The History of Robocop 2 - arcade console documentary -

The History of Robocop 2 – arcade console documentary

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The history of Robocop 2′ and his various different video games

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  1. Wow, I had no idea that the arcade version of Robocop 2 was 'different' from the home versions Ocean pumped out. If I had seen it anywhere I would have enjoyed it better then it's prequel.

  2. Love your style and sense of humor. Seen nearly all your clips. 😄

  3. We are living through robocop 2, corporate fascism has taken over America. Selling fentanyl and grooming kids is fine but if you smoke a cigarette/ask about certain presidents needing cognitive tests. Youpube and the rest will say it’s hate speech and tell you about those “peaceful” blm protests and ripping down statues ended racism

  4. This brings back memories. Robocop 2 was one of the games I had with my Gameboy!

  5. Heh. Popcorn farts. I thought I made up that term when I was a kid

  6. Robocop 2 arcade game
    Is the best arcade version of RoboCop I love playing.

  7. I remember being a teenager when I found a Robocop 2 Arcade Machine at one of my local Stores… I Bloody Loved it and was determined to beat it – I did, but it cost me a lot of Cash!

    Thing is, I know the Cabinet was NOT a Genuine Data East Cabinet… They had just bought the ROM Boards and changed them over as it was a small "Mom and Pop" store for all you Americans who don't understand our English Vernacular… And I was Sure there was a fight against ED-209 and Dick Jones before the main game started!!!

    And now I know that I was not misremembering! THERE WAS! But it was Japan Only! So wherever they got the Arcade Board – It was obviously a Bootleg or "Stolen and Translated" board… Which may also explain why it did not stay around long…

  8. A video about RoboCop! We have to sing the song!
    🎵 He is a robot.
    He is a cop.
    He is a RoboCop.
    They shot his head in.
    Then he was dead'n.
    Now he's a RoboCop!

  9. Another great documentary! I had no idea about the Japanese version with its exclusive "re-cap" level – the passion invested into that reveals how much attention the programmers paid to the film and its characters. Such a shame that it was omitted from the Western releases.

  10. Fun fact: I was the second kid in my first grade class to get the Robocop action figure 😎

  11. Where can we sign up for your onlyfans. Askin for a friend 😁

  12. Detroit vs Memphis … worked a lot in both cities but not lived in them. Detroit, pretty sure I saw a drug deal go down in a nice Kroger Marketplace parking lot. Memphis saw a fist fight with a car's hood open and the engine on fire

  13. Good info I’ve searched the internet but no one discusses whether robocop 2 arcade game had its own dedicated cabinet or was it a kit only. Robocop 1 did have its own dedicated data East cabinet but nothing is ever clarified with robocop 2. My robocop 2 is in a commando cabinet … I would appreciate everyone’s input ✌️

  14. Robocop vs the Terminator on SNES was awesome, just like this video😎

  15. The jumping in the Amiga version always throws me, when I try to get on those floating platforms.

  16. That arcade version looks DOPE! Gonna fire it up on my Raspberry Pie tonight!

  17. Pretty sure Robocop would be considered a cyborg, not an android.

  18. Didn't even know this game existed. I loved the first arcade Robocop game so I'm surprised I never saw the sequel at any arcade.

  19. Another great video, and I been trying to figure out where have i heard your voice, today I realized, from the NFL Football '94 Starring Joe Montana, I say this in good way, I think your voice sounds similar to the voice un the game🙌 but maybe it's just me… Thank you for your hard work as always🙏

  20. I had no idea there was an arcade version of the second movie until literally decades after it came out.
    I always well aware of the original arcade version of course but I never ever once saw the second game out in the wild.

  21. NES Ocean games were known for being lackluster.

  22. Robocop 2 on NES is so awful. Ocean really had no clue.

  23. NES version…. Ughhh.
    Those colors just slap the retinas of my eyeballs with such intrusive authority.
    I hate it.
    And like you said, it just doesn't make sense. LOL!
    I concur, good sir 😊

  24. It's very unlikely the status panel on the GX4000 was a performance thing, the hardware is more than capable of scrolling the entire display at 50FPS (It had hardware support for doing so).

    More likely it was just a way of reusing the ST assets (a machine which probably did have it to help performance). Unless the game was originally designed for the old school CPC models, but that seems unlikely too given how much it uses of the new functionality in the GX.

  25. JESUS! …had days like this…

    People want paradise. They shall have it.

  26. As a point of nerd order, Robocop is not an android, he's a cyborg. Androids are robots made to simulate humans like Data, cyborgs are combinations of human flesh or minds and robotic parts or computer systems. Cyborg is a portmanteau of CYBernetic ORGanism.

  27. Would love to see you cover the Ocean Robocop 3 on Amiga.
    It was a 3D shooter and I remember having it, and found it so difficult due to the extremely low frame rate.

  28. Is there any meaningful explanation why there are TWO Robocops simultaneously in multiplayer? (Besides the arcade machine being able to munch double the quarters…) This is SO NOT canon…

  29. I remember being 7 or 8 and my mom gave me a whole roll of quarters and when I went to the local arcade, I saw this machine and it was new. So I started playing and as I got halfway through, I realized I started forming a crowd, watching me play so I kept pumping in the quarters. I remember getting to the last boss fight and it kept going and going and as I spent the last quarter in my roll, I finally beat his third phase and beat the game. I had everyone in the arcade watching at that point. I’ll never forget that

  30. Robocop vs terminator. Genesis snes is the best 16 bit Robocop game

  31. Robocop 2 nes isn't anything too great. I did beat it though

  32. Wanda de jesus is in robocop 2 she was one of the ocp Detroit cops.she s one my favorite actresses 😊

  33. It's either really quiet in my house, or I can hear u breathing…

  34. Great review.
    I still have my NES copy of Robocop 2 but I really wish Data East had ported the arcade version to the Super NES and had it to market by Christmas of 91. With the launch of the system that year it would have been a best seller. What a shame, as the NES version was quite underwhelming in comparison.

  35. It's criminal that this game was never ported to 16-bit consoles

  36. Maybe the Japanese RoboCop intro wasn't included because, and I quote from that very intro, it was "crassified"? ;P

  37. I never had a chance to try this one. Good thing we have MAME! As for Robocop 2, all I've seen of it really is the murder of Officer Duffy. Now THAT was brutal!

  38. Nice to so the Robocop 2 arcade game get some attention. I love the music and sound effects of this game.

  39. The NES version is pretty awesome when you get the hang of it. Odd, weird but charming and fun.

  40. Ok time to play RoboCop 1 and 2 and watch the movies 🍿🎥 RoboCop 3 is ok but way too difficult.

  41. I never saw this game in the wild. The arcade game looked like a cool game. I'd definitely given it a try had I seen it.

  42. That comment about Stallone was a bit over the top 😉

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