The History of Road Runner arcade console documentary -

The History of Road Runner arcade console documentary

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The history of the 1985 Atari games classic
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  1. I wonder a sequel would have been like. Maybe you play as Bugs Bunny and you have to collect carrots whilst Elmer Fudd hunts you down. It would probably be called Rascally Rabbit.

  2. I’d love to try out the original Laserdisc version of Road Runner sometime, Laserdisc arcade games are my jam

  3. I was lucky enough to try this in the Arcade, and while the game was perfectly fine, my playing was not : (
    But for me, winning games isn't as important as playing them and having a good time, even if I can't get past the first level.
    Thank you for showing us this, Patman~!

  4. Hahaha oh my days I only managed to see this video just and what do I see before me….. it’s Pat with an afro. I have never typed so fast in a comment section in my life 😂. That was so funny after what we were saying last time. Thanks Pat I really needed a laugh and that did it.

  5. I used t otry to play this on the CPC6128 when I was a kid, we had a TAPE version from some Games Multipack, and it actually loaded once every six months, so didnt play it very often

  6. I had the original for C64 on tape (yeah, full on snooze-loading)… have no clue to why I loved it so much, 'cos I only really excelled at sucking at it.

  7. Always loved this game back in the day! i even owned one for a while… it has a great "slippery" feel to the control that you didnt get on any other game. Sadly, it CAN NOT be experienced on any other platform or emulator! The true feel of the game if just too dependant on the hall effect joystick! i have even seen cabinets in classic arcades that have changed out the hard to find hall effect for a traditional joystick. it makes the game nearly unplayable. 😞

  8. I like this content, its very entertaining and takes back some of that classics most of people played, my favorite video is The History of Spy Hunter – Arcade documentary

  9. I'd love to see a video on Firefox. I'm pretty sure I saw the cabinet in real life back in the day, but I can't be sure because I don't really remember it well. It's a movie license with a cabinet similar to Star Wars so it could be memories crossing over. I remember seeing the similar M.A.C.H. 3 from Mystar all the time. Looking at the video, It seems like Firefox might have a fairly immersive experience for the time, but the gameplay might not be great, where M.A.C.H. 3 did something which functioned closer to (but not just like) a traditional shooter with video backgrounds. If Atari's laserdiscs were failing it might be why I didn't see the machine as much during the post crash mid-1980's years, at least in my area, although KLOV lists the game as "Very Common" so it's out there.

  10. Pretty sure the Road Runner has blue feathers.

  11. I had forgotten all about this old gem!

  12. "They should probably change the name to Road Walker cause it's no faster than my 92 year old grandmother who uses her walker to get around."

  13. I played the arcade version at a Circle K in Prescott Valley Arizona on 1986.

  14. Heya. Are you the one playing these games? Because you're pretty good!

  15. We have the same interests in cartoons, Patman. Very cool. I miss the Saturday morning cartoons.

  16. Your videos are good and keep getting better. Keep it up!

  17. Great vid – seems strange Wile E. Coyote being almost as fast as the Road Runner and then catching him – doesn't that go against the laws of the cartoon?. – love the Bob Ross look at the start!.

  18. Not gonna lie I always rooted for the coyote.

  19. Loved this game. Local laundromat had it. Any suggestions on getting controls on MAME to respond like the arcade. I remember there being 3 speeds depending on how far the control was pressed.

  20. Wasn't there a version for the PCEngine aka Turbograph 16 of this game? Its been so long so maybe my memmory fails me but I think there was one.

  21. I used to have this on the Atari ST & really enjoyed it. I was never lucky enough to come across an arcade version of it – but playing it on MAME is nigh on impossible – try as I might with all the various tweaks, the controls are so sensitive! I imagine it would take a replica of the arcade joystick. Great game though, I wish they'd done more of these Loony Tunes games. I often think of this game as Wile E's revenge as it's the only time he got the upper hand!

  22. Never knew there was a laserdisc version of this. I’m sure my fading memory has me playing with a trackball, either I’m totally wrong or it was a converted cab. The Amstrad version looks like it plays just like the stills from the box. Literally.

  23. Have you ever done a history of U.N. Squadron? If not I would like to request that video.

  24. Roadrunner and Coyote was my favorite Looney Toons cartoon as well, but this game doesn't look good.

  25. Road Runner and Wacky Races were my two favorite cartoons as a child. Loved this game, thanks for again for your great informative, entertaining and super nostalgic content 👌😊

  26. Oh I'm glad this channel is still active. I found it recently and I'm just watching everything I can. (Shared it on Twitter as well). Excellent work, Mr. Patman! <3

  27. That’s sad. Why make a game about speed when you can’t even get close to arcade speed?

  28. They couldn't just double the "Meep" for the Spectrum version? Isn't there a Simpsons joke in that?

  29. 10:43 "You mean MEEP MEEP?" "Nah, they paid me to say it once and then doubled it up on the soundtrack – cheap bastards."

  30. There were a few secrets in the game,. Wile E. ran faster than road runner's walk speed and a bit faster than 2nd gear, but can't catch 3rd gear, but if he goes off screen, he gets jet sneakers which are faster, but can only use them for a short while. Also, if you travel slow near Wile E. then go to high speed , road runner will stick out his tonuge at Wile E. for 2000 points.

  31. The laserdisc version does exist and can be found on YouTube. Only problem is it hasn’t been emulated yet. Hoping to see that soon.

  32. WOW! I never of this game existence! The only Road Runner Game I remember playing was the SNES game Death Valley Rally, which I loved BTW. Thanks for this!

  33. Lol – almost completely forgot about this game

  34. Now you make me want to play on my emulator for Road Runner.

  35. This and snes drunk
    My two fav gaming channels bar none

    Avgn is too angry for me that guy needs a hug

  36. Great documentary Patman! These two are my favorite Looney Toons also, and I enjoy the Atari VCS/2600 port.

  37. A similar version to this is on the Gameboy Advance. Looney Tunes Double Pack – Acme Antics & Dizzy Driving. It's 2 games in one but Acme Antics is similar to the arcade game you just run as the road runner to the right only. Such a underrated game. So much fun.

  38. I remember playing this for the NES, didn't know it was an arcade game

  39. Originally, the game was going to use laserdisc technology for the backgrounds and road. When the player died in the game, one of many cartoon death sequences taken from the original shorts would have shown. The game was going to be released in 1984, but Atari decided to cancel the game. The game was eventually released in 1985, but this version was a modified version. The laserdisc cutscenes were taken out of the final game, and the road and backgrounds were changed to computer-generated graphics. The prototype cabinet was eventually found, and it is now playable at California Extreme.

    Road Runner was ported to the Amstrad CPC, Atari 2600, Atari ST, Commodore 64, MS-DOS, Sinclair ZX Spectrum, and Nintendo Entertainment System. The Atari 2600 port was one of Atari Corporation's last games for the system, being released in 1989.

    Like other NES games released by Tengen, Road Runner was unlicensed by Nintendo itself, released as an unlicensed cartridge rounding Nintendo's protections. It was planning on to be released in a licensed version by Mindscape, but Mindscape lost the rights and the rights was revert and released by Tengen instead; it was scrapped in the fall of 1989.

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