The History of Sega's Super Scaler Arcade Games | Kim Justice -

The History of Sega’s Super Scaler Arcade Games | Kim Justice

Kim Justice
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Sega’s Super Scaler games are undoubtedly their greatest gift to the Arcades — who knows where we’d be without the likes of Space Harrier, OutRun and After Burner. All these games and more are covered here but they didn’t come from nothing — we’ll also look at some of the electro mechanical, discrete logic and other early titles that laid the groundwork for classic arcade video games.

Very Special Thanks to SegaRetro for their amazing arcade flyer scans and info!

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  1. "You couldn't hope to get anywhere even remotely close to arcade accuracy for any of the games in the home until the PS2 generation"
    The PC ports of most of these games came out around 1987-1989, so nobody was trying so they don't show much. But that said, the PS2 came out the PC could easily reproduce these games of the 1980's.

    People who didn't use PC's in the early 1990s have no clue how far ahead with 3D it was at the time, even before the 3Dfx Voodoo chips in 1996. These games are primitive compared to ones which used even just combinations of scaled sprites and textured polygons like Doom or Duke Nukem, and then there are games that were using fully Textured polygons like Quake.
    If you Europeans moved from the Amiga to consoles, you didn't see the 3D revolution happening in a useful fashion. For all of it's graphics power, the Amiga died before getting any hardware to help with 3D math, while the PC was more powerful and frequently had math coprocesssors.
    Heck, the PS2 wasn't even really the great 3D console of the generation. The Dreamcast from a year earlier was technically slower, it had anti-aliasing that made the graphics look far better. And the Xbox the next year also produce far better looking graphics.
    If there aren't arcade accurate ports of these specific Sega games, it's because the industry had moved on.

  2. What are these Hanon and Super Hanon games that are constantly being referred to? Do you mean Hang On and Super Hang On?

  3. How the hell have i never heard of those mechanical arcade games in my 41 years on earth. This was fascinating.

  4. I have to go to Japan. Espevially for G-LoC.

  5. This is a fascinating video – I didn't realise Sega arcade games went all the way back to the 1960s.

  6. NTSC videos… sheesh… Never Twice the Same Colour…

  7. The look at the electromechanical era was truly a neat watch – didn't really know much about 'em (partially because they're just not seen), and I learned a great deal about 'em.

    Monaco GP has a fond spot in my heart – probably because I played it in more recent years, thanks to encountering it a few times when I wasn't expecting it. I kind of wish it'd get another chance – there's a neat Saturn version in one of the Ages packs, but of course that requires one to have a Japanese Saturn 🙁

  8. Your passion for the games really comes through in this video. Great to hear, Kim!

  9. First time I played Sega games was on the Colecovision. There were quite a few of them made for it,Space Fury ,Zaxxon and Turbo were all really well done for the system. The Star Trek arcade was really impressive especially the sit down cab. Sega has always made good arcade games that are pretty fun and cool to see. Super Monaco GP was amazing for the time, it's a shame the Mega Drive version didn't look as good as the adds made it seem,even though it played great. Until the Sega Saturn nothing was able to touch Galaxy Force 2. Of course their 3D efforts were just as groundbreaking but I suppose that's another video entirely.

  10. Turbo had a fantastic conversion on Colecovision, with the steering wheel controller, it was one of a kind at that time…

  11. I can remember playing that hologram game had an arcade in my town called Putt Putt Mini Golf. I got into a debate with a friend over whether they even really existed or not, he did not believe the technology existed especially then. Though I knew it did because not only was there is a time traveler game there was also a western style game in a cabinet that was almost identical, according to the research that I ended up finding on the cabinets the reason they were took out was due to the radiation that they emitted ,it had nothing to do with economics.

  12. OH! Hang-On! I thought the board was called Hanon. I thought "Hanon" was Japanese for something lol Only realised it was named Hang-On around the 30mins 57s mark.

  13. Anyone got a link to that British Pathé 60's arcade video?

  14. Playing an R360 was indeed an experience – a short one! I was lucky enough to stumble across this in Blackpool in 1991. After queuing to play (!) the operator was ensuring that each player only played the `limited time' game were you scored as much as possible in 60 seconds (boo). That was my one and only minute with the machine… but I HAVE played it!

  15. Love these games, they are always so utterly "arcade like" to me. The graphics of Galaxy Force II are a sight to behold.

  16. My chopper changes altitude at least once a day, but it’s been a while since it’s done that and been straight into the action.

  17. Could that part on 5:33 be from one very old video from my channel? No problem if it is, just asking. I remember doing the videos on the ps2 die hard arcade since nobody else did it at the time.

  18. A meticulously well researched video and arguably one of your very best. As a kid, these arcade boards were enigmatic, arcane things that inspired awe and fired the imagination. Having them laid bare and demystified like this has been hugely educational and, of course fun.

  19. Great video again and a great nostalgia trip but the C64 conversion of Thunder Blade deserves some credit, it's a true feat of programming talent by the great Chris Butler.

  20. I've got to say this video was great at relating technology to game play, while doing a great job of demonstrating and rating the games. Great job Kim! No notes!

  21. I loved the Star Trek game in the arcade. It came housed in a huge captains chair with thrust and fire controls. Looked amazing, and really felt like you were in charge of the enterprise.

  22. Outrunners and Galaxy Force II are the best sprite scaling games ever made, and if you disagree you are wrong!

  23. Love G-LOC! I played the R360 version in Vegas at the Luxor casino's Sega arcade back in the mid to late 90's. Very fun stuff!

  24. You could say Periscope was so influential it even ended up as a game in the Crystal Maze many years later!

  25. When they run in a 3D perspective, those vector games achieve astonishing results for the time.

  26. I remember reading about Survivor in the coin op section of either CU Amiga or The One magazine back in the early 90s. Was waiting for it to appear in MAME for years, as I never saw it anywhere else. Anyway, enjoyable & education video Kim!

  27. Seconding the love for Super Hang-On, in both Arcade and Genesis. SHO is a fantastic game to speedrun especially in the beginner course, and we allow runs on emulator and on both Rev 00 and 01 (two diff versions on Genesis: rev 00 handles better but has uncapped frame rate so it speeds up slows down. Rev 01 has tighter handling but a same smoother frame rate closer to the arcade board), and I'd love to see any of you guys submit some times either as a one-off, or a 12 hr challenge, or to start your own personal adventure into the game! Head on over to and check it out.

  28. Wait a minute, what about Alien 3 from sega, that was an awesome and one of the best shooters since Operation Wolf?

  29. Outrun is definitely dreamy for sure. Love the Flicky banner in SMGP, such a cool touch that Sega, even then, were playing fan service.

  30. This was so dope and informative.

    Also, I've been subbed for years now (Kimble days) but i haven't seen your vids in a while, i come back and here you are at 60k subs!!

    Good on ya love. I'm glad you're getting the recognition your work deserves.

  31. Great stuff Kim, love to see you talk about the big dogs like Hang-On and Outrun.

  32. You can play a lot of bastardised versions of the early machines in the museum of Soviet arcade machines in Moscow.

  33. awesome video as always. Fond memories of arcade runs to Torquay years ago 🙂

  34. AB Cop is my all time favourite scaler game. Playing it on the cabinet was pure fun. Power Drift & Galaxy Force come close.

  35. Wow Kim, thanks so much for all this research!! Congratulations on the nice documentary, I loved it.

  36. I was literally just thinking the other day how much i missed your lovely accent and dry british humor and here you are talking about some of my favorite games <3

  37. Never stop making videos. Your content is genuinely quality. Don't burn out. =)

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