The History of Road Runner arcade console documentary -

The History of Road Runner arcade console documentary

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The history of the 1985 Atari games classic
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  1. Excellent review and a pretty good Foghorn Leghorn impersonation to go with it

  2. In Norwegian it's called "bippe stankelbein"(and "Per ulv🐺) which literary translates to "beepy long-legs" and "Per wolf"

  3. Great video never heard or saw this game as a kid

  4. Love that windows 95 question mark screensaver overlay for the “?”

  5. I love the Bob Ross cover image. I had the C64 version, and it was ok.

  6. The freeze frame…and the Latin species name….ALWAYS a classic.

  7. Sorry. Misremembered the last game name I remember. Momoko 120%.

  8. So glad octavius kitten shouted your channel out. Your videos are amazing.

  9. I'm totally unaware of this game. i missed out on this one

  10. If I remember correctly, one of the issues in the gameplay is that the roadrunner would eat the seed and it would take a few seconds. You would see the roadrunner pecking at the seed. You could leave some seed if the coyote was getting close.

  11. Nobody has made reference to the Simpsons joke about there only being one "beep"? Buncha savages in this town

  12. Another great job, thanks for the fair review and fun delivery. Your channel is one of my favorites.

  13. I had no idea that Merry Melodies or Looney Tunes had games in an Arcade. Now that I think about it, where is this taking place Arizona or Montana I guess have Coyotes, I don't know about Road Runners though-

  14. The funny thing is that coyotes are actually much faster than roadrunners in real life.

  15. Loved this game as a kid, had it on the Amstrad, but only ever saw it once in arcades.

    Gutted there was never an Amiga port, but as it was a US Gold release, it would have most likely been a lazy Atari ST port that ran slightly slower. so probably dodged a bullet there in hindsight 😀

  16. I played it for the first time in the arcade at Camelot family fun center in Anaheim California

  17. "The farts and queefs of early MS DOS games" – I had to go back and make sure I heard that correctly. LOLOLOL

  18. I like this video way more than the actual game! Thanks Pat!

  19. I love that they thought a 4 to 5 second load broke up the flow of a game. Now we have 2 minute loads in the middle of most games.

  20. Can we chat about how insanely hard this game was?

  21. Game frustrated me like no other but loved the Nintendo version.

  22. I never even knew there actually WAS a Roadrunner arcade game until I watched this video! The benefits of being a subscriber to this amazing channel

  23. I mean, don’t get me wrong, the grandma joke was good, real good, but it’s no substitution for the single obligatory wife joke. 😔

  24. "Cartoons that have been around since I was knee high." Oof.

  25. The Commodore 64 version was well done, but the music drove me nuts. Who thought it was a good idea to exclusively use the "sawtooth" waveform of the computer's sound chip? It's like listening to angry flies in a plastic jar.

  26. I always skipped over this one. It came off as too difficult and I was careful with my quarters.

  27. "Arcade hit" you say? Maybe it was in some regions of the country. I never ever seen it in any arcade I've been in. I saw the Nintendo version in Toys R Us way back then, but I had no idea it was an arcade port.

  28. I love the Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote. I used them for my first pro-literacy skit in TV Production class in High school (I took the course for two years). The idea was that the reason things go so wrong when Wile uses ACME gadgets is that he can't actually read well enough to understand the instructions.

    I honestly don't recall what the final form of the project was. My original plan was Wile using a remote control aircraft to chase down and disable Road Runner. I actually finished that video but I did so on 9/7/2001 and my teacher told me to redo the project so the plot didn't involve an aircraft after 9/11. I think I was considering changing it to involve a catapult or a giant axe but I didn't like those ideas much. (I had considered and rejected both when I was first brainstorming ideas) However I think I was told no explosives the same time I was told no aircraft which limited my options even furthur, so I might have chosen one of the two for lack of a better option.

  29. Horrible game concepts not the best of Atari

  30. Awesome. I've actually played the laser disc version. I freaking loved that game was always wondered why is was only in my arcade for a month( maybe less). I don't think I've ever even seen another cabinet of this game other than that.

  31. the way the game scrolls to the left instead of right makes me hate it

  32. Daffy duck has changed so much if you watch his first cartoons they were sooooo funny then suddenly he became different and annoying… i still like Daffy but its a shadow of his formerself.

  33. I always found this game confusing and frustrating. I even have the 2600 cartridge.

  34. I think I rented the NES version once. Looney Tunes video games are weird for some reason, but it's nice to know the earliest one was true to the cartoons. Considering the other NES LT games, you have Crazy Castle, which you can swap out any IP and it's still the same game, and indeed it is in certain parts of the world. Then there's Bug's Birthday Bash which also feels generic and the LY license was thrown on it.

  35. Too bad they didn't make a port for the Amiga. In right hands, the machine was definitely able to deliver an arcade perfect experience.

  36. I used to look forward to Gamesack but it's burnt itself out now. I now watch this channel on a Sunday morning in bed. I really enjoy these videos, thanks for making them.

  37. As a kid I remember playing an Atari 2600 game where the player is Coyote and has to catch road runner.

  38. This was a nice video bro, the first time i played it was in a bolwing alley as well, i had the tengen version on nes as well

  39. One of the best channels on YouTube. Great video as always.

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