The History of Commando – arcade/console documentary -

The History of Commando – arcade/console documentary

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The history of the revolutionary run and gun game
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  1. Können Sie empfehlen Medikamente für Furz und Durchfall? Ich Furz wie eine große Trompete. Vollen Klang, wie ein Kaiser Furz. Mein Durchfall fließt wie ein Fluss. Mein Furz riecht wie faule Kohl.

  2. This was the first game I ever beat in 1987 when I was 7. Nostalgia is a hell of a drug.

  3. I kicked ass at this game – Frog Hollar convenience store, south side of indianapolis.

  4. Just a quick comment to say THANK YOU, PAT! I love these mini single-game documentaries. I know a LOT about classic games but I still learn the occasional nugget of fascinating info from these videos. Keep up the great work, my friend!

  5. 8 Stages?!!! I could only pass the first stage.

    I remember playing this in Nathan’s – they had a huge arcade and you could hear the thunderous roar of all the machines from outside. What great memories.

  6. Are you playing in the arcade footage? If so, you're a beast.

  7. Had this on my ZX Spectrum 48k (one with the rubber keys) absolutly loved it could only ever get to level II then get my ass handed to me. Also had a 128k Plus and still played this game lots of fond memories playing it with my late father the entire Spectrum era always remind me of playing games with him and it's what started me doing what I do today PC Engineer/Tech. Always use the line 10 Goto 20 basic programming even had it put on a T-Shirt So Thanks matey your videos are an inspriation to most a link to fond memories for all

  8. I'm Surprised there's no mention of the many clones of this title, most notably Rambo for Sega master system, secret command in Europe.

  9. Commodore 64 serial Who Dares Wins I & II are the excellent Commando style games

  10. This was great on NES and one of my first NES games back then. Only challenge is the firing only aims where you're facing, which makes the player vulnerable. Great history.

  11. Why do you say that Capcom released this game when it says Data East on the cabinet?

  12. wow an american that said addictive instead of the much inferior and not a real word accicting

  13. god,i rememebr playing this on the C64,and discovering Hubbard's work and being amazed

  14. Hearing that music on the C64 version brought back a ton of memories.

  15. This arcade monster-hit should’ve been called
    バトルウルフ- BattleWolf™
    shortly and loosely named after the Japanese title of this game.

    Instead of Capcom ripping off the name from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s action-guerilla blockbuster film that competed against Sly Stallone’s action-guerilla blockbuster Rambo: First Blood Part II.

  16. Looks like commando himself is playing here because I’ve never ever seen anyone get so far without dying 90 times. Great vid.

  17. Cool! I love this game on the Capcom Collection for Xbox. Been playing it over and over shooting for high scores. Very fun.

  18. I played Commando and Mercs back in the day at the arcades, so much fun. I never bought the home conversions. Commando was sort of an early version of Ikari Warriors, I wish they had developed sequel where you could change out your weapons, have bosses at the end of the levels or commandeer vehicles. Imagine flying around in a Huey taking out enemy soldiers and structures with that bird, it would’ve been fun, thanks for the review.

  19. Commando was also released in emulated versions in Capcom Coin-Op Collection Vol. 1 (selectsoft games 2003), and Capcom Coin-Op Classics Vol. 1 (HanaHo Games 1999). The HanaHo Games is better because the music is exactly as it sounds in the arcade release; the selectsoft games version plays it in a different key. The HanaHo Games version doesn't work with PC joysticks or gamepads; you need an X-Arcade Joystick or Tankstick (it works with the keyboard, but that ain't happening).

  20. This channel is my one of my favorite time machines

  21. Nice review Patman! I own a copy of the Atari VCS/2600 Commando port, and although it is lacking I enjoy it. I think the Atari VCS/2600 ports of Commando, Front Line, and Ikari Warriors all shared reused gameplay elements. Probably was the most viable way for those games to be done on that console. I'll be acquiring an Atari 7800 soon, and an Atari 7800 Commando port is on my to-do list.

  22. Played this to death on the zx spectrum only got to play it In the arcades much later, still ❤️ it!

  23. I freaked outfor a sec as i didnt remember any in game music on the spectrum – i see that it was written on a 128 machine and hacked into a new version.

    Spectrum played really well thou and was a decent, challenging version worthy of praise when it came out.

  24. I believe the game is based off of WW2, as you can see, on the art on the cabinet the bad guys are wearing stahlhelms, a German helmet from WW2. And they are wearing gray, the color of the German uniforms. But, the helicopter and jungle landscape does insist it is the Vietnam war.

    The different vehicles and uniforms do contradict each other, but the art insists WW2. And yes I know the other cabinet art insists Vietnam. So really, it’s up to you if it’s Vietnam or WW2. Use your imagination!

  25. Interesting, I don't think I ever heard of the Commodore 16. I had a C=64 back then, before that the Coleco ADAM and later a 800XL.. Never could afford the ][e.

  26. Thanks for this great video. Brings back so many memories. I am happy to find out that the NES version was so much better than the other crappy versions out there. 🙂

  27. I lived in West Germany in 1985 and played Commando. However, the machine was on an army base so it was uncensored. German arcade games were 1 DM (mark) back then, it was more expensive to play in German arcades (1DM = 40 to 45 cents).

  28. Would've been more fun if there was a "Going Commando" mode 😆 Mercs was the shiznit.

  29. Interesting that the guy responsible for getting Capcom off the ground was poached from Konami.

  30. 16:07 That's what she said! Sorry I couldn't resist…😁

    I guess Amiga for the win? Having said that I have to disagree about the ZX Spectrum version. It looks like a very good port considering the limitations. 👍

  31. Did the arcade version have secret rooms that could be found with well placed grenades? The NES version had secret rooms that had weapon power ups or point items

  32. I love your content. It makes me feel great to watch and remember these games

  33. I love your content. It makes me feel great to watch and remember these games

  34. If I remember the super Joe series started with gunsmoke then commando then mercs then ?????

  35. If I remember the super Joe series started with gunsmoke then commando then mercs then ?????

  36. Let me tell you, in the most respectful way: the ZX Spectrum port is GREAT.

  37. Let me tell you, in the most respectful way: the ZX Spectrum port is GREAT.

  38. Listen to my wife talk for 5 minutes 😂

  39. The Commodore 64 version of the music. Sounds like what They used an bionic commando retarded

  40. I motion that you should never ever use a dos port for reference ever again. I mean your eyes are important you shouldn't have to expose yourself to such retchid filth, you might get pinkeye

  41. I feel this game has more balanced difficulty than Gun.Smoke – that game really gets nuts

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