The History of Sega's Star Wars Arcade Games – Documentary -

The History of Sega’s Star Wars Arcade Games – Documentary

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The history of the three Sega Star Wars arcade games that were released in the 1990s
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  1. Was there a smaller cabinet for the first one, or more likely some other copycat space game that had a second person as a Gunner? I barely remember such a game sometime 1988-1992.

  2. 3 awesome amazing games! Great vid. Sw battle pod dome was cool too

  3. i haven't even watched it yet, but i want to let you know in advance, on what a riveting yet equally educational video this is.
    You are spot on again with this one, you always leave us wanting more.
    i would love to re-dub all the narrator vocals in " the Wonder Years" and replace it with your voice.
    keep up what you are doing, as your vids shed light in these dark time.
    God's speed Pat !

  4. What a surprise, Harrison Ford didn't want to be involved. He's been trying to distance himself from the role of Han Solo – the role that made his career – for as long as I can remember. What a jackoff…

  5. Love the video man! Remember the Jurassic Park arcade games!?

  6. I loved the Trilogy arcade. I always played it at a local arcade back in the day XD

  7. Sorry, but I have to disagree with you…… The pod race scene in Episode 1 is the most BORING action scene in any Star Wars movie! The best scene for me was the three way lightsaber duel between Qui Gon, Obi Wan and Darth Maul.

  8. Never got to see these games. Star wars looks pretty fun and the graphics and sound have dated very well.

  9. Man, I remember playing the original Atari Star Wars arcade game – the one with vector graphics – back in the 80s when I was a little kid. That was a trip!

  10. You stumbled a bit there with the info: Sega's Star Wars Racer is a much different game than LucasArts' Star Wars Episode 1 Racer. EDIT: But never mind that; I can see there are a few comments that pointed that out already. My bad for being redundant. Everything else was top-notch as usual though 😉 Ya really gave these 3 the treatment they deserved, man. Seeing them all again in all their awesome glory just makes me wish more people talked about 'em.

    I freakin' played Sega's Racer game to death back in the day; that arcade cab was amazing to hop into when it was available at an arcade in the local mall back in the day. I absolutely love that they opted for the same controls seen in the movie; just a thruster for your left and right engine. Crank them both all the way up to go forward, pull back on left and crank the right up to turn left and vice versa to turn right – it is probably the most immersive gaming experience I've ever had! Even if its playable in MAME nowadays, you just can't replicate that. If I had a ton of disposable income, I'd get a Star Wars racer arcade cab off of eBay 😀

  11. My co workers and I played the trilogy game in 98 at the movie theater we worked in after we closed down the place. I think we put in $20 a night back then.

  12. It's probably to late for this year but next year you should do a history of horror movies that had arcade games. I say this because I really wanna see you do a video on the Aliens arcade game by Konami. Heck do a Konami arcade games not brought home history video (they've got enough).

  13. Here in Argentina we got the chance to play only the Trilogy Arcade, I played a lot in the arcades and searched for ages for a proper emulator until I found it two or three years ago. Amazing video Patman!!!

  14. Trilogy is one of my favorite arcade games of all time!

  15. I played the shit out of trilogy at disney world i only beat the game once but i was so good at it i did it without ever putting in more money and i would attract a crowd of people.

  16. I still have my Star Wars Arcade for the 32X. 🤘

  17. Sega Star Wars! Yeah! Love the jump to hyperspace!

  18. I have the trilogy arcade and it's one of my prized possessions, I love the game and the look of the machine too. I'm debating getting the pod racer one since I'm not a fan of episode 1 so we'll see, great video makes me love my arcade even more!! #daviddarkstone

  19. Episode one was complete Bantha Poodoo (bullshit to those that don't speak shitty ass gungan) but the pod racer games were 0retty fun

  20. hahahahahaha Im starting to thing I only watch your videos to hear you take a jab at your wife! hahahaha

  21. Love the vector games. Anyway just noticed I hadn't subscribed yet I watch all these, they're like a saturday morning show for retro gamers 😀

  22. When Star Wars still had no prequels nor sequels. Good times.

  23. I’ve played Star Wars Trilogy Arcade a lot back in the day, and I consider it as my #1 favorite arcade game.

  24. And also The phantom menace pinball machine.
    By Williams electronics.

  25. Sega's Star Wars pin isnt very good (compared its Data East's SW pinball.. and data east pinball became sega pinball…all the same stern people).

  26. Please do a video for the Tower of Druaga.

  27. My friend has the trilogy arcade in his basement. It's still super fun to play.

  28. "The best part of Episode 1, the pod race scene."

    What a truly awful film. Lucas knew what would have happened had he made it first.

  29. Another quality vid about many of my favorite subjects! Well done. Cheers!

  30. Star Wars Battlepod is awesome but I think it is by Namco.

  31. Would be neat if they actually put all of these arcade Star Wars games on modern platforms.

  32. As usual, good job sir. I never had the chance to experience these in the arcade. I did play SWA on the 32x, and to be honest, was kind of harsh on it. Although I liked the graphics, and was quite impressed with the audio, my general thought was: "I'd rather be playing Starfox" I had fun with SW Ep1 Racer on both the N64 and Dreamcast. The sense of speed was almost overwhelming at times. Had no idea the first 2 cabinets were so rare, but it jives with having seen them.

  33. I'm glad to have discovered this channel, though I didn't get to go to them very often, arcades left a massive impression on me in my youth and the death of the arcade scene here in the UK is a crying shame to me.

    So to find a channel dedicated to the machines that ate up so much of my holiday money and the other bits I could borrow when we visited the seaside is almost as good as being able to get into one in adulthood.

    My current circumstances mean I am unable to support you efforts, but as soon as that comes to an end I'll doubtlessly pop my patreon cherry on ensuring that the history and memories of those blissful days stays alive.

  34. Great episode. Note: Star Wars Racer Arcade was never ported to console or PC. The N64, Dreamcast, PC and re-releases on Switch and PS4 is called Star Wars: Episode I Racer; a different game developed by LucasArts and not Sega like the arcade one.

  35. I love your video but you forgot one, the Star Wars POD 360. Mostly available to play at large casinos.

  36. one time at the Disneyland hotel I took $20 and played the 1998 Arcade game and played it till I beat it, it was a blast.

  37. Star Wars Trilogy arcade was a crowd-puller. Used to be a Timezone arcade on Swanston St I remember people watching me play it (used to be an arcade on every block almost at one time in Melbourne).

  38. Empire beaten at last.

    Funny story about that.

  39. Star Wars Arcade for 32X was the first 32bit game I ever played!

    At the time I was so blown away. I was only 7 but I still remember the way it made me feel on first impression. It was my first 3D gaming experience. My neighbor and I had Genesis, and then one day his parents brought home a 32X, I had no idea games could be that way, especially at home.

    Would love to try the original arcade sometime, it looks like a decent step up.

  40. The second he said one of them refused to come back to voice. I was like thats gotta be Harrison Ford, def something he would do.

  41. I'd hate on Ford for not doing stuff, but it is prolly exactly how I would be.

  42. I've played the Star wars trilorgy game twenty years ago, when I was eleven.

  43. This video is simply awesome! Thank you patman! Just like beggars canyon back home!

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