The History of Sega's Star Wars Arcade Games – Documentary -

The History of Sega’s Star Wars Arcade Games – Documentary

PatmanQC – History of arcade game documentaries
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The history of the three Sega Star Wars arcade games that were released in the 1990s
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  1. PatmanQC did you say….. its a TARP?? (4min 14sec) is there an odd reference to TARPS in star wars i dont know of??

  2. That first 3D Star Wars arcade game in this video is incredible. If i grew up playing that it would blow my mind

  3. I wonder what a Prequel Trilogy Arcade would of been like?

  4. I absolutely love these games, great video.

  5. I'm pretty sure the sega arcade pod racer game is a different game from that on consoles, otherwise great video!

  6. Star Wars Trilogy Arcade was legit! By far, this consumed quarters like nobody's business.
    Now that I'm an adult, I can beat on one play through with no continues.
    Hoth is the best level…

  7. I remember pumping tokens into the Star Wars Trilogy cabinet in 2000 at the miniature golf place near where I lived at the time.

  8. Really hope Arcade1Up makes a Star Wars Trilogy Arcade cabinet. Have the Atari cabinet. Had Episode 1 Racer on N64.

  9. I never want to meet Harrison Ford because I have the feeling I will be very disappointed with him as a person.

  10. The second Star Wars arcade game i played the first scenario. Only the cab i played was a stand up at the arcade section of a restaurant/bar. The place also had a Neo Geo arcade cab with three games which included Metal Slug 2 always enjoy playing up. Now Im tempted to go back and see if they still have these arcade games.

  11. Star Wars Trilogy was my jam! The key to success was tapping the trigger to maximize your rate of fire. It was also notable to me because the joystick was responsive. You felt the resistance when fighting Vader, for example. That feature didn't always survive. 😀

  12. I believe star wars racer arcade was from 2000. The N64 version was 1999.

  13. I played the Star Wars Trilogy Arcade at Dave and Buster's (RIP) in 2001. It was kinda easy, but you got your money's worth because it was long and the ease of play meant you got to experience the game rather than blast through missions and wonder afterward what you saw.

  14. It's too bad Star Wars Trilogy didn't come out on Dreamcast.

  15. I consider your channel a godsend. The nostalgia is comforting in an extremely difficult time for me.✌🏾

  16. did you say that the pod racing scene wad the best scene in stat wars?

  17. I played and finished Star Wars Trilogy Arcade back in the day, and what a trip it was! And I'm very glad I did, not just because of the awesome experience, but because I don't remember it staying long at the local arcades I used to go. Ah, the good ol' days =)

  18. I didn't know about the third game "Star Wars Pod racer". And that it was on Nintendo switch? I need to check that out!👍✌

  19. I used to frequent a barcade that had Star Wars Trilogy! It was an absolute blast.

  20. This is one game that deserves a HD remaster the Arcade/32x one

  21. Spaceballs was better than Star Wars IMO. If John Candy been in Star Wars, it been a better movie. Bet!

  22. I am surprised you didn't talk about Return of the Jedi arcade game that was where you would just ride a speeder bike and just avoid hazards. I saw it once and played at this arcade in a camping site place. It also had the arcade Ninja Gaiden game as well. Love your channel by the way.

  23. make the history of the sega ailen video game

  24. Ford been tired of playing solo. Sad but true

  25. Please do the nes & Snes star wars games collection

  26. There used to be an original Sega Star Wars in the Brewdog pub in Shepherds Bush, London but I'm not sure whether it's still there now.

    Patman I doubt you will ever cover my favourite 80's game Burnin' Rubber (aka Bump 'N' Jump) but I hope you are working your way around to Battlezone one day. Those two and Galaga were the holy trilogy of the early eighties for me.

  27. I remember when I went to Disneyworld, nearly every hotel’s arcade had Star Wars trilogy in it. One time, I saw them have F-Zero AX. Will you do that one some time?

  28. Ah, the trilogy arcade…

    The quarters I spent, and hours I poured into this game.
    Such childhood memories!!

  29. "A mad-on for Tuscan Raiders"? There went my drink all over the screen.

  30. i remember some years ago, a movie theater closeby had the Star Wars Arcade machine and i almost missed the start of sooo many movies because my brother and I would always play it

  31. I love star wars arcade spent my fair share of pounds on them as a kid and if I go into an arcade and see the cabinet it makes me feel like a kid and gives me goosebumps

  32. “who refused to participate” = sega didn’t want to pay through the nose for that actor

  33. Paul McCormack's VideoGames and more! says:

    I loved Star Wars Trilogy, I loved d how when fighting Vader if I turned off my saber Lord Vader says "You are unwise to lower your defenses!" And Vaders voice had a lot of Bass!!!!

  34. SW: The Original Trilogy Arcade game is still fantastic. I would highly recommend this out of the 3 arcades mentioned in this video.

  35. I believe a different developer worked on the home versions of the pod racer games. Sega had no involvement :3

  36. Man, I can remember the rumble on the Trilogy game clearly. Especially in the Hoth Escape level, it was a pretty powerful jolt whenever you fired, especially when you hit a snow trooper.

  37. Saying echuta is not that well how rude!

  38. This channel soothes my sick day in bed. Thanks for the amazing content

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