The History of Sega's Super Scaler Arcade Games | Kim Justice -

The History of Sega’s Super Scaler Arcade Games | Kim Justice

Kim Justice
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Sega’s Super Scaler games are undoubtedly their greatest gift to the Arcades — who knows where we’d be without the likes of Space Harrier, OutRun and After Burner. All these games and more are covered here but they didn’t come from nothing — we’ll also look at some of the electro mechanical, discrete logic and other early titles that laid the groundwork for classic arcade video games.

Very Special Thanks to SegaRetro for their amazing arcade flyer scans and info!

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  1. Really cool video, and really nice to just do this big run through so many amazing games…a decent number of these are in my top 20 arcade games ever. Tac Scan is my personal favorite vector game ever…from any publisher/producer, with Star Wars, Battlezone, and Tempest not far behind. Galaxy Force 2, Thunder Blade, Rail Chase, and Outrun are my personal favorites from the Super Scaler games. I was really fortunate to have an arcade near me about 17 years ago that had good condition examples of both arcade cab versions of Thunder Blade and a flawless Rail Chase machine (they also had some really cool and often rare arcade machines unrelated such as Pyros, Bonze Adventure, Avenging Spirit, Duramold Sinistar,In the Hunt, Crazy Balloon, and Thunder Jaws).

  2. I've often wondered why there aren't more modern superscaler fangames. I don't know anything about programming but there are so many retro fighters, platformers , metroidvanias etc. I for one would definitely welcome some new ones into my life. I think they could pull off some really amazing stuff today!

  3. OutRun is nostalgic to me because it's literally the only Super scailer arcade game I played at my local cab office which sadly had no sound so I couldn't listen to to the classic OutRun tunes which my favorites are Magical Sound Shower and my absolute favorite, Splash Wave and Passing Breeze is good too.

  4. Another Excellent Video! 🏆✨
    Should we have expected any less? 😎
    Keep up the great work, Kim. 📺🕹️

  5. I want to know who that lady in the thumbnail is, right now!

  6. Has anyone ever said you and Larry Bundy Jr would make a power couple?

  7. Kim!!! This is the Most Awesome vid bout Arcade History i have seen from the YT 2006. Big Respect from Ukraine fans! Youre an Arcade Chronicals Monster! How did you get all this Footage and Information? Nobody could do this till this time! All the Same Wiki-Articles and Sega History facts even my grandma knows everywhere on all channels. But you did it!

  8. I played Time Traveler in the arcades back in the 90's, had no idea what i was doing either, couldn't help but notice, most of the other guys had their attention elsewhere as well.

  9. I remember playing most of those electromechanicals. God I feel old.

  10. I love the road rage mode in Burnout, maybe I'd like AB Cop?

  11. That 3D FPS type game is very much like Atari’s Xybots

  12. Kim did you ever go in the one that puts you upside down?

  13. Last Survivor looks a lot more like Xybots than Gauntlet.

  14. I played R360 in the arcade at the Trocadero back in the 90’s. They also had Starblade Alpha in the “Namco Theatre”. Legend.

  15. Loving your Sega stuff Kim. Earned a sub 😊

  16. Remember spending my childhood running around all the arcades in Bognor Regis. Space harrier, G-loc, Thunderblade and Virtua Racing among many others. Always looked forward to my school holidays and heading down from sunny Wales. Ah…rose tinted glasses and all that.

  17. Thanks so much for spending all the time researching and putting this together for free on youtube, Kim. Fun and interesting to watch. P.S. is it me or can I hear the elephants from the Dal Sim Street Fighter 2 stage on those Hang-On clips at about 32:00? lol

  18. You are some sort of genius for producing these vids in so much brilliant, interesting detail. Thank you.

  19. When i was a little kid I managed to play Galaxy Force a couple of times on the large sim like cabinet that rotates and spins. At the time it felt dreamlike to play with a "toy" like that and now when I remember it those old arcade games and cabinets feel like something out of an alternate reality or something you'd see only on a film. The same with, Dactyl Nightmare (a game from one of the previous VR fads). Having memories of playing those games feels like a mix of cool and extravagance or ridiculousness. Like something out of Johnny Mnemonic.

  20. Alys, a little errata:
    The Master System port wasn't the first port of After Burner (one or two). The Video Challenger came before it 😉
    Also the Master System port wasn't the "only" port of the first game. It was ported in 2003 for the Game Boy Advance.

  21. Been curious for the origins of killer shark ever since I saw it in jaws.. thanks for that!

  22. I absolutely love these Sega arcade videos. Brings back loads of memories. They’re very informative too. Love your whole style of presentation. Seriously 10/10. You’ve made an old man very happy!! 😜
    Keep em coming!!

  23. @ 9:42 " you get to play as Fonz…."

    Idk why but this is hilarious to me.

  24. Outrun was perfect in my book, good video by the way cheers

  25. ZOE
    Cookie Monster 

  26. It's strange that we basically had to wait until the SNES, Lynx, and Neo Geo to have hardware sprite scaling in a home system. If they were doing it in arcade machines in 1981, you'd think they could have brought it to the Genesis at least.

  27. Another cracking video, Kim… nice one.

    As a matter of interest, I note that you like Asteroids games, and also the vector versions of Star Trek and Tac Scan. Well, during the first lockdown of this crazy year I made a fun version of Asteroids and stuffed it full of sound effects from those games above (as well as others – see if you can tell which ones).

    The game is Coronaroids, and it's over at if you fancy a blast.

    Again, top video superbly researched….. well done my friend.

  28. Power Drift was an amazing game. I always had the feeling that Outrun ported the game over but not the feeling when playing, Power Drift on the other hand was good to play on home computer and I will throw Chase HQ in also as it ported over pretty good.

  29. i was fascinated by these superscalers games since the first time i saw hang on cabinet.Since then, i was looking to play the same experience in home, but i then i saw how advanced these machines were for the time.Even outrun to run a properly "arcade perfect" port was on sega saturn.

  30. I have disagree about the PS2 being the first console to be able to run System Y games. The Saturn got ports of both Galaxy Force 2 and Power Drift, both of which seem dam close to the arcade versions.

  31. I love to listen to your long form docs on video games / developers while I practice programming in python. I've no idea why lol
    anyway, CHEERS! and thanks!

  32. awww i thought it wass the amiga game galaxy force, that game is sooo good, loved afterburner with the sit in cab,

  33. I knew Nintendo were an old company but didn't realise Sega went so far back so this is a great informative vid.

  34. Oh it was G-Loc! I played it few times at the local amusement park arcade as a kid. I always wondered what it was called… It certainly was an experience one doesn't forget easy. But I would've had to play it dozens of times to actually get used to it. It's not easy to focus on the gameplay when you're quickly rotating around. It didn't help that one credit cost like 20 times more than the other arcade games, so naturally I only had a chance to play it few times.

  35. I still remember pumping £5 into a sit down Outrun in a Minehead arcade in 1987. That music! I’ve still got the cassette of the music that came with the Atari ST version

  36. Those old vector games still look so nice that I'm surprised they bothered with raster graphics at all for space shooters in the early 80s.

  37. Only just found this channel and so glad I did! Loving going through your videos. Keep up the good work, excellent content my man 👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  38. i used to play power drift a lot, i love the rollercoaster feeling

  39. "Curse Of Enchantia"!!! 🤔
    My god, that's just brought up some long forgotten memories!!! 😊 😀
    Thanks, (wo)man Kim!
    ✌🏼😘👍🏼 X

    PS – I ADORE Point 'N' Click adventure games… Obviously Lucasfilm/Arts being at the top of the pile. Though I did have a few other games from different companies. Sigh! 😎
    "Lure Of The Temptress", hmm, what else? 🤔
    "Cruise For A Corpse" was another…
    But yeah I DID find a LOT of their logic fucking INFURIATING sometimes!
    Thankfully, I managed to complete ALL my adventure games apart from "Lure…" (occasionally with/without hints and tips!) 🤔 😉
    I know I found the DiscWorld series of games for the PS1 extremely hard and very annoying. Though I later learned that a couple of Terry Prachett's DiscWorld books would have worked as walk-throughs/hints and tips guides. Though I've never read any of his books!

  40. "Wogers" "bwand new" emphasis on the w huh

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