometown arcade, Pocket Change, and it was a real draw when you saw it from a distance… though I never liked playing it.

  17. I remember seeing this in arcade and just being utterly fascinated There was always a line to just see it let alone play it

  18. no one ever talks about hologram fighter. it sucked, frankly it was worse than pitfighter

  19. That’s sega for you. Those dudes were big risk takers back in the day. Innovation money and motivation were those guys motto.

  20. Man, they were onto something, but why go with the Videodisc format? If I ever got ahold of one of these cabinetes I would mod it to play any game. It's pretty basic tech. The only part I can't replicate is the curved mirror. Not yet at least.

  21. Thankyou…I always look forward to your videos. You do such a good job with the footage and narration. I'm 47 now and you help me relive a piece of my childhood. Very comforting in the challenging times. I didn't anyone would ever review this and Guardians of the Hood. I could even remember the name of the later untill you reminded me lol

  22. "John Cena, only on steroids." So … John Cena.

  23. I remember when this came out serenity on TV never seen one in person

  24. This is what I mean about Sega not caring about their old IPs. If they had any sense they'd remaster this for VR. You'd have the characters fight right in front of you! 😊

  25. Loved this and the fighter one. Only got to play a month. Never in my life seen again…

  26. Great video. Wish I could try this arcade somewhere.

  27. Very cool. You are right, it's a must-see in person. My mind is still blown by how these holograms work. Why we still don't see holograms used in modern day? Wish the video went further into the hologram tech.

  28. LaserDisc pressed by Pioneer USA. The total running time of the disc is 28 minutes, which has the same content on both sides (common practice). The LaserDisc Database has 130 such game discs in it on LD, LD-ROM, LD-ROM2, and MEGA-LD. This was on a standard LD in CAV. I have 5 LD players, one of which is an industrial model that will play all those formats.

  29. i always wondered what this arcade seems like, being not emulable. thanks for all your passionating videos.

  30. At 14 definitely was trying to grab the time reversal cube lady… 😆

  31. If you like holograms you should check out a company called Technifex.The dutchman is really cool and they had one that scared all the children called pandoras box

  32. Awesome video. Very informative about a very unique game and cabinet.

  33. I like how you take your time when speaking.

  34. Free Play arcade in Dallas, Texas (Trinity Oaks location) has this gem! It was such a grand experience playing this classic!

  35. This game….sucked on ice!

    They had it at the mall in Aladdin’s Castle. It was up front and center right at the entrance. It looked cool and since we were teenagers and it was the 90’s we were always high on some sort of substance….so it was super trippy and cool……but……it cost a lot of our 90’s $$$’s to play. I never really played Dragons layer but the controls on this game were s….l……o….w. The game seemed to barely work and soon there you were…… put another dollar in to get killed again in less than a minute or save that dollar to play something cool like Asteroids. Tron, or, or anything really were you were given a fighting chance and could have fun.

    This game did look cool, but between the unfair gameplay, and money hungry buy in system the novelty soon wore off.

  36. I remeber this game, the 3D holographics were something else but the gameplay was ermm????? crap, the reaction on screen to your actions was slow, I think around this game and time was the first time I heard the word latency spoken, once you had played your £1 per game credit you didnt want to put any more cash in it especially as most of the games gave 6 credits for the same money

  37. You can't recreate the game play in it's original holographic form without the cabinet

  38. This and Stun Runner totally blew me away when I was a kid. I would watch the attract mode for 30 minutes after the quarters ran out it was just so cool.

  39. I remember playing this game when it first came out and I thought it was so cool when I first saw it but I wasn't very good at it lol

  40. Should have let Bakshi draw the game :/

  41. It is real! I remember seeing this and being in utter awe! I been telling people about it since I was a kid and nobody belived me!

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